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Edward told Bella he had talked with his father and brothers regarding their wedding night. This is my version of that missing moment from between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and includes what Edward and Bella do to prepare for their first night together as husband and wife.


30. Chapter 30

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I managed to make it until four thirty lying in bed with Bella nestled at my side. It was different without my shirt adding to the barrier between us. She was warm, warmer than usual. And soft, so soft. With the heat turned up in the suite her overall body temperature stayed at a comfortable level curled against my cold skin and the contrasting softness against my solid marble frame was accentuated.

Once she’d drifted off to sleep, her steady breathing and rhythmic heart kept me company. They helped me to remain calm as my mind kept replaying our evening together. She had enjoyed our time so far, even dinner and the symphony.

Every detail was etched into my memory and I would never forget. Not even later when she’d touched me, when I’d let her touch me. And although it still made me nervous I couldn’t help but smile. I had done what I’d set out to do tonight and we’d accomplished it together. Tonight was the first time the thought had crossed my mind that there was a real possibility we could do this.

Just before four the talking started. I was overjoyed at first. I always loved to hear my loves unguarded thoughts when she slept. It was the one time I got an unedited view of what was on her mind. The words tonight were mumbled and incoherent for the most part. ‘Smooth’ was the only semi comprehensible sound I could make out.

A similar pattern went on over the next half hour with breaks of several minutes in between. But around four twenty her heart rate gradually doubled it’s speed. I looked down to make sure she was alright. Nothing appeared to be wrong though so I settled back against my pillow again and held her close to me.

Then two minutes ago, Bella began rubbing her hands and lips against my chest murmuring my name. I took a deep breath trying to calm myself but then she began moving her body along with her hands. There was no doubt as to what she was dreaming and why those thought were in her head. I should have known this would happen again given our pre-bedtime activities.

It was only natural. Those same thoughts were not far from my mind even now.

I tried to still the movements of her hands and her body without waking her but it was impossible. She was moving in a steady rhythm that was in time with her breathing. My flesh tingled with electricity everywhere we were touching and my instinct to pick up where we’d left off was strong. I could though. I knew that.

So with everything I had in me, I gently rolled her over enough to slide my body free from hers. And before she could reach out for me in her sleep as she’d done so many times before, I sped to the far side of the room.

In silence I watched as she rolled back over to where I’d been only a minute ago. Her moans were driving me insane. I wanted to cover her mouth with my own and mingle my own needy sounds with hers.

A warm flush flowed up her neck to her cheeks and I wanted to feel the warm rush of blood I knew would be there under by fingertips.

Beneath the thin sheet covering the lower half of her body her legs began to move and rub together. A faint scent of her arousal floated to my nostrils and I had to bite back a groan. She would be the death of me.

Then her thighs rubbed together seeking the relief I knew she desired.

I couldn’t take it anymore. If I stayed and she called out to me again, I’d go to her and all would be lost. So before I could think it over, I left the room.

Pausing just long enough to turn the heat back down to normal, I made my way out to the balcony just off the living room.

Outside I was overlooking the front of our hotel. It was still early, and a Saturday. There wasn’t much movement below other than the occasional car going past. A few buildings were still lit, not yet dimmed in preparation for the coming dawn.

Here it was peaceful and I took a deep breath trying to regain my balance. That was hard without Bella. She is and always would be my center, my calm, my balance. And even with this little distance between us I could hear her in the other room.

My fist curled around the railing, my fingers flexing with each breath I took. I needed to distract myself so I began counting the windows of each of the buildings I could see. There were 5,378 that were visible from here.

I needed something else, something a little more difficult. Then I noticed in one of the windows closest to me there was a Seattle Mariners logo. I scanned around and found another.

This would work perfectly. It took more concentration since not every window was the same. I would actually have to look at each and every one.

Halfway through my count I heard a moan come from the bedroom, louder than the rest. If I hadn’t known any better, I would have thought she was in pain. I did know better though and the lower half of my body did too.

Sinking to the ground, my head feel into my hands. I wanted so badly to be the one making her sound like that. My name was on her lips as she released, I could hear it, breathy and shallow, but there.

Soon. One more week and we would try. I needed this as much as she did. My hand came down to brush over my erection but I pulled it away. No. My release belongs to her. And only her. There was so much I wanted to give her but could not. This was within my power of giving and I was determined to make it so.

In approximately two hundred and three hours, Bella would be my wife.


At seven thirty, my cell phone rang. I didn’t need my sister’s physic abilities to know it would be her. “Alice,” I answered.

“Good morning, dear brother. And how is Bella this morning? Did she get plenty of sleep?”

The way she said it let me know she already knew the answer to both questions. I only answered the first though. “She’s still sleeping. I was just about to order her breakfast.”

