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For Always

"I had never met someone so...poisonous. She opens her mouth and suddenly you are dead. It's a painful death, especially for me, the person who loves her more than anyone else in this world." Embry Call imprinted on the one girl no one ever thought of. She has a boyfriend and a life that does not include him. It hurts, but she's happy so he must watch her from afar. Then, tragedy strikes and he finds himself drawn into her pain as he helps to rebuild her the heart that was broken long before he even knew her. Embry/Lauren, Nessie/Jacob (kinship) Leah/Jacob, Seth/OC Warnings: Language, Sexual content, mature themes, violence Weird Ship alert!

So...I don't know what made me think of this pairing, but I thought Embry needed love and an OC was just so cliched. Angela didn't work. She belongs with Jacob. Jessica is just way too annoying. So...Lauren.

1. Her

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None of the other girls were bitches. Okay, so Rachel was a little but, but this girl took the cake. I had never met someone so...poisonous. She opens her mouth and suddenly you are dead. It's a painful death, especially for me, the person who loves her more than anyone else in this world.

She couldn't have been like Emily: strong, caring, and resourceful.

She wasn't like Kim: shy, sweet and somehow beautiful even though she wasn't physically so.

Definitely not Nessie: wise, smart and a graceful half vampire child that had Jacob wrapped around her little finger.

She was closest to Rachel: passionate, outspoken and witty. But Rachel knew when to keep her mouth shut. She didn't back bite people, but she did get angry easily. She was Paul's girl, what did you expect?

This girl, though, was...poison, like I said. She was vile, amazing, wonderful...Lauren.

That was her name. Lauren.

I had a taste of that poison when I first talked to her. We had been in the grocery store in Forks. I was picking up some potatoes for Emily and she had been looking for carrots. I bumped into her, on accident, not really paying attention to what I was doing.

"What the fuck is wrong with you!" she shouted. "Watch where you're going."

It was only through the training Sam had put me through that I didn't get angry myself. Anyone else would have in that situation. I just looked at her, ready to apologize when...well you probably can guess what happened.

I had felt imprinting second hand, but to experience it yourself was jaw dropping. I don't know how long I stood staring at her and her beautiful corn lace hair, but it must have been a while because she pushed passed me before I could say anything.

I followed her with my eyes, until she reached a man and slipped her hand through his. I had never felt so angry. Who was he? I didn't really care. I just knew he wasn't me and he wasn't supposed to be with her.

"What's wrong, Lauren?" he asked.

"Just an asshole. Ready to go?"

He nodded.

Lauren. I knew her name. Lauren. Lauren. Lauren. I kept repeating it in my head. She thought I was an asshole though and I hadn't even done anything wrong. I knew then that I had gotten a difficult one.

I paid for the potatoes quickly and threw them in the bed of the truck I had borrowed from Sam. I quickly drove back to La Push and dumped the food on the counter next to Emily.

"Embry?" she asked, questioningly, as I raced back out the door. I had to find her. The fact that she was out of my sight killed me.

I realized that I didn't know who she was exactly, just a name. I knew who would know though. There is only one high school in Forks.

I raced towards the Cullens.

Oh come on! Not you too.

Shut up Leah.


You two will get along great then. Our conversation was cut off as I reached the tree line behind the Cullen's house and phased.

I could smell Jake and the other leeches around as I went up to the door. I hadn't even knocked before it was thrown open by Nessie.

Besides Bella, she was the only vamp, well half-vamp, who enjoyed seeing one of us when we came. She had told me it was because we were like Jacob. Her Jacob. Jacob must have loved it when she said things like that.

She was half way grown, at two years old, reaching my hip with the face of a ten year old.

"Hey," I greeted as she stepped aside to let me in. "I need to ask your mom something."

Cool hands on my face. Disbelief. What did I want to ask?

"I need to know about someone."

More pictures. This time of her and Jacob.

"How'd you guess?" The kid was smart.

"Your eyes," she said softly. Her voice was pretty, I found.

