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Edward for President

What would happen if Edward ran for president? Write in Edward Cullen everyone!


1. Chapter 1

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Oh, John McCain will die before election,

And Obama needs to get rid of the tension.

I know exactly who the perfect president will be.

And you all know his initials- E.M.C.

He’d have to bend a couple laws-

He doesn’t look like no grandpa!

But when Congress stopped being obscene,

They’d love his looks of seventeen!

Terrorists would wet their underpants,

Alice would plan the Inauguration Dance,

No treasonist would dare conspire,

And Bella could be “First Vampire!”

His Vice would be one of the pack-

How ‘bout his son-in-law, Jacob Black?

The mystic beings would be cool

When the Vampire Wars were taught in school!

CosmoGirl! would love Nessie’s hair!

Edward is assassins nightmare.

Now that you think you’ve seen it all,

Carlisle’s surgeon general.

And before long, we all will learn,

It’s time to elect him for a second term!

He’d promise life and liberty,

His campaign slogan is “Bite me.”

And then all of the Volturi

Will join the newly-formed “Vampire Party.”

Rosalie would go hand out flyers

To advertise the political vampires.

If Congress got on Jasper’s nerves,

They could be served as hors de vours.

But to are quickly waning glee,

I guess it’s all a fantasy.

But if the Cullen’s did exist,

It would be pretty hard to miss.

How they could beat the other guys.

America would be the capital of Twilight.