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The First Daughter of Eve

What will happen when Emily Robin, a smart and sassy little vampire who also happens to be the first daughter of Eve, comes to Forks 384 after Bella was changed? Of course the Cullen’s are there. What will happen when the fifth son of Adam arrives too? What will happen when Emily falls for someone? Oh, and what in the world is her power? Why, exactly is she wanted by every vampire in the world because of her power? On hiatus.


6. Chapter 6

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Emily’s POV

“So, you guys want to hear about Adam, do you?” I asked.

They nodded.

“Well Adam was the fifth son of Adam… Yes, I know that sentence sounded weird. Adam, the son of Adam.” I laughed.

“The thing is, my name isn’t even Adam Jr.” Adam was laughing.

I patted his shoulder, not missing the look Bella sent Edward.

Ah, young love. Bella thought.

I glared at her.

Bella didn’t seem to notice though.

Alice’s POV

How could Emily not notice the looks of longing Adam gave her?

How he watched her every move?

How he had a habit of watching her lips?

How could she not notice?!

Adam’s POV

“So. . . I must ask. Adam, do you happen to know of the Volturi?” Carlisle asked.

I nodded.

“Of course I knew of the Volturi! I changed Aro for God’s sake.” I muttered, knowing full well that they could hear me.

Emily giggled lightly.

I almost sighed at the sound.

I wonder if they knew about Emily . . . ?

Edward’s POV

Know what about Emily?

Was there something important I was missing?

What was going on?!

“You changed Aro?” Carlisle asked in disbelief.

Adam nodded.

He was certainly a man of few words.

Emily smirked, as if she knew something I didn’t.

“It’s not my fault I do.” She whispered.

What was with this girl?!

Emily’s POV

It’s just too fun to play with people!

It’s not my fault they are so gullible!

This is the reason for life, I think.

Who cares about life?

Especially when you’re like me and have an awesome power you can use to virtually torture people!

This is seriously the reason for life.

To get a kick out of it!


Edward’s POV

It’s too bad that I can’t read Emily’s mind.

I’m sure she thinks of very interesting things.

Yes, very interesting things. . .

Most definitely.

Bella’s POV

I wonder. . .

How Adam feels.

I wonder if Emily likes him back.

Emily growled low.

Okay, she does.

Emily sent a glare my way, but I ignored it.

Emily’s POV

I hope she gets speared by Jasper, and then gets slowly ripped apart. Then set on fire.

Curse Bella.

I hope she dies.

No wait.

She’s already dead.


Bella’s POV


Emily currently has a very fierce look on her face.

I think I actually felt scared.

Uh oh.

I think she is going to kill me.

I gulped.

Emily slowly turned her head to me then smiled, showing her razor-sharp teeth.

I shuddered.

Emily can be really scary. . .

Like. . .

Very scary. . .

Scary beyond belief.

“Thank you.” She hissed.

This is when most would run away screaming in terror.

But you know. . .

Us Cullens aren’t like most.

I, being a Cullen, stood there petrified instead.

See what I mean?

We Cullens are brave.

Please note my sarcasm.

Edward’s POV

Bella stood next to me, not moving.

“Bella?” I whispered, gently prodding her.

Bella took a second to respond, but still smiled beautifully at me.

She really is amazing. . .