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Twilight In Free Verse

A series of poems revolving around things such as Edward and loneliness, Bella and prejudices, Jake and his little monster, and the Cullen couples and their love.


4. Mine

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You hold me

Here, to this Earth,

And without you,

I should surely die.

What good is being able to live eternally,

If you have no one to live it with?

I’ve lost love before, and it

Hurts, rejection.

I know you, my beautiful Renesmee,

Will never reject me.

You are half-bloodsucker, this I

Accept. For it doesn’t matter, and it never shall.

I have never been a sensitive creature,

But concerning the matter of you, the only one who matters,

I will be as sensitive as you want.

I will be anything you want,

Your friend,

Your big brother,

Your lover,

As long as you shall ever want me.

I only pray that is forever, as that is how long I wish to remain by

Your side.


My Jacob

I understand you once loved her.

I also know she fought for me, fought to keep me


And for that I am grateful.

But now, now you are

My Jacob.

You will never belong to anyone else.

This whole love scheme,

It’s bizarre in some of the

Best ways.

You may call your affections for me


But I, I call it


Fate has brought us together,

And nothing will

Break us apart.

You are my Jacob,

And I am your Nessie.

Simple as that.