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Say What?!

Welcome to the life of Bella Swan, which involves attempted murder, a statue of Virgin Mary, a fight over a girl, and being saved last minute. Oh, did I mention that she has eleven siblings besides hersef and has NO PARENTAL SUPERVISION?! [Loosely based off of Fruits Basket] (Chapter One is heavily rewritten.)

Disclaimer: Stephanie Meyer owns all of this. I'm just a person playing with her characters. But I own 11 of the characters if I do say so myself... -looks rather proud of her work-

2. Second Doors That Move

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I plugged in my silver colored I-Pod classic. You know, the huge and 1st generation one? I know that I was way overdue for a new I-pod. That’s why I was saving up for an I-Pod touch. I switched it on to play Daydream by Avril Lavigne as an attempt to block out Alexiane’s hysterics of ‘Chase is dying.’ Yes, my sister was so very smart, huh? The twelve of us had been alive for eons and eons, so we’re suddenly supposed to drop dead and that’s our end? How preposterous! As long as people still believed in Western Astrology, we stay forever immortal. It was that or the curse was broken by one of us being loved whole-heartedly by a human.

I rolled my hazel eyes and sighed. Alexiane and Justin will be wasting at least an hour over Chase’s condition. Earth and Air, this definitely won’t be good seeing that the two elements were as different as night and day. There goes the chance of someone getting sense through Alexiane's thick skull.

I propped my arm against the cold of my oak desk and gently closed my eyes. A quiet yawn escaped when I parted my lips. Gosh, I can’t believe I was so alive a while ago with only two hours of sleep last night. Before long, my mind slowly rid of all the thoughts and I drifted into a fitful slumber.

I gazed around my surroundings with perhaps fear in my eyes? The scenery was truly impressive with its magnificent emerald green grass and gently swaying tree branches. No matter how serene and peaceful the landscape appeared, my heart was pounding heavily against my ribcage with dreaded fear. What was I scared of? Checking my surroundings once again, I began to wander aimlessly in circles. I knew I was searching for something, but what? That’s when it hit me. I felt a presence from behind me and a sweet honey smell mixed with ice filled my nose. I whispered in a broken voice, “Why?”

“I’m no good for you, Isabella,” the presence spoke softly in a low baritone voice. His tone was filled with intense passion that brought tears to my eyes, blurring my vision. All I wanted was for whoever with the musical voice, to wrap his arm around me.

“Please,” I gasped out, as if the wind was knocked out of me. I turned around, picking up the hem of Victorian aged dress. The dress was a creamy shade of ivory with a lacy square like collar. The bodice was showing off the little amount of curves of my body. Little roses decorated the dress.

With a sweep of chestnut brown ringlets, I swirled around to face a black shadow near the outskirts of the meadow where trees stood by the borderlines. I heard a stifle sigh as he answered in a gruff voice, “Stay away, please. That’s what’s best for you.”

“Bella… Bella… Bella… Bella… ISABELLA!!” someone spoke into my ear. Scratch that, she screamed in my ear. Her warm breath tickled my ear as I slowly opened up my eyes to locate the person with the soprano voice. I saw Leila looking at me with her lapis blue eyes filled with a hint of amusement. How was my sleeping amusing her?

“Mur?” I asked sleepily. I wanted to go back to sleep… It sounded a lot better than being woken up by the Scorpio.

“We’re going to be leaving soon. Liliane wanted to inform you that you have 10 minutes to drag your heavy carcass to her car,” Leila replied. Even though everyone in the family has a driver’s license, we all have a head person that is in charge of one group. Liliane, the Capricorn, is the leader of the Earth signs. Don’t ask why or how, it was decided a long time ago; even I can’t remember why back then. So each sign had a leader among them and the four of them made up the “Foursome.” We all had to obey whatever they say even if they aren’t our actual leader.

I narrowed my eyes as I hissed, “I am NOT heavy! I bet I weigh less than you!”

She chuckled as she glanced at me and responded simply, “102.”

“And… I stand by corrected,” I said sheepishly. I was at 110 pounds standing at five feet and four inches. I always knew that Leila was skinny, but not THAT skinny. A few centuries ago, she used to weigh 93 pounds so I should be elated that she’s eating more healthily. We may be immortal, but we still need to get our nutrition from somewhere.