"Embry," Edward greeted, startling me.

I grinned at him. "I need to speak with your wife." Bella would know about Lauren.

Edward's lip twitched and I narrowed my eyes at him. "Of course," he said, quickly.

"What are you hiding, daddy?" Nessie asked.

I was wondering the same thing. "You know her, don't you?"

His lips twitched again. "You better come in."

"Fuuu-dge," he corrected himself with a glance at the little girl. "She's a serial killer isn't she?"

"What's wrong with being a serial killer," Emmett called.

Edward growled and Nessie giggled. I don't think she fully got what Emmett meant, that her parents and family were created to be killers.

Edward gave me a long look for those thoughts as I finally walked through the door.

"Bella's hunting with Alice. They'll be back soon, though," he said.

I nodded and sat down, just as Jake emerged from the kitchen, He had learned how to cook, out of necessity and was chewing on something or the other. Jacob tended to create weird dishes.

"Sup," he greeted. "What are you doing here?"

Nessie was almost beside herself with the news as she climbed up between Jacob and me. Her hands were poised near his cheeks and she looked at me questioningly. I just nodded to her.

Somehow saying the words, "I imprinted," out loud, felt weird. Everyone had found out about the other through our mental bond. None of us had ever had to say it out loud. I was shy about it.

Jacob was silent for two seconds as Nessie showed him, before he burst out laughing. "I know her," he chuckled. "I am so sorry."

I growled. There it was again, more clues that my soul mate was not a good person. Everyone here seemed to know something about her that I did not. Sure she had been rude to me, but then I could have done something.

"I doubt it," Edward said. "It doesn't take a lot to set her off."


"Momma!" Nessie scrambled over me in her haste to get to her mother, causing Jacob to laugh his ass off when she stepped on certain tender parts. Hey, even with the whole stronger than normal thing going, it still hurt.

"Embry wants to ask you something," she was saying cheerfully as Bella walked in.

I looked at Bella, taking in her pale appearance and red-gold eyes. They had yet to turn completely, a process that would take about ten years, according to Jacob. Two down, eight to go.

"Hey," I greeted.

"What's up?" she asked, sitting down next to Edward. The looks they were giving each other were borderline disgusting and pornographic.

"Do you know a Lauren?" I asked quickly. "She's blonde," I added.

Bella looked momentarily shocked, looking from Jacob to me and back again. Her eyes widened in recognition and she nodded. "I do. She went to my high school."

I nodded. I had figured that. "Were you friends?"

Bella laughed. "No. She hated me."

Okay, so she hated Bella.

Sam hated Bella. Paul hated Bella. Rosalie hated Bella. It wasn't irrational or uncalled for is Lauren hated Bella.

"I think she hated everyone though."

"I know her," Jacob added. "We were friends as kids, but then...I don't know, she changed."

"She's just a mean spirited person," Edward added. "I had to listen to her thoughts."

"Sorry, dude," Jacob said to me.

"However," Edward continued. "Something happened to her to make her like this."

"What?" I asked quickly.

Edward shook his head. "It isn't my place to tell."

I growled, but accepted it, even though I was dying to know what had happened to her.

"Where does she live?"

"You are not to stalk her."

I was surprised to see Dr. Fang standing in the doorway. I hadn't heard him approach. Edward didn't look surprised.

I scowled at the doctor. "I wasn't going to stalk her."

Eyebrow raise. "A normal person would call sitting outside of her house in order to catch a glimpse of her, stalking."

I shot him a grin. "I'm not normal. Duh."

"She doesn't need you scaring her."

Edward shifted a bit and cleared his throat. I ignored him.

"I don't know how to tell you this," Carlisle said slowly. "She lives with her boyfriend, they're getting married."

I felt cold suddenly, but I shook it off. "Sam was going to marry Leah."

A pause. "There's a reason they're getting married."

The cold was back and I almost shivered. Reasons for getting married usually consisted of...

"She's pregnant."