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Edward told Bella he had talked with his father and brothers regarding their wedding night. This is my version of that missing moment from between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and includes what Edward and Bella do to prepare for their first night together as husband and wife.


28. Chapter 28

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The elevator doors opened to the lobby and I turned Bella toward the dining room. The Hunt Club was just as elegant as the hotel. I’d done my research and, given my loves aversion to my spending what she felt to be excessive amounts of money on her, I felt this to be the perfect option. It also worked logistically.

As we walked into the restaurant, I gave my name and we were lead to a table in the back. I was very aware of the woman beside me, as always, while we were shown to our seats. She was taking in our surroundings and I held my breath to see if they would meet with her approval.

Bella remained silent as our host pulled out her chair and then handed us our menus. Not until he walked away did she look up at me. And then…then she was shaking her head. What was wrong? “What is it, love?”

She continued to shake her head. “Nothing,” she paused and laid down her menu to reach out for my hand, which I opened willingly. Her fingers wrapped around mine and began a soft caress. Tingles of desire moved through my hand, up my arm. “If I forget to tell you later…” Then her voice lowered to a whisper, “Thank you.”

Thank you. She said thank you. And even though I knew by no means was she giving me a free pass, she was accepting my gift. I felt a warm heat radiating from my chest that spread through my body.

Picking up our joined hands, I brought her hand to my mouth and let my lips linger a little. I could hear the voices and thoughts as a hum in the background but they meant nothing to me, so I tuned them out and focused solely on the reason for my life, my existence.

A thought broke through the veil of voices in my mind. It was our waiter. He was trying to be discrete and wait until our intimate moment was complete. I could have stayed in our position for the next several hours and been content but we did have someplace to be.

With a final press of my lips to her flesh, I released her hand. Her cheeks were flushed in the beautiful reddish pink color I love and it deepened as the waiter took that moment to approach us.

Unfortunately, my love had not had the opportunity to look over the menu. Jason, our waiter, took our drink order and left once again. Bella quickly picked up her menu and choose something I knew to be on the less expensive side of the selections offered.

When the waiter returned, Bella gave him her order of Chicken Marsalla and then wrote down my selection of filet minion. After he’d left, I turned back to Bella, whose face was clearly questioning. I decided to play along. “What?” I asked.

“Filet minion?”

“Yes,” I stated, still serious. “We are here to eat dinner, are we not?”

Her lips pursed in a cute pout as she considered how to respond. But in the end she didn’t say anything; just picked up her coke and drank. When her eyes came up to meet mine again they were bright and thoughtful. She’d figured out my plan.

At length, she set her soda down and sat back. “Alice made me promise her I wouldn’t let you keep me up to late tonight. I think she has plans for tomorrow.”

I laughed. “Yes. She said something along those lines to me.”

All at once, Bella’s face flushed and her eyes flickered down. She was so beautiful. My fingers itched to touch her, to be rid of the space between us. I wanted to know what she was thinking about, although I had an idea.

Her eyes lifted slightly, still hooded by her lashes. I felt a pressure that started in my chest and began to work its way down.

Then her voice floated across to me in a soft whisper. “I’m not going to listen to Alice though.”

The statement was so innocent, but the meaning behind it was not. Her body language was clear and I dug my fingers into my thighs to keep from doing something I shouldn’t. This woman was more desirable than she could possibly imagine. With that one statement, I wanted to forgo the symphony, our dinner, and take her back to the room right now.

I needed to calm down. My entire body was clenched tight in anticipation. I was excited about tonight on so many levels but it was not helping me now.

In an effort to redirect and refocus, I forced my right hand from my lap and picked up my napkin. With practiced ease, I opened it and placed it in my lap. Then, closing my eyes, I let myself drown in her heartbeat while taking deep breaths, inhaling her scent.

When I looked back up, Bella was smiling at me. Maybe she was finally realizing the true power she had over me. I smiled back.

Jason brought our meals a few minutes later and refilled our drinks. I watched her take the first few bites. “I’m told the food here is very good.”

She nodded. “Yes, it is.”

While she took another bite, I reached for my knife and fork. I cut a bite size piece of filet and placed it on the tip of the utensil.

Bella was watching me covertly. Her head came up though, as I lifted the fork and reached across the table. She hesitated for just a second before leaning in and taking the meat between her lips. Ah. Seduction. She would be the death of me.

Our dinner continued in a similar manner with me ‘sharing’ my meal with Bella. We had attracted the attention of a few of the other diners. The comments were all pleasant in nature and I enjoyed seeing from an outsiders view just how much our love for each other showed.

The waiter approached and offered desert. I could see Bella was going to refuse so I spoke first requesting the chocolate mousse. After the waiter left, I turned back to my love to find her smiling, I quirked an eyebrow questioning.

“Do you like moose?” I wasn’t sure at first if I should laugh or not. Of course, she’d ask me some off the wall question like ‘did I like moose.’ Before I could answer, though, she added in a completely straight face, “I mean, I know there isn’t chocolate but…”

She was teasing. And then the decision was made for me as I burst out laughing. Bella soon followed and we were both in a fits of giggles as Jason brought the thick chocolate desert to our table.


With a generous tip to our waiter, we headed back to our room. I kept a light hand on her back as we made our way upstairs. Watching her face in the reflecting metal of the elevator, I delighted in how happy she seemed. It still never failed to amaze me how much this woman loved me.

We walked hand in hand down the short hall to our room. Inside, I picked up our things and carried everything minus my tux into the master bedroom.

Bella followed me and hearing a soft gasp, I turned. Her eyes were wide and round as she took in the room. It was large, almost as big as the main room. In the center was a huge king sized bed, already turned down and ready for its occupants.

