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Lovers in the Moonlight

The morning after her and Edward's first night together, Bella thought her honeymoon was over. The night she awoke from the dream she wished was real, it continued. This is Edward's feelings after the next day: When the real honeymoon began.

Hey! So, this is my take on what happened after the page break on page 117 in Breaking Dawn. If you don't remember, it's when Edward gives in to Bella's "practice" talk, when Bella tells him that there's stll some headboard left. So, enjoy! I don't own anything Twilight. Stephenie Meyer does.

1. Newlyweds

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I watched with contentment as Bella drifted to sleep next to me, getting her body as close to mine as she could without actually being on top of me. Her face was beautiful in the late afternoon’s sunlight, a smile seeming to linger there. Bella would no doubt be smug if she knew how hard it was for me to hide my own smile right now. For we’d been on Isle Esme for just over two weeks now, and admittedly, we were just now starting to have a real honeymoon. Or, rather a real honeymoon according to Bella.

It was to me too now, though. To be honest with myself, I was filled with joy, joy I didn’t think would come until after Bella was changed. Of course our love making would be better after she became a vampire, but neither of us were in any rush for that yet. Bella had realized that she liked this aspect of being human, and so she wanted to stay human a little longer. And I was okay with that. I was more than okay with that.

After all, Bella had married me, and despite her reluctance she’d found that her fears were silly. That didn’t surprise me; many of the things she got worried and worked up about were silly.

And I’d given her what she wanted: Me. I was afraid at first, so frightened that I would hurt her. Indeed, the morning after our first time I thought I had hurt her. But looking at her now, I couldn’t see any traces of the bruises that had covered her arm and shoulders.

“Mmm,” Bella sighed in her sleep. She was content, happy. I was happy, too. It was getting easier every time I was with her. I couldn’t help myself; I smiled as she slept, both of us elated as she rested her head on my chest.

I’d given her pleasure. I’d given her great pleasure. Sweat, along with it’s sweet smell had built up along her hairline, her back, and the back of her neck. I’d felt the distinct sensation of Bella trying to dig her fingers into the skin of my back.

And her voice.

My eyes closed as I relished, remembering the sound clearly.

She made it sound so seductive without even trying when she said my name - mattering not whether she whispered it in my ear or screamed it when as much pleasure was brought as she could hardly bare. And I didn’t know what gave me more pleasure - my name coming from Bella’s lips, or me murmuring her name like velvet against her skin.

I couldn’t describe the feeling that came over me then, knowing the physical pleasure that I’d brought to Bella, as a man brings to a woman. She’d told me countless times that she considered herself the luckiest woman alive, and I knew now that that feeling was even stronger for her now because of this new aspect. But again, it didn’t bother me. It made me happy to give her any kind of pleasure.

I hoped Bella knew that it was vice versa for me, as well. Of course it was pleasurable for me. I’d meant it when I told her that our first night together was the best night of my whole life; I wouldn’t have said so if it wasn’t the truth. And to think - each time we’d made love since then had been better than the time before!

Bella stirred ever so lightly then, shifting her legs - they being completely uncovered, one of them draped over mine. My eyes traveled along that leg, which was another reminder of why I was beginning to love this new aspect of my relationship with her: I could now swear that I knew every inch of her. She was mine, and that included her body. She’d wanted me to touch her, and I did just that. Though I loved everything about Bella, admittedly, I loved and desired her incredibly attractive body as well.

Then it dawned on me: I was feeling pride. I was proud of the fact that Bella was mine and she wanted me in every possible way. She considered herself lucky, but she had no idea how lucky I considered myself. It also made me feel good about myself that I was able to give her this kind of pleasure. How could I not feel that way as my wife slept next to me, still flushed from making love to me? I smiled as Bella’s warm breath washed over my cool skin.

About an hour later though, Bella’s stomach growled rather loudly and impatiently. She wasn’t the only one finding this odd. I, too, noticed her change in appetite. She’d never been much of a big eater at all, and now all she wanted to do was eat. Despite that, I shrugged it off. I was sure that her body wasn’t used to this much activity; We’d been out almost everyday hiking and climbing the island, swimming, and being outside in the sun. I shouldn’t have been surprised at how much she was eating with how much activity she was doing.

