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Say What?!

Welcome to the life of Bella Swan, which involves attempted murder, a statue of Virgin Mary, a fight over a girl, and being saved last minute. Oh, did I mention that she has eleven siblings besides hersef and has NO PARENTAL SUPERVISION?! [Loosely based off of Fruits Basket] (Chapter One is heavily rewritten.)

Disclaimer: Stephanie Meyer owns all of this. I'm just a person playing with her characters. But I own 11 of the characters if I do say so myself... -looks rather proud of her work-

1. First Signs of Changes

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Bella’s P.O.V

Leila, my sister, and I started to chuckle at our monthly newspaper that was in front of us. It was sort of a secret news update for all of those that were cursed or bound to an unbreakable deal since the creation of the Earth. There was a family in Japan that used to be cursed to the Eastern Zodiac signs. Heck, they even have a manga and anime in the human world dedicated to them called “Fruits Basket.” They were the most gossiped and famous in our little community. Ever since Kyo got his girlfriend, they became a big gossip center down in Japan. Up in Europe was a family that represented the Greek Gods and Goddesses. In Canada, there is a family that represented the five elements: Air, Earth, Water, Fire, and Metal. Those were just a few cursed families to start us out with.

You must be wondering then what group do I belong in? My 11 siblings and I fit into the Eastern Zodiac with the Virgo, Scorpio, Libra...etc. You know the horoscope stuff most Americans call hocus-pocus? Well, it definitely isn’t “hocus pocus junk.” I’m Bella Swan, by the way, the one that is cursed to being a Virgo from the dawn of time at the age of seventeen for the time being. I had the power of telepathy. Some things that we need to clear up for those that think we are like the characters in “Fruits Basket.” Okay, enough of all of this introduction, I want to explain to you HOW my real story begins.

Yeah, I know I have a saga about me, but that isn’t the truth- it’s all lies from an author Stephanie Meyer. I’ll tell you my real story if you let me.


“God, didn’t we all just looked adorable,” I cooed over an old picture of all my eleven siblings and myself. I threw the picture on the ground and went face-first into my pillow.

Groaning, I mumbled, “Psh. If only they were as quiet as the picture.”

You must be wondering how a family could even handle having twelve children, aren’t I right? Well, you see my family is immortal. Yeah gasp and gape all you want, but it’s true. We weren’t blood siblings, but we banded together as a family because we had one thing in common: all twelve of us represented Western Astrology… You know, the horoscope stuff that everyone calls rubbish and hocus-pocus? We have been around for longer than ten thousand centuries, roaming the Earth.

I’m Isabella Marie Swan, the girl who represents all of the Virgos in the world. Among my family, I’m the one who has the power of telepathy. Yeah, we have individual supernatural powers, but that doesn’t mean that our lives are all fun and games. We are bound to a curse that even we don’t know half of the details of.

All we knew for now is that when we are up against elemental obstacles that Mother Nature throws at us, we transform into our true forms. For the water signs, if the weather gets too hot to handle (any temperature past 95 degrees), they change. If the fire signs go outside in heavy downcast, they’ll automatically transform. For air signs, if there is an earthquake, sandstorm, and etc and for us earth signs, if it’s too windy we’ll convert back into our true and original forms. I have proof: I change into a statue of Virgin Mary for half an hour.

Interrupting my thoughts, I heard a male voice call for me angrily, “Isabella Marie! March your butt down here!”

Lifting up my face from the pillow, I smirked. I figured that Maxwell had called for me. I knew I was in trouble with Mister Freedom-Lover, but what did I do this time? I swear that I hadn’t crashed his precious shiny red Lexus model LFA Roadster into a tree… Like last time. Out of all of the “makeshift parental units,” I usually got in trouble with him the most. I hurried down the stairs, tripping on my shoelace a couple of times. See, this is why I double-tie them so that they won’t be a danger hazard for me.