“Well what are you waiting for,” she stated, her tone disapproving. “I’ll be there in just over an hour and she needs to be ready,” she paused only briefly. A human wouldn’t have noticed but I did. “And she’d better not be completely worn out before we start, Edward. I have plans for us today.”

I pinched the bridge of my nose and took a deep breath. “Alice…”

She cut me off, “I know, I know. This is your weekend and I’m butting in. Too bad little brother. She’s my best friend and as maid of honor I have responsibilities.”

The two words that stuck out there were ‘maid of honor’ and ‘responsibilities’. “Alice…”

“Oh stop it. I’m not going to do anything rash. This is Bella. She wouldn’t let me anyway.”

The pout in her voice was clear and I couldn’t help but chuckle. She was right. Bella would let Alice push her to a point but then my love’s stubborn streak would kick in and not even my sister could budge her if she didn’t wish it. “I’ll make sure she’s ready by nine as promised.”

“Thank you,” she said, obviously satisfied and hung up.


A knock on the door twenty minutes later announced the arrival of Bella’s breakfast. A young woman not much older than my love wheeled a cart into the room and placed it beside the small dining room table positioned beside the kitchenette. She turned to me with a polite smile. “Will there be anything else, sir?”

“No, thank you,” I said as I handed her a tip. She accepted it gracefully, nodded and took her leave.

I could smell the food hidden under its metal coverings. The aroma was completely unappetizing to me but I knew Bella would enjoy it.

Walking back into our room for the first time since early this morning I was hit by the lingering scent of her arousal. And although it was not the first time I’d experienced it, how it affected me didn’t change. I swallowed down the fresh venom and took another deep breath of the scent, willing myself to adjust.

After a while I was able to calm my body’s reactions and the poison stopped flowing. Taking several steps forward I sat on the edge of the bed and hovered over my angel. Her hair was tangled from her earlier movements and a soft sheen of sweat glistened at her hairline. Reaching up, I trailed my fingertips lightly across her brow, down her cheek, over her pink lips and down her neck to her collarbone.

My love stirred but didn’t wake. Leaning down I began to follow the same trail with my lips. First over her brow, then her cheek…her lips… “Edward,” she sighed.

As my lips continued on their path down her neck to her collarbone I answered her, “Yes, love?” Her hands came up and found purchase in my hair nearly causing my own sigh to escape.

She spoke no other words as I finished with one side and started a path back up the other. This time when I reached her beautiful lips she gripped tighter to my hair trying to hold me. I smiled and obliged allowing the warm pillows of her mouth to mold against my own hardened flesh.

Our kiss this morning was soft and welcoming but hinted at the passion waiting beneath the surface. And as much as I craved to take our explorations of last night farther, Alice was on her way and I had promised to have Bella ready.

When I pulled back slightly giving us both some air, Bella moaned a soft protest. I chuckled. “Good morning, love.”

“Mmmm,” she sighed and smiled at me. I would never get used to that smile. “Good morning.”

I brushed a strand of hair back from her face. “I ordered you some breakfast. It’s in the other room.”

She nodded and released my hair. “I suppose I could eat.”

I stood and she followed entwining her fragile fingers with mine. We stopped at the table and I released her hand so I could pull out her chair for her. She sat down and before taking my own seat at her side, I removed the decorative tops covering the food.

I felt Bella’s eyes on me and turned to find her staring with a mixture of irritation and disbelief. There was no need for her to voice the cause of her emotions so I tried to explain. “I didn’t know what you would want, love, so I ordered a variety.”

That didn’t seem to pacify her as the hardness behind her eyes increased. “You could have asked.”

I sighed. “Bella, you were up late last night.” At that a slight blush tinged her cheeks. “I wanted you to get as much rest as possible so I let you sleep.” This seemed to calm her slightly. “Alice can be a handful for me who doesn’t require rest. I don’t want you to faint with exhaustion before the day is up…” I was going to go on but at the mention of Alice her face fell.

Bella’s hands came up to rub her face and she groaned. “Alice…”

Never liking to see her in pain, emotional or otherwise, I reached out and pulled her head against my chest. My hand rubbed small circles on her back to comfort her. “You know you can tell her no.”

A soft laugh escaped her lips. “No I can’t.”

I laughed with her for a minute before I brushed the hair away from her cheek. Placing a kiss on the top of her forehead, I pulled back to look into her face. “You should eat, love. Alice will be here at nine. You know she likes to get to the stores early.” She groaned again but sat back up in her seat reaching for the plate of fruit.

I laughed as she made a determined effort to take a bite of each and everything thing in front of her. After she went once around, she picked what she liked best and continued eating her fill.

Twenty minutes later she sat back in her seat declaring she was full. “How much time do we have?” she asked.

“About fifteen minutes.”

She sighed and got up, heading toward our room. I stayed in the living area to wait for Alice.

