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For Always

"I had never met someone so...poisonous. She opens her mouth and suddenly you are dead. It's a painful death, especially for me, the person who loves her more than anyone else in this world." Embry Call imprinted on the one girl no one ever thought of. She has a boyfriend and a life that does not include him. It hurts, but she's happy so he must watch her from afar. Then, tragedy strikes and he finds himself drawn into her pain as he helps to rebuild her the heart that was broken long before he even knew her. Embry/Lauren, Nessie/Jacob (kinship) Leah/Jacob, Seth/OC Warnings: Language, Sexual content, mature themes, violence Weird Ship alert!

So...I don't know what made me think of this pairing, but I thought Embry needed love and an OC was just so cliched. Angela didn't work. She belongs with Jacob. Jessica is just way too annoying. So...Lauren.

2. Change

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I stared out over the choppy ocean trying to erase the last few hours from my memory. She was lost to me, before she was even mine. There was no way I could take a child from their rightful father. It was just wrong and it hurt the child. Believe me, I know.


I ignored Quil as he came and sat down next to me.

"You okay."

"What do you think?"

He shifted. "There's still a chance."

I snapped my head over to look at him. "No, there's not. She's pregnant, as in she's going to produce an infant. The kid doesn't need a confusing family life."

Quil sighed. "Yeah, I know."

"Besides," I said, giving him a false smile. "She's happy with this guy. She loves him, he loves her. It's all good."

"Sure, Embry," he said getting up. I knew he was going back to see Claire. I pretended I didn't know and turned back to the view and my thoughts.

I was a masochist. I had to be. Here I was squatting in her backyard and peering up into the windows. All I could see were shadows of her and whoever the hell he was, passing the windows.

I sighed and lay my head in my paws, feeling sicker by the second. This was going to work. I'd make it work. Hell, I'd stop phasing so I could go when she went. Maybe in our next life we'd be able to be together.


Jacob was hunting with Nessie. I don't want to talk, I growled.


As much as I didn't want this to continue, it did. Two months went by as I watched her tummy grow rounder. Occasionally, I could loiter around the hospital, but Carlisle would always come and fix me with such a pitying stare that I would have to leave.

A normal person would have yelled at me, but not Carlisle. He was too nice and somehow that made it worse. I wonder if that's what he intended.

I sickly asked him about the baby. What was the sex? Was it healthy? Would Lauren be okay? He refused to tell me. Something about this whole patient/doctor confidentiality law and how it was a felony to give away information about her.

So, I went to Jacob, who went to Nessie, who went to Bella, who went to Edward, and back to Nessie, who told Jacob, who told me that: it was a girl, she was very healthy and Carlisle foresaw it to be an easy birth.

I was relieved. I didn't want Lauren to go through any more pain than she had to carrying that bastard's kid. Okay, that was harsh. He was a good guy. I watched him closely because if he did anything to hurt her, I was fully prepared to kill him. He didn't. He went to work, to the store, he did the dishes for her. He didn't even look at other women. He adored her almost as much as I did. Almost.

He could stand up to her too. Through him, I learned how to handle her. She bitched, and he dished it back. If he even showed a moment of weakness, she'd jump all over him. Sometimes though, she'd show such a weakness that my heart, and his, would melt.

She wasn't black and white, most people weren't. She was many shades of black, and grey and white. So many I couldn't count them.

I watched her for three months, before I even had any contact with her.

It was at the store, where we had first met. She had dropped something and at twelve weeks her belly was just big enough to make bending over difficult. Naturally, I followed my instincts and picked it up for her.

She glared at me for a total of ten seconds, before her face softened and she took the bottle of shampoo from my hand. "Thank you," she muttered.

"No problem."

She stared at my face. "Hey. You're the guy who ran into me."

Did I mention she remembered everything and held grudges that rivaled Leah's? She does.

I shrugged. "Maybe," I lied. "I don't tend to remember everyone I bump into."

"You make a habit of it then?" she snapped.

