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Edward told Bella he had talked with his father and brothers regarding their wedding night. This is my version of that missing moment from between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and includes what Edward and Bella do to prepare for their first night together as husband and wife.


11. Chapter 11

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At five o’clock Charlie decided to look in on Bella before heading off to work so I had to hide in the closet. The brief period of time I was hidden made me remember another time I’d used Bella’s closet to keep my presence from her father. It was the morning my love woke after Italy. Charlie had yelled at her and she had threatened to move out. She’d chosen me. The monster. And although the thought of that choice was leading her to her death, I was still insanely happy. That only proved how much of a monster I really was.

Usually I headed back to my house to change in the early morning hours but today I would be here when she woke up. I needed to tell her I was leaving. She would be distraught and I wanted to find an excuse to not go. The pain I felt at her sadness I would carry with me the entire weekend.

Just before seven my love's eyes began to flutter as she came awake. Her eyes settled on me and she smiled. “Good morning.”

I smiled back, the warmth in my chest growing. “Good morning, love.”

I stood and she moved over waiting for me to lay beside her. “How was your night?” she asked as she curled up to me, her softness resting against my hard body.

Side stepping her question, “I’m sorry I didn’t make it back before you fell asleep.”

She snuggled closer, “That’s OK. I was pretty tired. Alice wears me out.” She shifted up to look at me. “Why didn’t you join me?”

“I didn’t want to disturb you.” I ran my hand through her hair letting her scent travel up to me.

“I sleep better when you’re close,” she said with a pout.

I kissed her forehead. “I wasn’t far.”

Her brows furrowed together and she pursed her lips. “Were you here for the talking?”

My hand stopped for a moment before resuming its caress. Did she remember her dream? “Yes.”

She sat up. “What did I say?”

I didn’t answer right away.

Bringing her hands up to cover her face, “It was bad wasn’t it? It was horrible that’s why you won’t tell me.”

I sat up beside her and gently removed her hands from her face. “Bella, love.” Placing my finger under her chin so she’d look at me with those chocolate eyes I get lost in, “It was not horrible. You just…,” I sighed, “you said my name a few times and…and hummed.”

Her eyebrow rose. “I hummed? How exactly did I hum?” She said, not believing.

Trying to play down the events of the evening, “Something like, ‘Mmm.”

“Mmm? That’s it? Mmm?”

“Yes. I do believe it was something close to mmm.”

She wasn’t buying it. “Edward you have perfect memory so do not tell me it was something close to mmm.” I opened my mouth to make a more definitive statement but she stopped me. “Now tell me exactly what a said,” she paused, “or did.” I was quiet for too long. “Edward.”

I sighed. I should know better than to try and keep things from Bella. When it’s something she wants to know, she’s very persistent. “You appeared to be dreaming about us…intimately.”

“Intimately? You mean…sex? You're saying I had a sex dream?” Her face flushed and the heat sent a flash burn to my throat while at the same time making me want to press my lips to her skin. “What did I do?” she whispered.

I brushed her hair away from her face and pulled her against my chest. “You reached out for me, that’s all.”

“What do you mean?”

I looked down not able to meet her eyes for a moment. Stealing myself, I focused on her face again. “When you called for me I moved beside the bed to be close to you. I was watching your face as you were talking, as I always do, but this time you reached out to me and…” When I stopped she raised her eyebrows wanting me to continue. “You rubbed your hand on my chest.”

“Oh,” she said. “That’s it?” She was watching me closely. “What else?” she said stubbornly.

I shook my head. “It was nothing Bella. It’s just your hand…well it…it started to move…,” I swallowed, “lower.”

Bella stiffened and a flush moved over her features once again. The desire to move closer and partake of that warmth was hard to resist but I did. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.

This got my attention. “Why would you be sorry, love?”

She reached out and touched my face, gently rubbing my cold cheek. “You were uncomfortable. I didn’t mean…”

I would not let her finish. “Bella you have nothing to apologize for. As you have reminded me many times, we will be married in a few weeks. It is natural for you to want to touch me as much as I want to do the same to you.”

