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Fighting Dusk

When Edward dies suddenly in a freak accident Bella is force to try and live without him. After four months of comfort from the Cullen's she decides to kill herself. Someone turns her and she runs away from being discovered by the Cullen's. Now 12 years later Bella is living in Chicago in Edward's old house under the name Isabella Masen. What happens when the Cullen's find Bella and the truth about Edward's death unfolds? Why does Bella feel Edward is alive and in pain? IMPORTANT AUTHOR"S NOTE!!! FINAL CHAPTER!!!!!!!!! READ!


3. Where is She?

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Alice's Point Of View:

"Jasper!" I practically screamed. I can't see Bella anymore. Ever since Edward died, we've been taking turns watching Bella to make sure that she doesn't harm herself. Just this month we started allowing her to be alone. Now I can't see her!

Jasper darted up the stairs to our room where I was. "Alice honey, please tell me what's wrong?" He urgently asked while he scooped me into his arms.

"I can't see her. She's missing! Her future is gone! I've been watching and I can't see her anymore!" I practically screamed. Why can't I see her? Bella promised all of us that she wasn't going to try anything.

"Alice who can't you see anymore? Whose future has disappeared?" Jasper asked.

"Bella, her future is gone! Jasper we have to go and check if she is dead or alive right now!" I pulled him to the car and began to speed for Bella's house.

Luckily, Charlie wasn't home so we just ran in. I went upstairs to Bella's room while Jasper went downstairs to the basement searching to make sure she hadn't hidden herself down there.

I checked the bathroom and she wasn't there. "Please don't be lying dead on the floor, Bella." I silently said before I entered. Her room was perfectly clean and there was a note on her bed addressed to me.

To Alice My Best Friend,

If you are reading this letter then it is safe to assume my future has disappeared by now. Please don't blame yourself or anyone and I know you know I wouldn't do this unless this was necessary. I tried for six terribly long months to get on without him but I can't. It hurts too much to go on without him. I don't know how but I'm going to die. Please somewhat help Charlie because this is going to be hard on him. I'm sorry for all the pain I caused everyone. Now I am going to request one final thing from you. Please relay the following messages to the family.


Tell her that even though we didn't always get along that I still respected her and considered her a sister. Tell her I love her and everyone is going to need her to be strong like she usually is.


Tell her thank you for being a mother figure when I need one. Thank you for loving me and graciously welcoming me into your home and life. Tell her I love her and that I considered her to be my mother.


Tell him thank you for being like a father and fixing up all of my physical injuries. I love you and thank you again for fixing all of my broken bones and such.


Tell him that he was like one of the brothers I always wanted. I still don't blame him for what happened. I love him like a brother.


Tell him he was like the big over protected brother that I wanted. Tell him I love him and thank him for always making him laugh.

Now for you. Alice you are without a doubt my best friend and sister. Thank you for everything you did and more. Thank you for watching out for my future, for coming back when you saw me jump, taking me to Italy to stop Edward from dying, and so much more. I love you best friend! I know that you without your vision saw this somewhat coming. I don't know where I'm going but please don't follow me and stop me for if you do I will surely run again. Goodbye.

Love your best friend,


I sunk to the floor as I read the letter. We were too late it was hopeless. Even if by some miracle, we did find her and catch her we would have to keep her under watch 24/7 to keep her here. Even if we did keep her under watch all the time, Bella is creative and would eventually find a way to kill her. If we didn't watch her than she would run again or kill herself whilst we were gone.

Jasper walked in the room a moment later to find me sobbing on the floor of her room. "Jasper she's gone." I handed him the letter to read. He read it as he held me in his arms. My best friend, my best friend is dead.

We sat there together for a while before Charlie entered. Great now we get to tell a dad that his daughter is dead. "Hello? Who's here? Bella?" Charlie asked as we heard him close the front door. I heard his footsteps come up the stairs towards Bella's room.

The door opened and he found both of us lying there on the floor with me sobbing into Jasper's chest. The confusion and worry became evident on his face.

"What's wrong? Where's Bella?" Charlie asked urgently.

"Charlie we think Bella may be dead." Jasper told him since I was still slightly unable to speak because my best friend is dead. After Jasper's words, Charlie clutched his chest and fell to the floor.

"Alice its cardiac arrest. Call Carlisle and have him meet us at the hospital."

Today is a really god-awful day.