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The First Daughter of Eve

What will happen when Emily Robin, a smart and sassy little vampire who also happens to be the first daughter of Eve, comes to Forks 384 after Bella was changed? Of course the Cullen’s are there. What will happen when the fifth son of Adam arrives too? What will happen when Emily falls for someone? Oh, and what in the world is her power? Why, exactly is she wanted by every vampire in the world because of her power? On hiatus.


5. Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Emily’s POV

No. Way.

It can’t be!

No way!

A vampire I don’t know…


It feels odd to be normal.

Esme opened the door smiling.

A guy with dark black hair and sparkling, deep blue eyes, like sapphires stood there.

“Hello Emily.”

I froze.



He smirked.

“Who else?”

“Yay!” I squealed, running to hug him.

The first person I ever changed was here!

“Everybody, meet Adam. The first person I ever changed.” I announced.

Everyone blinked.

Emmett started snickering, for some reason.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Emily, is it possible that everyone you bite ends up with abnormal eye color?” Carlisle asked.


“Odd…” he murmured.

“Of course it’s possible! It’s true. God, you guys are slow.” Adam announced.

Ahhh, classic Adam.

“Well that certainly hasn’t changed…”

“No, no it hasn’t.” Adam said, smiling down at me.

I might be tall, but Adam was taller.

Adam hugged me slightly closer to his body.

It was kind of weird, how his body fit my every curve…

Argh, I’m turning into a love struck teen, and I don’t even like Adam in that way!

Bella’s POV

Emily seemed so happy with Adam by her.

I glanced at Edward.

He smiled slightly.

“Yes, I can tell.” Edward whispered low in my ear.

Emily and Adam sat down on the sofa.

The fact they sat next together didn’t escape my notice.

“Oh shut up Bella.” Emily hissed.

“I didn’t say anything.” I said innocently.

Adam whispered something in her ear, and Emily giggled.

Ahhh, teen love.

“Bella.” Emily growled.

“Relax Em, I was joking.”

I smirked.

Emily suddenly got a delish gleam in her eye.

“Payback time.” I heard her mutter underneath her breath.

“Sooooo…. Emmett…” she began.

“Ya?” he asked.

Emmett seemed actually confused.

I looked over at Alice.

She was confused too!

Something’s wrong here.

I can tell.

Edward glanced at me, semi panicked.

I could tell that I looked panicked too.

“Relax Bella.” Edward murmured in my ear.

“Anyway, Emmett, can you possibly help me with something?” Emily asked too sweetly.

“Stop whatever your doing Emily.” Rosalie demanded shakily.

Adam appeared to know what was going on and smiled approvingly at Emily.

“What am I doing?” Her voice was innocent.

Huh, maybe she wasn’t planning anything.

Maybe she was actually curious.

But then again…

Curiosity killed the cat.

“Stop…?” Rosalie sounded unsure of herself.

“What’s going on?” Emmett cried.

Emily sighed.

“They think I’m planning something! Outrageous, isn’t it?!”

“Well you aren’t!” Rosalie yelled.

Then Emily and Adam started laughing.

“Of course I am!”

“Huh?” Rosalie asked.

“She tricked you. She made you think that she wasn’t planning anything. Actually, what I think the plan was, was very complex. Emily planned to make you think she was planning to do something but sound like she wasn’t while she was. In short, she planned to make you think she was planning something while she was, in the end all of us confused.” Edward stated.

“Well what you just said was confusing enough!” I laughed.