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The First Daughter of Eve

What will happen when Emily Robin, a smart and sassy little vampire who also happens to be the first daughter of Eve, comes to Forks 384 after Bella was changed? Of course the Cullen’s are there. What will happen when the fifth son of Adam arrives too? What will happen when Emily falls for someone? Oh, and what in the world is her power? Why, exactly is she wanted by every vampire in the world because of her power? On hiatus.


1. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Emily’s POV

Sighing, I stared at my book.

It isn’t very fun to be alive since the beginning of time.

There is nothing to read!

Mumbling French curse words, I throw my book across the room.

Thank the stars for the vampire-proof wall!

I stared at my French teacher.

God, I was fluent in just about every language.

I don’t need classes!

They are just a cover.

For vampire’s sake, I was older than the Volturi!

In fact, I could kill them quicker than a heartbeat.

I was the first vampire in the world.

Yet, thank the werewolves, I was not known for it.

Or the fact I was the first vegetarian vampire in the world.

Actually, no one knew I existed.

So naturally, the second vegetarian vampire of the world was considered the first.

Also, the second vampire of the world was considered the first.

So really, the second was thought of as the first.

It is kind of confusing…

However, it was true.

I looked around.

At least five boys where staring at me.

I sent them a death glare.

When they looked away, I held up one strand of my black hair.

I thought I looked perfectly normal.

Apparently not.

I had deep black hair that went to my shoulders.

It curled up at the ends.

Surprisingly, I had purple eyes, like amethysts.

My eyelashes where long and dark.

My lips, you could say, where perfect.

They had a pink tint to them.

Little did everyone know, I was almost as old as the Earth.

Yep, that was one little known fact.

I mentally chuckled.

It was so little know that I was the only person who knew it.

I traveled alone.

Humming, I walked to my class.

However, I bumped into someone.

“Oh I’m so, so, so sorry!” I cried bending down to pick up my books.

Oooh… Good job Emily! That’s a great thing to add. What a perfect thing to put into the charade! I thought to myself.

A brown haired girl with topaz eyes looked blankly at me.

“Hi! I’m Emily Robin!” I said standing up with my books.

“Bella Swan” she said staring at my eyes.

I shrugged.

Then did I realize it.

Topaz eyes!

It all clicked.

This Bella Swan was a vampire.

Or was it Bella Sawn?

Whatever, not only was she a vampire she was a vegetarian vampire!

I squealed and jumped up and down.

Bella stared at me as if I was mental.

Well, if I was human and talked about myself the way I talked about myself now, first daughter of Eve and all, I would be mental.

I smiled and shook my head, pitying her.

“So what? Have you been a vampire a year or more?” I asked her politely, in vampire speed.

Bella’s eyes widened.

“What are you talking about?” she hissed shakily.

A spiky black haired girl appeared next to Bella.

She raised her eyebrows at me.

“Emily Robin.” I said smiling.

The girl’s eyes flickered to mine.

I did a tsk-tsk sound with my tongue.

“Now, now,” I said. “What makes you think you have to have red or topaz eyes to be a vampire?”

I batted my eyelashes.

“Don’t they?” the girl asked.

“Alice! I expected you to know better!” I scolded.

Alice’s eyes widened.

“How did you know my name?” she asked.

“I have my ways.” I winked.

Alice stared at me confused.

I laughed.

Once again, they stared at me as if I was mental.

I winked and walked off to me class, still laughing.

I sighed slightly depressed.

I would have loved to be an author, but I couldn’t attract attention to myself.

A bronze haired boy sat down next to me.

“Hello. My name Is Emily Robin.” I said pleasantly.

He stared at me.

Again, topaz eyes.

I laughed.

“Nice to see you too, Edward Cullen.”

His eyes widened.

You see, being the Queen of vampires and all (what? It is true! People just don’t know.) I had access to knowing who every vampire in the world is.

I knew their name, how they looked, what their power is, just about everything.

This Edward Cullen could read minds.

Too bad he couldn’t read mine or Bella Swan’s.

I knew things about them that they didn’t even know.

Kind of like Aro from the Volturi.

However, this knowledge could be a curse.

I smirked and turned to the teacher.

Bella’s POV


How did this Emily Robin know Alice’s name?

Was she a vampire?

She sure knew a lot about them to not know!

Alice stared at me.