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London Bridges

i know its bad...and creepy.it has nothing to do with twilight.first story.


1. Chapter 1

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London Bridges(Companion to The Pit And The Pendulum by Edgar Allen Poe)

Take the key

I struggled against the ropes binding me to the table. The ropes made burn marks on my wrist and splinters lodged themselves into my back from the table of wood on which I lay.

I could not feel the pain, for I knew the device that made its way toward me would hurt so much more. The sound of the blade whooshing thru the air made me struggle harder.

It swung from left to right, coming closer to me with each swing. I kept my eyes away adverted from the weapon, knowing that once I laid eyes on it, the little sanity I had left would be gone. The blade came down closer to me. I was barely in control, my mind overloaded with feelings




And lock him up

So much pain. The pain of the wounds on my skin. Pain for the things I had done, the reason I was in this infernal torture room in the first place. The ones which had judged my fate thought it would be better if I suffered from this. They were right.

Lock him up

I thrashed against the ropes, screaming in frustration when they didn’t budge. My doom was sealed. I began to sob hysterically. My eyes flew open automatically toward the blade above my body.

Lock him up

I lost whatever was holding my reason in place.

I froze, transfixed by the device so focused on killing me. It had a beauty to that I hadn’t noticed. It swung from left to right in a continuous pattern, soothing me. My sight was no longer clear, clarified by my pain and panic. It was different, the harshness softened and blurred. The light from the single light above me shone bright on the blade. The sight soothed me. There was no way I was surviving this.

Take the key

Yet the things I had done, the things I had caused, could never be erased. My deeds were done. Yet no matter what they had tried, they could never get any information out of me. They would never find it. I began to laugh.

And lock him up

The sound felt so good. It echoed around the room. The blade seemed to sway faster, encouraged by my laughter. I laughed even harder, madly. Oh the light felt so good against my face. The breeze made from the blades movement caressed my skin. I continued to laugh until I felt the blade connect with my side. I giggled once more before I closed my eyes and welcomed the darkness that surrounded my eyes.

My fair lady