With little beads of sweat running down from my hairline to my neck, I vainly tried to wipe it away with no luck. I smiled innocently at Maxwell before asking, “How may I serve you today, Max, my dear brother?”

“Don’t dear brother me, Isabella,” he spoke with an eerie calmness as he glowered at me with his arms crossed against his chest. His reddish-brown hair was finally in a military buzz cut, finally. I was sick of him complaining about how long his hair was. Dude, if you don’t like it then CUT it already, for Christ’s sake. He was a stereotype Sagittarius, seeing that he’s supposed to represent them: good traits with the bad.

“You should know why you’re here,” he added as he glared at me with his piercing olive green eyes.

I looked at him wide-eyed looking as innocent as possible. I spoke, “I think you are mistaken dear brother, I do not understand why I’m here. So WHY am I here?”

He sighed in frustration as he shook his head. I continue to stare at him with pure innocence. After a minute into our stare-down, my sister, Leila came barreling towards Max and I. Maxwell was lucky since he wasn’t the one to be hurt in the impact of Leila’s running into me. Though, at least she saved me from the tirade of Max. With a quick apology, she went straight to the business. Blunt as usual, I noted.

“Liliane, Cameron, and Rosalina want to relocate the family, immediately. Chase and McKay were roughhousing and McKay accidentally pushed Chase into water making him turn into… You know,” Leila panted as she gazed up at Maxwell to see his reaction to the situation with her beautiful lapis blue eyes. She began fix her hair sub-consciously, thinking that it looked messed up from running so quickly. Though she was quite mistaken, her ebony black hair looked awesome as usual.

Max nodded once before rolling his olive green eyes. He’s been in this situation countless of times, I reckon. He muttered, “Only them, I swear. We’ve only been in Hartford Connecticut for a little over a month and they started up again huh? World record.”

Leila moved her head in an up and down motion before she caught my eye. Her blue orbs danced as we both knew what that meant; we had made a bet with McKay that if he started a fight with Chase before two months then he’d owe us a hundred bucks each. Leila and I already knew that he couldn’t be able to win that bet, so I’m going to spend it on an I-pod Touch that I had been saving up for.

Maxwell spoke up, “Isabella go up and pack.”

“Will do, brother dear,” I smirked. I was saved by the bell again. Well, Leila, actually… Yeah… I’m not going to get into the technicalities; that’s just too long of a list to even begin to speak about.

Leila and I burst into fits of giggles as we started up the stairs. In the midst of her little giggles, she commented, “How long have we told him that he cannot resist a fight from Chase?”

I chuckled lightly as I replied in a giggly tone, “Longer than fifteen centuries. Actually, I lost count over the years.”

“And guess who were right in the end?”

“Us!” we both squealed as the two of us started to laugh hysterically. Good times with Leila would never be held to a stop. There was no such thing as a Bella without a Lee-Lee and there was no such thing as a Lee-Lee without a Bella. No, it was either Bella and Lee-Lee or Leila and Isabella. We were inseparable. The Virgo and the Scorpio (A.K.A Leila). That had a nice ring to it, right?

The rest of the way to our rooms, I stopped at the doorway of my room, I said, “Hey, catch you later, okay? Make sure McKay doesn’t get away ’til I get my end of the bet, okay?”

She looked at me amused as she assured that she’d make sure that McKay would pay me my 100 dollars. For centuries with Leila, I knew that she was a reliable person. I repacked the stuff that I had just taken out for the time being in Hartford, Connecticut. I had a feeling that I wouldn’t have needed to unpack much before moving, so all I had was two week’s worth of clothes out along with my I-pod. How Leila and Liliane (the Capricorn) managed to sell off our houses was amazing because it usually takes them a week before it’s sold. I never will understand how they’re able to pull it off at such an unrealistic time.

After I put the last shirt back into a box, I heard a soft tap at my doorway. I saw my other sister, Sophia who was the innocent sweetie that chose to be 16 years old for the rest of eternity. She straight sandy colored hair that curled at the tips and empathic sea-foam green eyes that were rimmed with long and thick lashes. Sophia had the looks that made you want to protect her from every hardship in the world. She was a Cancer and the soft-spoken member of our slightly twisted up family of twelve.

