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Edward told Bella he had talked with his father and brothers regarding their wedding night. This is my version of that missing moment from between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and includes what Edward and Bella do to prepare for their first night together as husband and wife.


18. Chapter 18

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When I reached Bella’s house, her window was open for me as usual but I also noticed her light was on. That was not usual. It was just after midnight and she would typically be in bed. I paused, checking to verify Charlie was asleep. He was.

With a small leap, I reached her window and hopped inside. Bella was reading but her head snapped up as she registered my movement. “Hi,” she said.

“Hello, love.”

Her brow furrowed a bit at my endearment, which worried me. I walked to the bed, sitting down facing her as she closed her book. She looked away from me and lay her copy of Pride and Prejudice on her nightstand before turning to face me again. Crossing her arms she leaned back against her headboard.

She seemed to be waiting. “Bella?”

Her eyebrow rose in question. I was confused. What was wrong? What could have happened in the last two hours since I had seen her?

She must have seen the confusion on my face because hers softened just slightly. “Do you have something you’d like to tell me?” she asked.

It took me only half a second to realize what had happened. Charlie. Charlie had told her about this weekend. “I was going to tell you about Seattle tonight, Bella. I know you hate surprises.”

She uncrossed her arms but still did not look happy. “Edward, even if I forget the fact you made plans for us without talking to me first, you know how I feel about you spending money on me.”

Charlie. He did this on purpose. He had to have known how she would take this. I wanted to be mad at him but I couldn’t. Charlie didn’t think I was good enough for Bella and he was willing to do all he could to show her why I wasn’t before, in his view, it was too late.

I tried to reach out for her, but she pulled back. She knew if she allowed me close to her her resolve would dwindle much quicker. Without being able to touch her, to dazzle her as she called it, this would be much more difficult.

Reaching up with my right hand, I pinched the bridge of my nose and took a deep breath inhaling the rich scent of my love that permeated the room. Resting my hand back on the bed, beside her leg I began. “I was watching a program while you and your father had dinner. There was a notice at the end that the Seattle Philharmonic would be playing this weekend. I wanted to take you. Share something I love with you.”

Bella’s resolve was weakening. I could see it. I continued. “Then I began thinking about how late the concert would end.” I searched her eyes and held them as I continued. “After last weekend, the thought of being able to stay the night alone in Seattle with you sounded very appealing.” I paused and looked down at my lap. Maybe I’d been presumptuous. Maybe Bella didn’t think it was a good idea for us to be alone in a hotel room together.

I glanced back up at her trying to gage her reaction. Her head was slightly tilted and she was staring intently at my face. Her voice was soft when she spoke. “Where you really going to tell me?”

“Yes,” I said, with no hesitation. “And if you don’t think it’s a good idea for us to be alone for that long so close to the wedding I will understand. I shouldn’t have…”

Bella’s finger pressed against my lips. I stopped speaking. She leaned forward so are faces were only a foot apart, watching me closely. “Edward, I do not have a problem spending the night alone with you in a hotel.” The side of her mouth tilted up in a small smile. “That part of your plan I like.” She paused and pulled back a little again. I didn’t like that. I liked her close but knew better than to reach for her yet.

She was quiet for too long. I needed to know what she was thinking. “Bella tell me what you are thinking, please.”

Her eyes refocused on me. “Were you planning on taking me to dinner?”

I answered honestly. “Yes.”

“I see,” she paused thinking. “And exactly how much is that going to cost?”

I was beginning to become a little irritated with her. I wanted this to be nice for her, for us. “I don’t know.” I took a deep breath before I continued trying to stay my temper. “And I don’t care about the cost.”

Bella moved even farther away from me. My hands were itching at this point. She looked at me squarely. “I know you don’t care, Edward, but I do. You know how I feel about this.”

Finally I lost my temper. I tried to keep it under control as best I could, I didn’t want to scare her but… “Bella…” I paused. I couldn’t raise my voice or I would wake Charlie. I took another deep breath. “Bella I have already told you that as my wife, what’s mine is yours. I want to do something nice for you, for us. I want to take you out to a nice dinner while you can still enjoy it. I want to bring you to hear the symphony so I can share my passion of music with you.” I stopped for a moment and looked at Bella. She was staring at me with a shocked expression. I didn’t appear to be scaring her though, which gave me heart. I leaned forward so my face was only inches from hers. “I want to spend the night alone with you somewhere were we don’t have to worry if someone is going to walk in and disturb us.”

She didn’t answer just bit her lower lip. My eyes traveled to her lips. I wanted to close the distance between us. I wanted to feel her warmth against me again.

Bella moved and broke the spell. I pulled back a little but stayed close. “And Alice?” she asked.