"No," I said slowly. "Other people do. I don't think they expect a wall to be in the middle of the aisle so they just bump into me."

"Are you saying it was my fault?"

I shrugged again. "Could be. I don't remember."

Damn, I wanted to keep her talking. Her attention was on me and she was speaking to me. I was reveling in it. How pathetic.

My response seemed to stump her. It's hard to argue with a person who refused to argue back.

"I'm Embry," I said. "Embry Call."

"Embry? What kind of name is Embry?"

Somehow I knew she'd say that, but it stung a bit nonetheless. Even my name wasn't good enough for her.

"What kind of name is Lauren?" I snapped back.

She frowned. "How did you know my name is Lauren?"


I searched around for anything that could have clued me in on her name. Around her neck was an employee badge for some company in Port Angeles. I pointed to it. "Your badge."

"Oh. Right."

"When's your baby do?" I asked after the awkward silence fell. I knew it was due on March 31st, but she didn't know that.

"End of March," she replied, after eyeing me again. "Look, I need to go."

"Of course," I said quickly. "It was nice meeting you Lauren."

She didn't answer as she walked away. Stab number two.

"You actually got to talk to her?"


I was sitting in the Cullen family room again with Jake. Nessie was sitting on the floor near the couch reading some thick book I couldn't read now, much less when I was two, or ten, or however old she was.

"You don't look too thrilled."

"She made fun of my name and then completely ignored any social niceties."

"She's pregnant. Hormones and all that."

I shrugged. Something told me she'd be unpleasant even when her hormones were functioning normally. Cold hands on my face surprised me.

I saw a picture of Lauren holding a small bundle with me standing next to her. Would I make a move after the baby was born?

"No. I already said I wouldn't."

A picture of my current state. I looked unhappy. Could I continue like that?

"It's only for about sixty years," I told her.

She frowned and shook her head. "Jacob told me that you are never selfish," she said finally.

I looked over my best friend, who just shrugged and looked away.

"Would it hurt you so much to selfish for once? I don't like seeing anyone I care about unhappy."

I couldn't help but smile at her. "Nessie, I don't know who my father is. This baby will. He'll want to see her and I'm not going to be the reason that little girl comes into a messed up family life. I've said that before. Lauren doesn't need it either."

I was thinking about Lauren the most. The stress of it all would hurt her, seeing her child confused would hurt her, I would not play a part in that if I could help it.

"I guess you're right," she said finally.


Another month passed and she was now five months pregnant. Her belly protruded so much that it was obvious. I found it cute and had a need to reach out and touch it. I couldn't though. It wasn't my place. It was His.

I tried to forget about this situation, but it was becoming more and more obvious that this was just not working. Sure she was happy, she smiled, she laughed, but it wasn't me who was making her do these things. I wanted her to love me, not him.

Forgetting was hard, especially when I was around Paul, Jared, Sam, Quil and Jacob. They were so happy.

Sam and Emily got married in December. A Christmas wedding. I attended, but did not stay long. I knew they understood. I took to hiding in the woods, not phasing when the imprinted wolves did. That was hard, because there were so many. Something needed to change. I could not keep this up.

The change I needed, but did not want, happened the day after Christmas.

I was running, like I always did, racing cars that couldn't see me. The road was icy and the cars were going fast. The crash happened so fast that I did not see them hit. I did see one go spiraling across the road, crash into the guardrail and then hit a tree on the other side. The other went flipping over into the ravine.

I didn't know what to do at first, I just stared in shock. There were no cars passing to call the police. Suddenly I felt Jacob's mind. I was lucky. I quickly told him what happened and he promised to tell Carlisle and Charlie.

I quickly phased and pulled on some pants, before hurrying to the first car. I had to see if there was anything I could do. Obviously there wasn't. He wasn't dead yet, I could see him breathing, but half of his head was caved in. There was no way he would last very long.

A sudden sickness hit me when I recognized him. It was Him. Lauren's boyfriend. I dropped to my knees just as the sound of sirens hit my ears.