“Bella, can you come into Chase’s room? They are at it again,” she asked me with her doe like eyes wide. I nodded as I smiled sweetly at her. She always had a talent for bringing the sweet and sensitive side of anyone. I placed a hand on her 5 feet 2 inched frame as we both walked into hot-head’s room.

“You ef-ing retard! You stole Christina from me!” McKay yelled as he launched a punch in the middle of Chase’s stomach. Well, that was a nice thing to hear from his mouth when I first come by. I never pegged McKay to be a person that got worked up over a girl. He was just a player. I’m not sure if that was how all Leos were nowadays, but I certainly knew that the person representing them was.

“Your fault that you couldn’t keep that chick on a leash!” Chase shrugged as he kicked McKay in the gut. I could smell the rusty blood that was probably oozing under their shirts…

McKay dodged and landed another punch on Chase’s face. That got the Aries, Chase, started.

He let out a roar that did not belong to a human and lunged for McKay. McKay was then pinned to the ground with Chase beating the shit out of him up.

McKay panicked and looked around desperately; he bit Hothead, Chase. The latter screamed as McKay nimbly made his escape and grabbed for a chair. Chase had the intention of jumping on McKay and had the intention of slashing his face like a madman, but McKay crashed the chair against Chase’s head. He went down with a groan and passed out before our eyes.

Sophia and I looked at McKay in shock. We all knew that Mickey K’s (our special nickname for McKay) and Chase roughhoused a lot, but a chair? When he caught our dazed expression, he shrugged and spoke sullenly, “He was asking for it.”

“A chair, McKay! You didn’t need to bash his thick skull against that!” I shrieked. I knew that those fire signs had a reputation for having hot tempers, but a CHAIR!

McKay laughed bitterly as he leaned closer to Chase’s desk and grabbed for the water bottle. He sprayed it on his head as he gave a little shake before his body could react to the wet substance. He then turned to us and spoke, “Well he took my girlfriend! He was definitely asking for it.”

“But still!” I began to protest, but just left it at there. I knew that McKay had a thicker skull than Chase and I would never be able to knock sense into him. I shrugged as if I let it go and impatiently said, “Where’s my 100 bucks, dude? I want to get my I-pod Touch soon.”

I pretended not to notice Sophia still gawking at the fact that Mickey K and I were doing a business deal instead of worrying about Chase. Unlike me, McKay took one glance at Sophia and spoke with no emotion, “Chase will come back around, he’s immortal after all. Though, I wish that he’d come back with more common sense that he lacks.”

Sophia giggled sweetly and replied, “True, that. True, that. Well, I’ll be packing up my stuff okay?”

McKay and I nodded in union as she turned around and walked out of his room. We just stared at each other with an awkward silence in the air before Alexiane walked by Chase’s room and spoke, “Hey guys! Where’s--- OH MY GOD! What the hell happened to Chase?!?!”

Her brown hair swayed back and forth as she glanced at us with frantic written all over her face. I glared at McKay as he gulped nervously. We both knew that this meant…

“EVERYONE! SOMEONE KILLED Chase!!!!!” Alexiane screamed at the top of her lungs. She started to hyperventilate as I mouthed out ‘good luck’ to McKay and walked away from him, chuckling the whole way to my room. I knew that he’d have the honor of calming down Alexiane, which was a hard feat to do unless you can control emotions, but who can actually do that? I laughed to my silliness about actually thinking for half a second that someone out there could control emotions. That was impossible! Shaking my head at my stupidity, I started to look for my life- my precious I-Pod in my room.

Moments like these, I preferred not to get involved in. There was too much havoc in trying to calm down Alex and trust me. Our whole household usually comes and tries their luck to cram into the room, which I’ll tell you. It’s not fun being squished in there.