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Edward told Bella he had talked with his father and brothers regarding their wedding night. This is my version of that missing moment from between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and includes what Edward and Bella do to prepare for their first night together as husband and wife.


27. Chapter 27

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Jasper and I stayed in our small clearing until the sun had reached its peak in the sky. We had made progress. I just hoped it would be enough.

As we started back toward the house, my brother asked if Bella was looking forward to the weekend in Seattle. “I think so,” I said. “She isn’t all that excited about me spending money on her.” I couldn’t help the smirk that came to my lips thinking just how much Bella hating me spoiling her. “Other than that though…” I left my thought unfinished.

He understood what I was saying. Are you looking forward to it?

I knew what he was asking and it wasn’t about our time at the symphony. “I can only hope, Jasper.”

He nodded.

It was then we caught the scent of a herd of deer nearby. Without breaking stride, we both slipped into a hunting crouch and overtook the deer in minutes; feeding in silence.

We were both thirstier than we should be but considering how we’d spent the night it was not surprising. I drank more than my fill, feeling heavy after draining my fourth deer. The hope that it would make what I had planned for the weekend easier center in my mind.


Arriving back at the house, I quickly went to my room. I took the time to shower and dress. As I threw my bag on the bed I noticed something that had not been there before; the Sex for Dummies Book. I knew perfectly well I’d tucked it into my desk after returning home from Bella’s that night. There was only one person who would have put it there with the intention of me taking it for our weekend away. Alice.

Turning my back on the book, I packed a bag for the weekend. Reaching to close the zipper, my eyes fell once again on the dreaded book and sitting with Bella on her bed reading it. Just thinking about another possible talk filled me with both excitement and dread.

Before I could think it through anymore, I slide the book in the bag, slung it over my shoulder, and reached into the closet to pull out my tux, throwing it over my arm.

Alice passed me on the stairs as I made my way down. She had a slight smirk on her face but kept her thoughts under control. Bella’s all ready. Have fun tonight. I’ll be there to pick her up at nine sharp tomorrow morning. She couldn’t resist her parting comment though, “Don’t keep her up too late,”my sister admonished. I rolled my eyes and made my way to the door.


Pulling up to Bella’s, I noticed Charlie was home. I quickly scanned inside the house for his thoughts but they didn’t seem any different than normal. They were just full of concern. He must want to see Bella off.

I knocked on the front door and almost immediately it opened to reveal my love. She was wearing a skirt, obviously Alice’s idea. I didn’t object though. As always, she was breathtaking.

I went to press a soft kiss to her lips, but saw movement out of the corner of my eye and knew Charlie had entered the room. So with a slight redirect, I placed the kiss on her forehead instead. Logic told me she was my fiancée and I had every right to kiss her on the lips, even in front of her father. Bella herself had made that quite clear just last week. That didn’t change the fact that Charlie was very nervous about our weekend alone in Seattle together. If I could provide a little comfort to the man who was giving me his daughter, I would.

Looking up, I locked eyes with Bella’s father. “Charlie.”

He nodded in acknowledgement. “Edward.”

Bella turned to smile at her father then turned that same warm smile on me. “I’ll go get my bag.”

With that she was off up the stairs leaving me alone with Charlie. We were still standing in the hallway. His mind was racing. It was full of worry and fear. He was trying to justify himself in his mind but knew he couldn’t. There was no way he could rightly be upset that his daughter was spending the weekend alone with the man who would become her husband next weekend.

Before he was able to form any words, Bella came back down the stairs with a bag over her shoulder and a dress over her arm. The dress was in a plastic bag and for the most part hidden from me. All I could tell was that it appeared to be red. Blood red. I shook my head. Alice.

Bella reached up on her toes and placed a kiss on her father’s cheek. “Bye, dad. I’ll see you Sunday.”

“Bye, Bells,” he said gruffly, his voice tinged with emotion. “You two be careful.”

She took her place at my side, placing her hand in mine. “We will dad.”

“We’ll be back before dinner Sunday evening, Charlie.” He just nodded and we left.


Bella was quiet for the first part of our journey. At first I had thought maybe she was tired after spending the morning with Alice, but I noticed she’d started worrying her bottom lip. It was a sure sign she was nervous about something.

The first thought to cross my mind was that she was scared to be alone with me this weekend after what had happened in her room two nights ago. That notion was quickly dismissed since Bella should be nervous about being alone with me and my love never reacted how she should.

My second thought was that Alice had said something about yesterday. I didn’t see my love’s tell tale sign of embarrassment though. Also, my sister had promised not to say anything and I had no reason to doubt she would disregard her vow.

With a sigh I reached over and took her hand in mine lacing our fingers. “Bella, love, what are you thinking?”

Turning so she was looking at me while resting her head against the back of the seat, she took a deep breath. I was getting nervous. What was she going to say? Did she change her mind? Did she want to go back?

I wanted this weekend with her. When the plan had first formulated in my mind I began to see the possibilities. Now after my time with Jasper last night I had high hopes. There was something I wanted to try and my excitement was palatable. My despair at the thought of her asking me to take her back to her house was even more so.

So lost was I in my own thoughts that I almost didn’t hear the small voice beside me. “I was wondering how things are going with Jasper?” she paused for five seconds before rushing to finish her thought. “I mean is it helping, do you think?”

