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Fighting Dusk

When Edward dies suddenly in a freak accident Bella is force to try and live without him. After four months of comfort from the Cullen's she decides to kill herself. Someone turns her and she runs away from being discovered by the Cullen's. Now 12 years later Bella is living in Chicago in Edward's old house under the name Isabella Masen. What happens when the Cullen's find Bella and the truth about Edward's death unfolds? Why does Bella feel Edward is alive and in pain? IMPORTANT AUTHOR"S NOTE!!! FINAL CHAPTER!!!!!!!!! READ!


2. Chapter 1- Gone

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September, I'm nineteen. Charlie and everyone keeps telling me to go to school it's what he would want. How the heck do they know what he would want me to do? I'm under suicide watch by the Cullen's and Charlie.

October, Halloween. Kids dressed up as vampires, and various costumes. This holiday holds no use for me anymore as it used to just be a private joke between us. Still under watch.

November, Thanksgiving. We should be married and I should be a vampire. Life sucks. Charlie has budged but the Cullen's do still not trust me alone.

December, the holiday season is among us. People are still telling me that he would want me to go to school. How would they know that? Just Alice, Emmett, and Jasper watching me now.

January, I have to get out of here and fast. Just Alice watching me, and just through visions.

February, I'm leaving soon. They have stopped watching every second of the day.

It's been exactly six months today since Edward died. I can't take Forks anymore. The Cullen's are still here but it just doesn't seem to help. I've gone over the probability of what happened and it just doesn't seem to add up right. How could my indestructible vampire be gone and dead in rockslide that weak humans survived before? It just doesn't make sense to me at all.

I've never actually told anyone my theory. I'm worried that if I tell them that secretly they'll think I'm insane or not believing that he is dead. I know that all of the Cullen's know how I can't even say his name without the gaping hole in my chest ripping back open.

It's worse than we he left, at least then I knew he was safe somewhere. Now, knowing he can't come through the door (or window) at any given moment, scoop me into his arms, and tell me it's going to be all right. That is defiantly the worst.

Alice tries really hard to help me feel better and somehow at least a little bit avoid reacting like last year. For as much as she tries, I feel bad that I'm so unresponsive. Esme, Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett, and even Rosalie have tried but there was nothing they could do.

Quickly I began deciding different places to go, trying to confuse Alice. I packed, grabbing only necessities so it would look as if I had run away from all the reminders. I was done within ten minutes. I scribbled a goodbye note to Charlie explaining everything and not telling him what I was planning to do when I got far enough away. Quickly I threw the bag in the back of my truck. I took one look around before hastily getting in the cab of the truck and driving off.

Not deciding where I was going but deciding on different places to throw Alice off I drove down the freeway for hours or days before coming to an exit and exiting, still not knowing where I'm going.

Eventually I saw a sign saying "Southern California Cliffs, The Pride of Southern California". Deciding quickly this was what I wanted to do and there was no turning back, I drove to the top of one of the cliffs. Glancing once at the picture of... Edward on my dashboard, I exited the car. Whilst I walked, I thought about how soon we would be together again. Glancing around once to make sure that there wasn't a Cullen or Hale around I jumped.

The falling feeling was amazing. The second I jumped, I must have become delirious because I swore I heard Edward yelling "No!" The impact of the ground hurt but it was nothing compared to living six months without Edward. I felt the blood leaving my body and my heartbeats becoming numbered.

I knew I was so close to joining Edward when I heard his voice again. "Bella, how could you do this after you promised?" His voice was pained. I wanted to tell him everything was okay but I couldn't speak.

I was lifted and we began to run, hopefully towards our happily ever after. He spoke again upon stopping "I am so sorry Bella, but I need you to live." What? No! I need to die and join him. I wanted to move or speak out in protest but I couldn't. I struggled looking somewhere for my voice.

I felt his teeth sink into my neck, starting the transformation process. After he bit, I could speak again. My first noise was a shrill shriek followed by yelling at him. "Edward why did you do that? Now I can't be with you!" I continued to scream and writhe in pain.

"Bella, my Bella, I'm sorry. I need you to remember what I am about to say. I need you to remember this it is vital information. Can you do that?" He continued to speak and I knew again that I was delirious and after being bitten by someone, random vampire and that Edward isn't here, for the moment I allowed my fantasy to be real.

"Yes," Was all I could say without letting out a bloodcurdling shriek again.

"Bella, I'm not dead. You need to believe me. I was tricked by the one group that if they had tried hard enough could have possibly torn us apart because they wanted both of us. You know who these demons are Bella. They threatened to murder you and make me watch if I didn't fake my death and not tell anyone. Bella, please realize who these people are. They said they would have me for three hundred years before I am safe to be free and be with you. Bella, please come find me. You are not imagining this! This is real. I would never ask this of you but I can't go on three hundred years without you by my side. Please if you remember anything from your transformation please remember this." His voice sounded pained at the thought of being apart from me.

I nodded and continued to writhe in his arms as he hummed my lullaby and attempted to comfort me. I knew it had been two days and I was awaiting the end of the next day. "Bella, love I'm sorry but I have to go. I am not allowed to stay any longer. I love you so much and I am sorry for leaving you now." His cool lips kissed my forehead before I heard him run off. I protested weakly but stopped knowing my efforts were hopeless right now.

I continued to writhe in pain for another day before I felt the fire die down in my fingertips and toes. The fire began to quickly fade before it built up in my chest. I could feel my heart and the venom fight for control. The venom was winning. I arched my chest in attempt to escape the flames.

I felt the beats slowly die down. Four beats a minute... three beats a minute... two beats a minute... one beat a minute... silence.

I was a vampire and Edward was dead. I want to believe that he was there but he wasn't. It was the venom making me think he was there.

I am eternally a vampire and Edward is gone, forever.