A small smile tugged at her lips. “So you’re OK with me…touching you?”

And this brought me to what I’d been occupied with during the night. Bella’s desire to touch me, and my letting her. It wasn’t something I knew if I could handle. I’d debated the issue in my mind and until now I hadn’t come up with an answer. Looking at Bella in the morning light I knew, like with everything else in our relationship, I needed to be honest.

I cupped her face in my hands and pulled it close to mine until I could feel her breath on my face. “Nothing gives me more pleasure than your touch, Bella.” I paused to let those words sink in before I continued. “As to if I will be able to remain in control? I don’t know. Right now just the thought of me touching you stirs such strong feelings in me that I’m frightened.” I moved one hand slowly down her neck to her shoulder. She closed her eyes until my hand stopped moving.

Her eyes refocused on mine. “So…practice?”

I laughed. I couldn’t help myself. “It couldn’t hurt.”

“Good,” she said with a smile before placing her soft lips on my hard ones.

My lips moved against hers and she began to raise her body. I moved my hands to her waist, not quite sure what she was doing until it was too late. Quicker than I thought humanly possible, Bella brought her leg down on the other side of me and was now straddling my lap, her hands tangled in my hair trying to hold me in place. My hands held firmly to her hips. I would not let her sit down and frustrated she finally pulled her lips from mine.

“Edward?” It was a plea.

Her lips were still close to mine waiting for me to give in to her request. As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t. For one the knowledge of what we would be doing, or trying to do, in such a short amount of time was on my mind all the time. The feel of her body rubbing against mine in such an intimate way would undoubtedly cause certain parts of my body to react. I wasn’t ready for that. Not yet. For another, my senses told me it was drawing near eight o’clock and I still hadn’t told Bella I was leaving.

Instead of kissing her again as my body wanted, I picked her up off my lap and lay her down on the bed beside me. Moving to lean over her I softened the blow with a gentle kiss to her neck. “Sorry, love. Not this morning.”


I took a deep breath inhaling her scent. I would take the memory of it with me this weekend. I pulled back a few inches and brushed her hair back from her face. “Jasper, Emmett, and Carlisle want to go hunting.”

I saw the color momentarily drain from her face before she met my eyes again. “When?” she paused, “How long?”

“This morning.” I saw her swallow. “They’re coming back late Sunday night, Carlisle has a shift at the hospital.”

“Three days,” she said, trying to let her disappointment show in her voice. I didn’t have to tell her I was planning to go with them. It was obvious I was or I wouldn’t have told her. “Where are you going?”

Her hands were resting on my chest now. I don’t think she even knew. Holding myself up with one arm, I gently caressed her cheek with the other as I spoke. “Jasper found a reserve somewhere in Canada.”

“Lots of mountain lions?” she asked with a hint of a smile.

I smiled back as I continued to try and sooth the impending separation. “That’s what he’s promised.”

She was silent for a few minutes. “How long do we have before you have to go?”

I glanced at the clock beside her bed and her eyes followed mine. The time showed 7:52. “I’m supposed to be back at the house at eight.”

I heard a small sigh escape her lips and I felt a tug in my chest in response. I was about to call my brothers and tell them to forget it, to go along with out me, when I felt Bella push on my chest. Moving away as she wished, I rolled onto my back to find she had rolled with me; her face only inches from mine yet again.

Her lips descended in a light kiss that was amazingly potent. She pulled back but not before running her hands lightly against my chest in a similar movement from her sleep talking moment during the night.

I watched her get off the bed in a very graceful movement for Bella. She walked to her closet and I moved from the bed. Turning, she had her bathroom bag in her hand as she walked over to me and again placed a brief kiss on my lips, this one not nearly as sensual. “Bag a few mountain lions for me.”

She was smiling up at me and I smiled back. “I love you,” I said kissing her forehead.

“I love you, too.”

I knew it was time for me to leave. I didn’t want to but I must. With a final soft caress to her cheek with my hand, I turned to the window and left.