I caressed Bella’s back as she breathed in deeply a couple of times, now awakening.

“Hi,” She breathed as she smiled up at me.

I couldn’t help but smiled back. “Hello. Did you have a nice nap?”

“I think you know the answer to that. Besides, it was what happened before I fell asleep that was my favorite part.”

“You know,” I murmured right in her ear, pulling her tighter to my chest, which just made her eyes brighten more. “It was my favorite part, too.”

“Really?” Bella asked, her eyes flickering to my chest. I laughed as her stomach roared again.

“Hungry are we?” I asked with a smile.

“A little,” She admitted sheepishly.

I then made her some dinner, thinking of how I would have to leave tonight to go hunting myself. I would leave after Bella went to sleep. I was in no way going to make her fall asleep alone.

“Maybe,” I remarked to her as she ate, noticing that she was more hungry than she’d let on. “You should take it easy for a couple of days. We could just relax.”

Bella’s brow creased with slight worry. “And by relaxing you mean…”

“I mean,” I said, trying to hold back the laughter as I quickly realized why she was worrying. “We won’t go hiking all over the place. We’ll stay here and watch movies, lay out on the beach,” I brought my hand up to move come of her hair so I could see her neck and shoulder. “Or…”

“Or what?” Bella hinted at me with a smile.

“Or, whatever,” I said, my fingers burying themselves in her hair, her lips finding mine. I pulled away and smiled at her.

Later that evening, I waited in the bedroom as Bella finished up in the bathroom. She’d gotten out of the shower a few moments before, but she still lingered. I could hear her going through her bag behind the closed door.

I sighed. How much longer was she going to take? It was when I heard Bella sigh out of what sounded like frustration that I stood.

“Bella?” I called, standing a couple of feet from the bathroom door.

“I’ll, uh…be out in minute,” She said in determined voice. I sighed and smiled a little at yet another mystery. I couldn’t help but listen as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other, her bare feet quietly shuffling against the tiles.

After another minute, Bella stepped out of the bathroom and all I could do was stare at her body.

She wore a revealing blue silk camisole that flowed from her breasts. It was a fly away, showing her midriff. She also wore shorts that we so short I could only assume they were considered underwear. There was also something different about her hair. It was still wet, but it was textured and tousled, but still in her natural waves.

I smiled as I realized what Bella had been doing all this time in the bathroom: She’d been doing her hair and choosing lingerie to look good for me. I wanted to laugh from delight. She was trying to impress me. And she had no idea how much she had succeeded at that.

I looked over her again and motioned for her to turn around. Bella blushed and then laughed as she obliged. When she faced me again, I lightly grasped her wrist and pulled her into my arms.

“I see I have someone to thank when we get home,” I said, knowing Bella knew who I was talking about.

“Well, at first I thought I was going to have to give Alice a piece of my mind, but now,” She looked down at the exposing piece with satisfaction. I was pretty satisfied, too. “It’s not so bad.”

She smiled, and then sobered as I bent down slowly to kiss her. Bella met me halfway as she stood on her toes. I decided to make it easier, so I wrapped my arms tighter around her waist and lifted her up off the floor. Her legs immediately wrapped around me and now I was the one that had to crane my neck as she bent down to kiss me. I then gently pinned her against the wall and she raised her arms above her head, as if to give me full access to her body.

“Trying to be seductive, are you?” I asked, my mouth against the skin of her neck.

“Is it working?” Bella asked, breathless.

“Yes, you have no idea.”


I brought her lips down to mine and I tore her from the wall and laid her down on the bed. My lips wandered down from her neck to her chest as her fingers wove through my hair. I grasped Bella’s leg as I brought it up and she sighed as my hand slowly made it’s way up her thigh to her waist. Her arms went around my neck as our lips found each other again.

They rarely parted.

As Bella slept with her head on my shoulder, I hated to leave her. But I gingerly maneuvered out of bed so she undisturbed as possible. I got dressed and wrote her a note telling her that I was going to the mainland and would be back soon. I set the note on the pillow next to her and I couldn’t help but watch her for a moment, her arms and legs uncovered, as they always were because of the heat. Then I bent down and softly kissed her forehead, only to watch her lips part slightly.

Yes, this was going to be a very good honeymoon.