My lips couldn’t help but pull into a small smile. “Alice.” It was all I needed to say. She gave me a small smile back.

Glancing down, her hands tangled nervously in her lap. “We would really have two nights alone together?” she asked.

“Yes.” I paused thinking of something else. “What did Charlie say to you?”

Bella leaned back against the headboard and closed her eyes. “He said you were going to whisk me off on some grand weekend in Seattle,” she smiled to herself. “He also said a few other things about you and me and how we shouldn’t be alone in a hotel but nothing he could do about it he supposed.”

“Bella…” I said softly.

Her eyes looked up at me pleadingly. “You really were going to tell me tonight?”

“Yes,” I paused. “I was planning on telling you tonight. There wasn’t time earlier or I would have told you then.” I paused again, this time reaching out to touch her face. “I am sorry for upsetting you. It was never my intention, love.”

Her face softened as she leaned into my hand and sighed. “I suppose I could survive you spending a little money on me.” But then her eyes opened and she gave me a pointed stare. “But not too much money. Okay?”

I didn’t answer. I had already booked the hotel and purchased the tickets. Instead, I made a note to myself to change the restaurant to something less than the five star one I had chosen and leaned in to place my lips against hers.

She didn’t resist and leaned into me, wrapping her arms around my neck. Placing my hands at her waist, I lifted her slightly and laid her down. Our lips never parted as we changed position. Her mouth moved against mine, sending warm shockwaves through my system.

So glad at this moment I didn’t need to breathe, my lips moved from hers to her jaw. My nose brushed the skin of her neck as I placed a soft kiss just behind her ear. She gasped and tugged harder at my hair. Her heart was beating rapidly. “I missed you this weekend,” I whispered, my cold breath causing goose bumps on her flesh.

“So did I,” she panted heavily.

She brought her hands to my face and applied pressure, letting me know she wanted my lips on hers again. There would be no protest from me. I felt and heard the rumble of pleasure through her body the moment our mouths touched again.

My love's hands left my hair and moved to my shoulders causing me a moment’s pause. I wondered for a spilt second if she would push me away. Instead, her hands came between us and she ran them down my chest. Even with my shirt on it felt wonderful. Her touch was soft, yet urgent at the same time. The track her hands were on kept them from going near my stomach…or lower.

Her fingers felt amazing and my mind began to wonder what it would feel like to have them touch me without the barrier of clothes. The knowledge that my imagination was never as good as the real thing with Bella sent both my mind and body into a frenzy and I felt my muscles begin to coil.

Bella must have felt it too. Her hands paused their motion. My lips were grazing her neck and I was panting hard. My hand reached out to grip the comforter on her bed as I tried to control my thoughts. I wanted her to touch me. I wanted to feel her fingers on my skin. Feel the heat of her coursing through every part of my body.

I needed to focus. I needed to calm my breathing. I focused on the one thing that always centered me. Her heart.

It was still beating faster than normal but with each steady beat it calmed me. I took a deep breath at Bella’s pulse point and inhaled. A blaze of fire shot to my belly.


I realized then that it wasn’t the first time Bella had called my name. I took another deep breath, letting her scent fill me once again. “I’m alright.”

She was holding herself still. “Are you sure?” she whispered.

“Yes,” I said and placed a kiss on the same pulse point. “Yes, love. I’m fine.”

I rolled next to her. She lay still for a minute giving me time. I looked over to her and reached out, letting her know it was okay. Moving quickly, she laid her head on my chest.

“I’m sorry. Did I do something wrong?”

I placed a kiss on her hair. “No, Bella. You didn’t do anything wrong,” I sighed. This appeared to be the perfect time to talk. “You did something right actually.”

She started to raise her head and then relaxed back against me. “I did?”

“Yes,” I said. “We discussed pushing my limits, practicing.”

“But…” she began, raising herself up to look at me.

I placed my finger under her chin and held her eyes with mine. “But nothing, love,” I pulsed. “Bella, if we are to have any hope of success then we have to push my limits.” Sliding my hand up to push her hair back behind her ear, “That means I’m going be struggling at times when we are close.”

“I don’t want to cause you pain,” she said with clear pain of her own in her eyes.

“Love, you give me much more pleasure than pain.” Placing a kiss on her nose, I urged her to lie back down.

My hand began tracing small circular patterns on her arm. “Bella love, I know you want to touch me. And I want to touch you. We are just going to have to take things slow.” I couldn’t help but smile. “But that’s what practice is for.”

I felt her smile in return. “I like practice.”

A laugh rumbled deep in my chest and I buried my nose in her hair. “As do I, love.”

Reaching over, I turned out the light and wrapped the blanket around her. She snuggled closer. “Good night, Edward.”

“Good night, my Bella.”