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Edward told Bella he had talked with his father and brothers regarding their wedding night. This is my version of that missing moment from between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and includes what Edward and Bella do to prepare for their first night together as husband and wife.


3. Chapter 3

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Before I’d made it to the bottom of the stairs my brother’s were aware of my presence of course. As I rounded the corner into the living room their thoughts assaulted me.

Edward you just missed the most awesome play. You should have seen it. I’m going to have to try it out the next time we play ball. Emmett thought.

Jasper’s thoughts were calmer and not focused on the game at all. Alice with Bella? He asked.

“Yes.” I said answering his question and Emmett just frowned at me knowing he’d missed something but then seemed not to care as he turned back to the game.

I stood for a moment and pretended to focus the TV. I thought I’d been nervous about talking to Carlisle. I didn’t think it could get worse. It could. I could do this, I told myself. I needed to do this. If they could tell me anything that might help it would be worth it and I needed all the information I could get.

I cleared my throat and both of them looked up at me. “I was going to go for a quick hunt and I was wondering if you would like to join me?”

Emmett jumped up immediately. “Why didn’t you say so, let’s go.”

Jasper was a little slower, obviously reading my mood and feeling my nervousness. He looked at me questioningly and I gave him what I knew was a weak smile. Finally he stood, “Sure.”

Both Emmett and Jasper headed up the stairs to say a quick goodbye to their wives. They were both back in less than five minutes and we headed out.

We ran through the woods, the wind whipping through our hair. I was trying to calm myself, organize my thoughts. I knew Jasper was feeling my mood. He kept wondering if everything was all right with me in his mind but I didn’t answer him. I did need to hunt and our talk could wait until our thirst had been quenched.

Coming to a stop in a small clearing about forty miles from our home, we all stopped to sample the air. There was game in the area, but it was mostly deer. Not my favorite but I’d known that was what would most likely be on the menu tonight since I was not willing to make this a longer trip. Emmett scrunched his nose and Jasper and I laughed. Emmett hated deer even more than the rest of us. He turned to glare at us. “Any reason why were not heading another hundred miles north where we can get some real food?” he asked.

I sobered. “I told Bella I’d be there when she woke up.”

Emmett just sighed, resigned. “Ok then.” He took another whiff, slipped into his hunting crouch, and was off. Jasper and I followed.


I finished draining my kill and pushed it slightly away from me. Emmett and Jasper were still drinking but were almost done. I stood and made my way over to sit on a large tree that had fallen over to wait for my brothers.

Jasper finished first. He spotted me and walked over, taking a seat beside me. We both watched Emmett as he finished. “We so have to plan a decent hunting trip and soon.” Emmett said.

Jasper nodded. “Maybe we can head up into Canada. There’s some great wildlife up that way.”

“Sounds good to me.” Emmett said. Then he looked directly at me. “And we have to do it before the wedding.”

I sighed and nodded my head. I hated being away from Bella but I owed my brother’s this. After Bella was changed, I had no idea how long it would be before I’d be able to leave her side. Emmett smiled and rubbed his hands together. “Excellent.”

I didn’t need Jaspers abilities to feel the excitement flowing off of Emmett in waves but I was outside of it at the moment. I knew it was time. I couldn’t put it off any longer.

Jasper felt my apprehension, my nervousness. “Edward?”

Emmett’s excitement tempered as he realized Jasper and I were not caught up in his mood and he moved his focus to me as well.

I gritted my teeth and took a deep breath. This was not going to be pleasant. “I want…I need some advise.”

The confusion on my brother’s faces would have been comical but I wasn’t anywhere near a lighthearted mood at the moment. I stood up and started pacing. They just watched me and waited. I could hear the questions in their minds.

“Edward what’s wrong?”Jasper asked continuing to sample my mood and in turn growing ever anxious himself.

I stopped.

Turning to face them I looked them both in the eye before I spoke. “You are my brother’s and…” This was not getting me anywhere fast so I just cut to the chase. “Bella and I are going to try to be…intimate” Wow that was way harder to say to Emmett and Jasper than it had been to Carlisle, “after the wedding.” And then I felt I needed to clarify. “Before I change her.”

I wasn’t looking at them but I paused to wait for their laughter but instead I was greeted with silence. Even their thoughts were blank.

Finally Emmett spoke. “You’re going to have sex with her? Human?”

“To try. Yes.”

“Wow.” Jasper said. Is that wise Edward?

I shook my head. “I don’t know.”

Emmett let out a low growl of frustration. “Could we please have this conversation out loud?” he asked.

Ok this was not what I was expecting. I thought they would be having a field day with this information. They’d always ribbed me endlessly about being the only virgin in the house and then about spending every night in Bella’s room watching her sleep.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. “Look I know it will be dangerous for her which is why I would like to get your…input. You both have very…healthy…sexual relationships and well…I…” I sighed. “I wanted to know what I should expect, what is it like?”

Jasper recovered first. “What do you want to know?”

“Anything, everything. Ok well not everything. I mean I already know the technical stuff. I am looking for more of the…emotions, reactions, I should be prepared for.”

“It is a very powerful thing Edward, a very great pleasure. Second only to drinking human blood.” Jasper said. Are you sure you can do this with how her blood smells to you?

I closed my eyes as I answered. “I have no idea, Jasper. I have no idea if we can do this without me hurting her.”

“You do know you’ll lose control, right?” Emmett interjected concern in his voice.

“I can not lose control.” I stated firmly.

Emmett just shook his head and snorted. You don’t understand. “You WILL lose control Edward. That’s just the way it works.”

I started pacing again. There had to be a way for me not to lose control. There has to be. I can’t hurt her.

Jasper could feel the worry radiating off me in waves. “Emmett’s right Edward. You will lose control. It will be very hard to focus after a certain point. Your instincts take over.”

I stopped again. “That can’t happen. There has to be a way.”

Finally Emmett laughed. But it wasn’t a deep belly laugh; it was a sarcastic kind of huff. “Well I guess if anyone could pull it off, it WOULD be you. I mean…I still have no idea how you haven’t killed her yet. Not that I want you to kill her. I’m looking forward to Bella becoming my little sister. It’s just…”

I cut him off. “I know Emmett. And thanks.”

“What are you going to do?” asked Jasper.

“I have no idea.” I looked up at the sky and my brother’s followed my gaze. They knew what I was thinking and got up to follow me back through the trees to our house.