With a glance I met Bella’s eyes briefly before turning back to the road. This was not a subject I was comfortable talking about. But it seemed that all conversations with her recently held some notes of discomfort for me. Take a deep calming breath I didn’t need I squeezed her hand. “Yes. I think it is.” And then another thought crossed my mind. “Do you think it’s helping?”

She was quiet for several minutes and I could tell she was thinking. Then I saw a smile pull at the edges of her mouth. “Yes,” she said, clasping my hand a little tighter.

I couldn’t help but smile. I wanted so much to please her.

The rest of the drive to Seattle consisted of sharing what had happened in our time apart. Charlie had questioned her about our weekend and I felt bad for leaving her there alone last night. Blushing, she retold Charlie’s second attempt last night of the sex talk. Her father was convinced, no matter what she told him, that we were being intimate. He couldn’t imagine two eighteen year olds, a week away from marriage, not having sex.

When I tried to apologize, Bella cut me off. She refused to have me feel bad for her father’s misconceptions. No matter what she said though, I still regretted her having to go through her father’s lecture without me. We were in this together. And although I knew it was not usual for a young couple nowadays to wait until marriage, it was not totally unheard of either.

Bella asked a little more about my time with Jasper but she didn’t press for details. Although I would have given them to her, had she asked, I was very glad she didn’t.

I pulled up in front of the Sorrento Hotel. Two of the hotel staff made their way to the car and opened our doors. As I was placing the keys into the gentleman’s hand, I heard the thoughts of the one assisting Bella.

He was being a bit too admiring of her legs and the way her shirt clung to her breasts. I prevented myself from growling my disapproval and instead made my way around the vehicle as quickly as a human pace would allow. The man started a little when he noticed my close proximity and seemed slightly abashed at possibly being caught ogling a guest.

Offering my arm, Bella reached to take it after a small knowing smile crossed her beautiful lips. She knew me well. The ogler seemed in a hurry to divert any unnecessary and unwanted attention to himself so he moved almost immediately to remove our bags.

Putting the annoying man’s thoughts behind me, I turned back to Bella and smiled. “My love?” She nodded and we headed inside.

Walking through the doors was like stepping into another world. The hotel was built in nineteen hundred eight and the woodwork was impressive. It said luxury.

There were more modern hotels I could have chosen but this weekend was about me sharing myself with Bella. And although I had not visited this particular hotel during my human years, it was exactly the kind I would have.

I felt Bella stop beside me. Turning back I found her eyes on me and I didn’t need to ask what she was thinking. Taking a step toward her, I brought my free hand up to cup her face. “Please,” I whispered brushing my sweet breath lightly across her face.

Seeing movement behind her, I looked up to find the annoying man bring our bags. When I looked back to Bella, she seemed conflicted but resolved. “Okay.”

I knew the smile that covered my face would scare any human who happened to witness it, but I was beyond caring. Bella was giving me this without a fight. I crossed my fingers my luck would continue when she saw the suite I’d booked for us.

We moved to the large front desk to check in. Bella was quiet as I gave my name and received our room key. I did notice a widening of her eyes when the woman behind the desk told us to enjoy our suite. She didn’t comment though, so I was counting my blessings.

The valet had given our luggage to a bellhop who followed us into the elevator and up to our suite. Luckily the man’s thoughts were preoccupied with plans for his own evening and I took the time to try and relaxed on the ride up. When the doors opened, we were greeted with more warm woods. Leading us down a short hallway, the bellhop took his keys and opened the door allowing us to enter first.

As Bella took in the room, she sucked in a huge breath of air multiple times and I began to fear she’d hyperventilate. I wanted us to be alone as quickly as possible, so I tipped the man and sent him on his way.

My Bella was standing in the center of the living room staring outside. We were on the top level of the hotel and the large windows surrounded us with the city. I moved to her side and she turned to me. Placing both hands on her face, “Bella…” I paused. “Are you…alright?” She didn’t answer or move and I started to panic. “Love, what’s wrong? Please tell me? Do you need to lie down? Water?”

She shook he head again but remained silent. My vampire mind was running through everything that could be wrong, while taking in the rate of her heart, breathing, skin temperature; anything my acute senses could pick up. Just when I was about to ask again, I felt her arms wrap around my waist and her body lean into mine.

I swallowed and cupped the back of her head holding her close. “Bella…”

“I love you,” she whispered. The panic that had been infusing my body quickly released and I realized she’d just been overwhelmed.

We stood there for several minutes just holding each other as I breathed in the scent that held both calm and torture for me. She was so soft in my arms, so breakable. And as much as I couldn’t fathom my good fortune… She was mine.

All too soon I was reminded of our dinner reservations at The Hunt Club. Pulling slightly away from her, I lightly brushed the hair away from her face. “We need to head to dinner, love. Do you need to freshen up?” She nodded and I couldn’t help but smile when I noticed her reluctance in leaving my arms. “The bathroom is through the door there,” I motioned.


Bella reappeared seven minutes later and we were on our way. I had grabbed a dinner jacket to put over my dress shirt and slacks. My loves eyes light up when she saw me and with only a moment’s hesitation came to my side. “Are you ready for dinner, Miss Swan?” I asked, smirking appreciatively at the woman next to me.

Squaring her shoulders she smiled at me. “I am, Mr. Cullen.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at her returned formality. “Shall we?”