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Jake's Shindig

When Jacob Black invites Bella to his Halloween party at La Plush he couldn't ever have dreamed that it would have this effect... Bella pushes her little Cullen family to go and Edward steers dangerously near the edge. The family fight... Isn't pretty. What will happen, and who will go? Happy Halloween! - I know it's a bit early :) [one-shot for a challenge at twilightnovelnovice.]


1. Jake's Shindig

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 840   Review this Chapter

“I really want you there, please?” I knew that he wouldn’t like it, but that he’d hate it this much…

“What do you want me to go as? Count Dracula? Should I get out my special vampire cape, strap on some fangs and dab some fake blood on my cheek? What do you want from me Bella?” He was pacing, his arms were flying, I’d never seen him like this.

“Jake invited me, he invited us. Come on, it’s a peace offer-”

He laughed but it came out as more of a cackle, “are you insane? He is mocking me.” He spat out the words, this wasn’t Edward. – Not my Edward.

I tried again, “it would mean so much to me though… To see you both, getting along… You could go as a-”

“A monster? I already AM. Look, if you want to go so bad, then go. Halloween is not my thing, it never has been and I’m not going to change my ways to please some stupid dog.”

I sighed, “Well what if we do something… Just you and me. We could go out trick or treating, or just hang out… Like old times. C’mon, let’s do something, anything. What if Emmett dropped Renesme off and we spent some time together? That would be nice, wouldn’t it?” I didn’t want to do anything but see Jacob, it had been so long, but I really didn’t want to offend Edward.

“Have you forgotten that I don’t eat? Not what they’re offering at doorsteps, or in restaurants. You say you love me for who I am… This is part of who I am. I’m not some party joke amongst your furry friends, I’m not going to pretend to be something I’m not when I don’t have to. If you want to see Jacob then go, I’m not stopping you.”

“Edward I am sick and tired of this. I am trying to hold the peace between the both of you, but I can’t, not anymore. I give up. Jacob imprinted on Renesme and I know that’s hard for you to- Shut up. I know that’s hard for you to handle. He’s not mocking you, he’s trying to show you that he means well. You’re reading too much into it. Our daughter loves him. He loves her. What more could you ever want? Sure she doesn’t love him the way he loves her, not yet, but it will happen… Eventually. I’m not going to be like Charlie was to us. It’s not any different. I love you and I loved you then just as much as I do now, but Charlie didn’t understand…

“Renesme’s love will be as real as mine was for you, and I will not be the one to keep them apart. I have no reason to. Jake has remained constant in her life since she was born which is more than I can say for you. You left me when the going got tough and I know that’s a low blow but you need to grow a pair. I am sick and tired of you being such walking contradiction. My daughter will go to Jake’s shindig and she will trick or treat like all the other little girls. This is her life, she wants to go and let it be damned so do I. Now. You can either come with us or sit at home and wallow. I am a vampire too but I’m not taking this offensively. If he were mocking anyone he’d also be mocking himself, werewolves aren’t exactly the things of fairy tales.”

His face was livid but there was sadness in his eyes, “Bella, I-”

“Don’t,” I snapped, I’d heard enough. “Happy Halloween.” I’d hurt him and I knew it but he’d been moping around since Jake had delivered his speech about his love for Renesme… I had come to terms with it, I’d accepted the inevitable but he was being difficult.

He stepped towards me but I ran from him and up the stairs towards our daughter, who was sitting on her bed in her little princess costume. She reached out her hand and I took it. Images of Edward being angry with her when she did naughty things flashed in front of my eyes, “Daddy isn’t happy.”

It wasn’t a question but I answered it anyway, “No honey, Daddy is just a bit upset. He’s got a lot going on but he loves you and he wants you to be happy… Hm. Who do you think you’re going to scare away in that? You look so pretty. Now why don’t we get Mommy into her costume and then head off for some candy and lots and lots of fun?”

“Ugh, candy,” she wrinkled up her nose. “Yukky!”

I laughed and took her hand in mine, tonight was going to be a good night. Sure, it would be different, but it would be packed with vampires and werewolves so what exactly was it missing?

– Besides my husband.