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Edward told Bella he had talked with his father and brothers regarding their wedding night. This is my version of that missing moment from between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and includes what Edward and Bella do to prepare for their first night together as husband and wife.


14. Chapter 14

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I ran almost fifty miles before stopping. It was nearly dawn and a hint of the sun’s first rays could be seen on the horizon. I walked a little further and came to a small ridge. The tree’s opened up here to provide a place of peaceful solitude.

Taking a seat on the edge of a jutting rock, I watched as the sun made its slow ascent up into the sky. Looking down at my hands I saw the tell tale sparkle that showed me for what I was; the one that Bella found beautiful.

She would love it here. It was far away from humans and we could be alone just like in our meadow. After her change we would no longer have that place. Our place. The treaty would force us to leave and never return.

We still hadn’t decided where we would be going after. The need to be far away from humans was a large consideration, so Alaska had been mentioned as a possibility. However, I was not sure that was a good idea. Bella is my life, my only love, but she had been distraught when she’d found out about Tanya several months ago. Being a newborn would be difficult enough without having that added obstacle.

Soon Bella’s skin would be like mine. She would sparkle in the sunlight and never be able to go out in it again where humans could see her. Would she also find herself beautiful as the light reflected off her skin? It was one of the things I was anxious to see for myself. My love in sunlight now was breathtaking. Would I have the same reaction as she the first time I saw her in her new body?

My thoughts of her increased the ache in my chest. I wanted to be back in her presence. I had been away too long and had to keep reminding myself this was the last time. There were only three weeks to go, less now, and Bella and I would never have to be parted again.

I hung my head and recalled my reaction to my brother’s comment. I knew I had over reacted, but at the time I couldn’t help it. The separation had already been too much for me, and my anxiety over my potential loss of control drove me to flee.

Emmett was Emmett and I knew he had not meant any harm. He just didn’t think before the words came out of his mouth, and that was one of the things I loved about him. He was honest. Emmett didn’t edit.

The sun was high in the sky now and I knew it was time to get back. We would be leaving in a few hours and I knew they would be worried about me if I didn’t show up before the sun began its decent. I made my way back through the woods at a slow run. Returning to my family would not get me back to Bella any faster and I still felt I needed to be alone a while longer.

After an hour my nose picked up the scent of my favorite prey. I didn’t need to hunt again but it called to me. Changing direction slightly, I followed the clearly marked trail until I could see the young male in the distance. He hadn’t noticed me yet. Normally I would have already been in my hunting crouch, and why I waited till now to change to my true nature I did not know.

Only seconds later my body crashed into the lithe predator and I wasted no time sinking my teeth into his flesh. His blood coated my teeth, my tongue. Claws came within inches of me but never made contact. It didn’t take long for his struggles to cease and his body to become limp in my arms. With a last thud his heartbeat stopped and I finished draining him quickly before the blood began to cool.

I pushed the bloodless body away from me and wiped my mouth. I was fairly neat when I fed, unlike Emmett. I’d learned from Carlisle and from practice. As was usual these days, I wondered what Bella would be like hunting. What creature would be the first she’d take down with her new inhuman body? Would these new instincts disgust her? Would I?

There were so many unknowns and the varying possibilities frightened me. I needed to get her through our agreement first, and that would mean doing everything I could to prepare. The need to talk to Bella further about our practicing was first on my list. I also needed to do more research. And of course there was Jasper. I hated to admit it but he could help and I couldn’t turn that away.

There was movement in the trees to my right and I saw another male eyeing me warily. He would have smelt the blood and come to investigate. The carcass would not go to waste. I was just another animal; another part of the food chain.

Standing, I headed into the woods in the opposite direction of the newcomer. There was no use holding up his dinner. It was growing late now and I needed to get back. With minor effort I increased my speed, leaving the evidence of my presence behind me.


As I walked through the trees, I heard the mental sigh of relief from Carlisle. Jasper stood by his side but neither one faced me, only Emmett. He closed the distance between us slowly, testing my mood. Reasonably sure I wouldn’t rip his limbs off, he continued toward me. “I’m sorry Edward. I didn’t mean…” I speak without thinking sometimes and well… I know you're going through stuff right now and …and I don’t …I don’t want to make it worse.

Letting him off the hook, “I know, Emmett. Apology accepted.” The grin I received was purely Emmett.

Carlisle finally turned to face Emmett and I. “Are we ready to go?”

He was speaking to all of us but his eyes were on me. I nodded and he nodded back, a small smile tugging at his face.

Getting into the car I stared again out the window and began counting down the minutes until I could see her again. She would be asleep by the time we arrived but I would still go to her. I needed to feel her presence even if she was unaware of me. I leaned my head back against the seat and closed my eyes as we drove in silence.


It was after two in the morning by the time we arrived home and no one wasted any time getting to their mates. Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett ran into the house to their wives as I disappeared into the woods and made my way to Bella. When I arrived at her house, her window was open. I’d told her I’d be back tonight. She was expecting me.

As I stood below her window, the ache in my chest was different now. It was as if I could almost breath again after going without air for an extended length of time. As if I’d gone without air for the past sixty-six hours.

Climbing through her window I saw her lying on her bed. Her scent brought the familiar burn to my throat and her heartbeat drew me to her. I looked down allowing my eyes to take in her features. She was in a tank top and sweats. The sheet she normally had covering her way kicked away, barely hanging onto the end of the bed.

My eyes traveled up to her face. Her lips were slightly parted as she breathed slow and deep in her sleep. I’d missed her talking, which usually came around midnight if she had gotten to bed at a decent hour. Her cheeks were somewhat flushed and I noticed a small bead of sweat on her forehead. She was hot.

I looked again. The sweats. I took a deep breath and caught the scent I’d been looking for; blood. Bella had started her monthly bleeding while I was away.

Since our relationship began she’d insisted on wearing extra clothing to try and mask her condition whenever it came. I have to admit the first few months were…difficult, but since Italy it had not been a temptation. I’d tried to tell her the effort on her part was not needed, but my voice had gone unheard.

She frowned in her sleep and I wondered if she was also in pain. I did not desire to wake her from her sleep but I did not want to see her suffering either. At the very least I could help her with her temperature.

Taking off my shoes and placing them in the corner, I moved to the bed. She was situated in the center so I carefully lifted her in my arms as I settled back and then placed her at my side. I was right. She was hot; at least a degree or two above normal.

Her body immediately responded by curling toward me. Bella’s arm came up to circle me as her head found my chest. She sighed and her warm breath brushed against me.

I kept my hands and arms away from her; not wanting to make her too cold. I buried my nose in her hair and enjoyed the searing burn. I was home.