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Bed time stories

A cute moment shared between Edward and Renesmee.


1. And they lived happily ever after

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Edward pov

"Renesmee, time for bed." I laughed as I chased my daughter around our cottage. She was currently hiding in a cabinet next to our refrigerator. I walked into the kitchen and began to call her name. Hah, as if I couldn't hear her suppressed laughter coming from the cabinet.

"Oh Renesmee, come out come out wherever you are." I whispered as I approached her hiding spot. I reached the cabinet, but before I could open it, the cabinet doors flew open and a little bronze haired blur jumped into my arms.

"Got you daddy!" I stared down into the beautiful eyes of my daughter. They sparkled like diamonds in the sun.

"Yes, you got me love, now let's get you into bed."

"But daddy. I don't want to go to bed yet." She looked up at me, her chocolate eyes wide. She stuck her lower lip out in an irresistible pout. I sighed, I didn't want to say no to her, but I knew Bella would have my head if I didn't get Renesmee into bed on time, again.

"I'm sorry sweetheart, but your momma will be very upset with me if I don't get you into bed. You remember what happened last time don't you?" she giggled at the memory. I laughed with her, how could I not with her being as adorable as she is?

"Fine, but just because I don't like it when momma lectures you." She smiled up at me from her perch in my arms. I smiled back at her as she snuggled into my chest and wrapped her arms around my neck. I walked up the stairs to her room slowly so that I could prolong my alone time with her. We eventually reached her room and I sat down on her bed with her on my lap. I stroked her bronze curls as she curled up against me.

"Daddy," she asked, "will you tell me a bed time story?" Her question was so innocent and pure, how could I possibly deny my little miracle. I smiled at her before answering.

"Of coarse Renesmee, anything for you love." I whispered into her ear. She giggled as my cold breath blew across her neck. I thought of what story I was going to tell, when a brilliant idea struck me. I smiled as I began my tale.

"Once upon a time in a land far away there lived a lonely prince. He had a magnificent castle, and could have anything he wanted. He had a loving family, and a seemingly perfect life." I started. "The prince thought he was complete in himself. He had everything a person could ask for, but somewhere in the midst of his perfect life, there was a sadness that threatened to consume him. As he grew up, he became somber, and cruel. His beautiful kingdom grew dark, just as his soul. He locked himself in his bedroom, and refused to leave. One day, he was sitting in his room looking out of his window over his kingdom. He saw a beautiful young lady walking in the gardens of his palace. This instantly angered him; it was against the law for anyone but the royal family to come onto Royal grounds. He stormed out of his room for the first time in years and ran to the gardens. When he reached them, he slowed to a tiptoe as he spied on the young woman. He rounded the corner, and there she sat on the edge of the grandest fountain in the gardens. She was beautiful with her long, wavy brown hair and her deep chocolate eyes. The young goddess that had the nerve to break the cruel princes laws positively entranced him. He slowly walked over to where she sat, and lowered himself to a sit on the opposite side. ‘You're gardens are beautiful,' she commented without so much as a glance at the prince. ‘Almost as beautiful as you're eyes.' She whispered, finally looking up at him. He was drowning in her eyes, for it seemed as though they had an endless depth and beauty about them. He was immediately enamored with her, and everyday would come to see her, for she was always in the gardens. She changed him, and soon his kingdom too began to change. The shadows melted into nothingness, and the sun shown brilliantly throughout the castle. The prince was also brighter. He treated his subjects with more respect, and spent more time with his family. It was all due to the beautiful girl. One day as he sat in the garden with the woman, he asked her to marry him. At first she was indecisive, but she eventually agreed. They were married in the garden next to the fountain at which they first met. Five years later, the prince and his bride could be seen sitting at the fountain, the only difference was the little girl that lay nestled between them. The palace was finally at peace after years of living in the shadows. And the people lived happily ever after." When I had finished my story, I looked down at my sleeping daughter and smiled.

"Goodnight my love." I whispered as I tucked her in, then I walked out of her room with a smile on my face. And they lived happily ever after.