Leila smirked at me as she tugged on my arm, “Come on. Up you go!”

I rolled my eyes and eyed around the room. It was surprisingly empty except for the chair I was sitting on, the desk that I was propped up against, and my bed that was currently wrapped up in plastic for the next person that was going to live here. I turned to face Leila, “Where’s my stuff?”

”While you were… Napping, Justin had calmed down Alex enough so that everyone moved everyone else’s shit around, including yours. Now, sleeping beauty, it’s time for you get up and get going. Almost everyone left the house,” Leila smirked as she explained.

I let her drag me down the flight of stairs as I asked, “How long was I out?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“Was it that long?”

She pursed her lips, but then sighed. A giggle escaped her lips, as she replied, “No, I was just wondering how you slept through all of the racket that went on Alexiane and Justin were bickering so loud that the neighbors threatened to call the cops on us, but Jared, the Libra, saved our asses. Then with all of the ruckus that the guys made with moving everything around… I thought you were faking it until a few moments ago when I tried to wake you up. Damn you were like a rock.”

“Well, so would you if you had less then two hours of sleep last night,” I shrugged my shoulders helplessly.

Leila glowered at me from her five foot three frame, which wasn’t all that shorter than me as she said sternly, “Bella.”

“How may I help you today, Lee-Lee?” I asked innocently, blinking a few times. I knew a lecture was going to come out. Leila wasn’t one that liked to communicate, but once you knew her as a friend, she’ll give you full-blown lectures if you displease her.

“What the fuck did you do last night?” she hissed. She had one arm hold on my arm, still yet to drag me out to the car. I had a feeling that Liliane might be waiting in the car longer than she and Alex would like.

“Not you,” I replied coolly as she growled.

“Answer the damn question.”

‘Nice way of taking a joke, Lee-Lee,’ I thought to myself as I rolled my hazel eyes. I responded, “I umm… Redid my play list for my I-pod. I wrote a little bit in the novel and I couldn’t sleep?”

She nodded suspiciously at me, but kept her mouth clamped tight while I braced myself for a yelling. Sadly, it never came, but door did.

“Idiot,” Lisa muttered under her breath as she giggled. She found my situation hilarious apparently. Once I sent a chilly glare, she took a little bit more action.

She offered out her right hand as I commented, “Thanks for taking your grand time, your highness.”

She shrugged her shoulder as she captured my line of vision with her prominent lapis blue eyes as she snickered, “That’s what you get for only two hours of sleep my dear. Plus, it’s technically not my fault if you slam into a door.”

“HEY! I didn’t walk into the door, the door moved!” I protested.

She looked at me with a sparkle in her eye, “Like how you swore that the squirrel spoke Korean?”

I nodded triumphantly, “Finally you got it Lee-Lee! I was getting worried that there was something wrong with your head.”

“No, I’m positive that there is something wrong with yours,” she mumbled under her breath.

Once she managed to get me out of the house without any more harm done to me she gave me a light hug and said, “See you in Forks, Washington. Keep your cell on just in case.”

“Yes mother,” I spoke in a too sweet tone and a huge fake grin pasted on my face.

She rolled her eyes at my sarcasm as she said in a tone matching mind, but in a higher falsetto, “Bye, sweetie.”

We walked in two separate directions without another look at each other. I trudged over to Liliane's silver Lexus model LF-Sh. You’d think that the earth or air signs would be the ones to get the hybrids, but no, that was up in the water signs’ ally. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Leila clambering into their Smoky Granite Mica LS 600h L. Shit; I should hurry, shouldn’t I?

I power walked until I got the car door to open. Liliane looked at me tipping her sunglasses down, “Why so late Bella?”

“A door jumped in front of me,” I rolled my eyes, but Liliane gave me a strange look that was cross between an ‘are you stupid’ or ‘I’m laughing inside my mind’ look.

“Are you sure that you didn’t run into it?” she pressed on.

“Positive, it ran into me, not the other way around,” I huffed and gazed out the window silencing our discussion. Alexiane and Liliane exchanged looks and tried in vain to muffle out their laughter. God, what is up with people not believing that the door jumped in front of me?! I crossed my arms against my chest; I knew that this is going to be one wicked long ride to New York to get a plane to Forks, Washington… Which was across the country from our current global position.