My sister didn’t disappoint. At five minutes to nine there was a knock on the door and I could hear her thoughts clearly. She was dissecting a preview of the Chanel fall line she’d received. Apparently she saw a few areas that could use some improvement.

When I opened the door though she was all smiles as she bounced through the doorway. “Morning. Where’s Bella?”

I laughed. “Well, hello to you too, sister.” She just gave me a sly smile in response as I closed the door. “She’s getting ready,” I said as I motioned toward the bedroom.

Before even my sister could react, my love was heading towards us in jeans and a t-shirt that fit her perfectly. “Hi, Alice,” she greeted my sister warmly but came directly to my side wrapping her arms around my waist.

Alice noticed this and frowned. “Bella.”

It took a minute but her pout had the desired effect on my love and she turned her face up to mine for a kiss. Bending down I felt her mouth gently caress mine. It was so soft, almost non-existent, but I felt the air rush beneath her lips as we parted.

She pulled away from me and Alice immediately took hold of her arm guiding her away from me. “Bella we are just going to have the best time. I have so much planned for us today.”

My sister rattled on as they headed down the short hallway to the elevator. I felt the ache of our separation already and it would be hours before we saw each other again. Alice would keep her safe, I knew. It was a comfort all be it a small one.

It wasn’t until they were already out of sight that I realized even after Alice had stepped into the room she had still been going over the new fall collection. She was hiding her thoughts from me. There was something she didn’t want me to know and it didn’t take a genius to figure out it had something to do with Bella.

Should I go after them? And do what? Drag Bella back here without knowing what my sister was keeping secret? I shook my head trying to clear my thoughts. No, that wasn’t a good plan. Alice would be upset and I had no idea what Bella’s reaction might be.

If going after them was not an option, I needed to find something to occupy my time while they were gone. Preparing for tonight seemed like as good a plan as any. Grabbing my keys, I headed out.


Four hours later I let myself back into the suite. The maid service had been in, clearing away breakfast and making up the bed. There were even fresh flowers on the table.

Going into the bedroom, I lay my packages down beside the bed before deciding to shower and change. Alice said she would have Bella back by six. I still had plenty of time but there was a lot to do if I wanted this to be perfect.

I took my time. There was no need to rush. By the time I heard Bella’s key card slip into the slot everything was in place.

Coming out of the bedroom, I could see without a doubt how tired my love was. Just as I’d predicted, my sister had worn her out shopping. ‘

She looked up then and caught my eye. A warm blush covered her cheeks and a look of sky embarrassment filled her eyes I didn’t understand.

Alice was still blocking me.

Trying to keep my irritation under control, I approached them slowly. “Did you have a nice time?”

Bella didn’t answer right away so Alice stepped in. “Of course we did, didn’t we Bella?” With that my love blushed even more and her eyes flickered first to the floor and then anywhere but me.

I was about to demand answers from my sister before she started talking again. “Here you go Bella,” she said, handing over a pink bag. Bella took it but still didn’t look at me. “Well I’ll leave you two alone now,” Alice smirked as she bounced back toward the door.

She opened it but before taking a step outside she turned back. “Bella?” My love looked up at my sister though her head was still lowered. “Now don’t forget to show Edward what we bought today,” she added with just a hint of amusement. I had no idea what they’d purchased today but now I wanted to know, which I’m sure is exactly why Alice had said it.

I waited until the door closed before taking a step toward Bella. She side stepped me though and headed into the bedroom.

Stopping her wouldn’t have been an issue but I was perplexed by her avoidance. Something had her embarrassed beyond reason and I didn’t like it.

Following her, I watched as she put the package beside the bed and sat down. Then, she turned and buried her head in the pillows. My chest clenched at her distress. This was not how I wanted this weekend to be. It was supposed to be about us getting closer, not her pulling away from me. I would kill Alice if she were the one responsible for this.

Going quickly to my love’s side I picked her up and gathered her against my chest. She wasn’t crying but her heart was fluttering faster than normal. “Bella, love. Please tell me what’s wrong.”

She shuttered against me and buried her face deeper.

We sat there for several minutes and her silence was killing me. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to know…something. “Please talk to me,” I whispered in her ear.

Bella took a deep breath but didn’t look up. “You can smell me,” she whispered.

I was at a loss. Of course I could smell her. Her scent was part of my world. It calmed me like nothing else. She knew this though so it only added to my confusion. “Love, you know I can smell you. That can’t be what’s bothering you.” I said this last part as a slight question. Surely she would elaborate.

My love didn’t disappoint. She took a shuddering deep breath and said, “No. I mean you can…’smell’ me. All of you. Your family,” she whispered the last part.

I was still confused and then she added. “Why didn’t you tell me to take a shower?”

Then the pieces fell together. There was no doubt now. I would kill Alice. She might be my sister but this was not acceptable. How could she do this to Bella?!

My dead heart ached. How could I make this better?