I moved toward her taking her warm hands in mine once again. She turned her head and looked at me. “Edward…”

It was said on a whisper. I feared her protest. So I said the only thing I could, “Please.”

Her eyes filled with moisture. But instead of crying or yelling or any of the other reactions I ‘d been expecting, she freed her hands from mine, placed her palms at the base of my head, and pulled herself up until her lips brushed against mine.

When she pulled back, the moisture was still in her eyes but her lips held a smile. “It’s beautiful.”

She liked it. The desire to kiss her again surged through me and I didn’t resist it. Wrapping my arms around her waist, I pulled her against me. My lips weren’t as gentle as hers had been. I wanted to convey my gratitude for her acceptance. It meant more to me than she’d ever know.

After a minute I pulled away. We needed to get ready.

Bella smiled up at me. I wanted to pick her up, take her to the bed and just enjoy her. My mind and body knew what it wanted and leaving this room was not on the list.

“I guess I should get ready.” It was said so soft I almost missed it even with vampire hearing. I knew I would have to focus. Bella was just too distracting.

Taking a step back to put some space between us, I motioned to her things. She brushed a lock of hair behind her ear and walked over to pick up her dress and another small bag before disappearing into the bathroom.

I stood there for a minute just looking at the door she’d disappeared behind. A fierce but tender sense of possession filled me. Mine. All mine. Forever.

Time seemed to stop as I stood and listened to the movement in the bathroom. I could hear her slipping out of her clothes, washing her face, brushing her teeth. The sound of more clothes shifting made me realize she was already putting on the dress and I hadn’t moved.

With speed I left the room, took my tux in the other bedroom and changed. I was back in our bedroom in less than two minutes. There were only muffled sounds coming from Bella now. And looking into the mirror just in front of me, I wondered what she would think.

The last time I’d been in a tux we’d gone to the prom and she wore a cast from her encounter with James. It had been awkward on many levels, her discontent over dancing and going to the dance in general to my guilt over her near death. The difference between then and now was like night and day. Then I was still afraid to touch her, kissing my love was a challenge, now we were only a week away from attempting to show our love in the most physical way possible.

That night she’d thought I was going to make her like me and I had been insistent that I would never do that to her. Now, she was my fiancée. She was freely giving herself to me forever and I was gladly accepting her gift. I couldn’t lose her and the knowledge that I wouldn’t ever have to be parted from her again brought another surge of warmth through my veins.

The bathroom door opened and I turned to see Bella. I sucked in a deep breath and my entire midsection burned; my throat from her scent, everywhere else from the sheer sight of her.

My love walked toward me until she was only a foot away. She was wearing the red dress Alice had given her. Two sheer pieces of fabric wrap around her neck and disappeared in between her breasts. The dress molded itself to her curves and draped over her hips before coming to a stop just below her knees. It was incredibly deceptive, modest but very provocative. I swallowed.

Bella looked up, her eyes wide as she took me in as well. Then she stepped closer and laid her hands on my chest. I knew if my heart was still beating it would be racing just as hers was now. I brought my hands up to her back and instead of meeting with fabric there was only skin, only Bella.

I closed my eyes and pulled in another breath, enjoying another harsh burn. My fingers brushed against the warm flesh. I was losing my resolve. “We need to leave,” I finally managed to choke out.

“Yes,” she whispered.

Even being in agreement, it took us several minutes to remove ourselves from the trance we were in.

I placed the wrap Alice had provided around my love’s shoulders as we moved to the door. Pausing for just a split second, I turned the heat on in the room before leaving.


The car ride was full of soft intimate touches, holding hands or when hands weren’t available, touching arms or shoulders.

We arrived at Benaroya Hall twenty minutes before the performance was to start. There were people everywhere in the lobby area waiting for the start. I heard Bella’s intake of breath and her heart rate pick up. Looking over, I saw a look of wonderment on her face.

I stepped behind her and pulled her up against me. “Do you like it, love?”

She nodded. “Edward, it’s beautiful.”

Bella was right of course. The building was beautiful. It was fairly new, only built about ten years before. I’d been here several times between our move back to Washington and meeting Bella. This would be my first time sharing it with someone other than my family though.

Seeing several groups begin to make their way into the Auditorium, I guided us both through the crowd and up the stairs. There weren’t as many people up here, but there were enough. Bella still seemed to be in awe of our surroundings, stealing glances through each of the boxes as we moved.

She took notice of everything, making me stop several times so she could get a longer look from a certain angle. When we finally made it to our box, she stood for several minutes just looking out over the seats below. It wasn’t until the musicians began taking their seats that she came to sit down beside me.

At eight o’clock the lights dimmed and the conductor took his position. Bella straightened in her seat and jumped as the first hard note was played. I had to work hard to hold in my amusement.

I spent the entire evening watching her. My eyes glanced only twice at what was going on below. Bella was much more fascinating to me. She was enjoying herself and that was all that mattered. A couple of times she recognized a piece and would turn to catch my eye. I would just smile back.

When it was over, we walked with our fingers entwined back through the throng of people to our car.

The night was warm and her wrap was more than sufficient but I always worried when we were touching. As soon as we were outside and away from the crowd, she ducked under my arm, leaning into me. I was trying to keep my hand on top of the material of her wrap or dress but it was difficult. Bella seemed determined to have skin-to-skin contact.

Luckily we made it to the car with little difficulty and headed for the hotel. Bella rested her head against the seat and closed her eyes. If not for the rhythm of her breathing and the way she held my hand, I would have thought her asleep.

Pulling up, the valet took the keys from me. As he pulled away, I walked with Bella into The Sorrento.