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The First Daughter of Eve

What will happen when Emily Robin, a smart and sassy little vampire who also happens to be the first daughter of Eve, comes to Forks 384 after Bella was changed? Of course the Cullen’s are there. What will happen when the fifth son of Adam arrives too? What will happen when Emily falls for someone? Oh, and what in the world is her power? Why, exactly is she wanted by every vampire in the world because of her power? On hiatus.


2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Chapter song: No One by Aly and AJ. I wrote the other song that Emily sings. Hope you like it.

Emily’s POV

Humming, I flicked on my overhead light.

I sat down on my bed.

Closing my eyes, I dry sobbed.

Why, you ask?

I might never know.

It might be because I was tired of this life.

Tired of not being myself.

Tired of always faking.

Tired of hiding.

Tired of everything.

I picked up my guitar and played.

“As night comes on, I disappear

“No one sees me no one hears me

“It’s almost like I never was alive

“The shining tears fall

“The shining tears fall…

“No wait!

“They’re gone

“Cants find a way out of the darkness

“I see no light at the tunnel

“All I see I pure stone wall…

“I’m disappearing like a ghost

“Good bye my friends

“Good bye by life

“There’s no answer to my pain

“I call good bye to you

“You look around but don’t see anyone

“Can’t you hear me?

“Can’t you hear me?

“I’m on my knees crying as I

Fade away….”

I smiled slightly.

Wait a minute, that was very random.

Why in the world did I just play?

I laughed.

I could be so beepin’ random!

My cell phone rang.

Unlike other old vampires, I was not against new electronics.

Actually, I loved them

What can I say, I’m a tech geek!

I flipped open my cell.


“Hi, this is Emily Robin right?” Bella’s voice came through the speaker.

“Hey Bella!”

“Oh, good! Listen, can we talk somewhere private?” she asked.

“Sure… How ‘bout your house?”

“Okay! Take the”

“It’s okay Bella, I know where it is!” I snapped my phone shut.

God, I loved messing with people!

Bella’s POV


God, this girl kept me getting me confused.

“Err… Okay?” Alice offered.

“How in the world does this girl know where our house is?” Rosalie asked.

I shrugged.

Me and Rosalie had become great friends after I was changed.

“Breathe Bella, breathe.” Edward’s voice came from behind me.

I realized I wasn’t breathing.


“Hey everybody!” a voice came from behind me.

I turned.

Emily stood there smiling.

I put my hand over my dead heart.

“You nearly gave me a heart attack!” I cried.

Emily laughed, her voice sounding like wind chimes.

“I’m no idiot! Vampires can’t have heart attacks! Duh!”

I blinked then looked pointedly at Edward.

He didn’t believe that Emily knew about us.

Edward raised his eyebrows.

“Told you.” Me and Alice said in unison.

“Me too!” Emmet cried.

“Hey Emmet!” Emily said looking over my shoulder.

She waved.

“Oh, and Rosalie Hale, of course! Hows Jasper? Your adopted twin, am I correct? Oh and you can’t forget Edward Cullen! How is Esme and Carlisle?” Emily asked.