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Edward told Bella he had talked with his father and brothers regarding their wedding night. This is my version of that missing moment from between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and includes what Edward and Bella do to prepare for their first night together as husband and wife.


31. Chapter 31

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End of last chapter

My love didn’t disappoint. She took a shuddering deep breath and said, “No. I mean you can…’smell’ me. All of you. Your family,” she whispered the last part.

I was still confused and then she added. “Why didn’t you tell me to take a shower?”

Then the pieces fell together. There was no doubt now. I would kill Alice. She might be my sister but this was not acceptable. How could she do this to Bella?!

My dead heart ached. How could I make this better?

I didn't answer her right away as I tried to compose my response. Then she looked up at me, her eyes wide and glistening with unshed tears. They were also clearly waiting for my answer.


"Of course," she said as though it shouldn't have to be said.

She was correct, it shouldn't have to be said and the only reason I had even asked the question was to delay my response.

My eyes fell away from her face and settled on a spot above her head on the wall. "I didn't know...what to say. How to ask you something like that." I shook my head. "It just seemed to...intimate to ask of you."

"To intimate?" she drew out the words slowly.

I sighed as my eyes came back to rest on her face again, my hand coming up to brush the lose stands of her hair away. What I needed to say would've caused me to blush beet red had I been human. Even now, with over one hundred years behind me, I was near trembling with embarrassment. "Love, every time I think about you alone in the shower, my...I picture you, in my mind."

Her eyes were searching mine, looking for something. Then she smiled a little half smile. "You fantasize about me? In the shower?"

"Yes?" It came out as a question. I was unsure how she would react but then I remembered last night and how her hands and lips had touched my body. She wanted me. In my flawed state, she wanted me. So with a firmer tone I said it again, this time there was no question. "Yes."

She smiled wider, leaned in and kissed me. Hard.

If she'd kissed another human this way, there may have been bruises. She wasn't with a human though she was with me. She was mine and I gently moved my lips with hers, pulling back a little, trying to ensure she didn't hurt herself against my stone skin.

When she raised her head, her face was set again. "You still should have told me."

"I know. I'm sorry."

She watched me again in silence for several minutes and then nodded. Obviously she was satisfied with the outcome. At least for now. I never knew about Bella.

Her eyes focused on a point over my shoulder and I turned to see what had caught her attention. I should have known, after all, that as observant as she was she'd notice the candles on the nightstand. Following her eyes, she found several other places in the room where I'd strategically placed candles. "What..." she asked as her eyes fell back on my face.

My surprise had been revealed a little prematurely but I was glad to see she looked pleased. The side of my mouth quirked up into the smile I knew she loved and I listened to her heart skip a beat. "I'd planned something romantic for our evening tonight although I wasn't planning on you uncovering it so quickly."

She seemed to be unable to decide between being upset with me planning a surprise for her and being touched by the gesture. I was hoping the later would win out and eventually it did. "What's the surprise?"

This time instead of skepticism, her voice held a note of excitement. Our weekend, after all, was about getting closer without interruptions. "Perhaps we should get you some dinner first?" She looked like she was about to argue, "Please, Bella? I promise after dinner I will tell you."

My love was debating again. I could see the wheels turning in her head. In an effort to distract her, I tried to steer her focus in the direction I wanted. "Would you prefer to go down to the restaurant or order room service?"

The look she was giving me told me she was not fooled. "I'd rather stay in."

Not giving her any time to protest farther, I picked her up and set her on her feet before reaching into the drawer beside the bed and extracting the hotel menu. "What would you like, love?" I asked looking over her shoulder as she perused the menu.

I saw her frown. She was looking at the prices. "Please get what you want and stop looking at how much things cost."

Her frowned deepened for a moment before she sighed and looked resigned. "I'll get the Fettuccini Alfredo," she said as she handed me back the menu.

I wasn't fooled. It was still one of the cheapest items they offered.

Walking over to the phone I dialed the code listed and placed her order adding a side of chicken, shrimp and steak. By the time I hung up the phone she was frowning again. I ignored her and walked out into the living area.

She followed and came to stand in front of me as I sat down on the sofa turning on the television while we waited. I looked up at her with the most innocent expression I could manage. "What is it, love?"

"Don't give me that, Edward Cullen. There is no way I'm going to eat all that food."

I just shrugged and her face began to show signs of frustration. Why could she not just allow me to buy things for her? Isn't that what was normally acceptable in a relationship where two people were about to marry?

She was going to argue with me again but in that moment I realized I was just as upset as she was. "Why is it that you are able to give me anything you want and I am prohibited to give you anything in return?"

"You already..."

I cut her off. I would have my say. "You are my fiancée. The woman I love beyond all else. Whatever is in my power I would give you, I will give you, without a second thought. I have tried to honor your wishes by not lavishing you with extravagant things but I feel you are pushing this insane notion of yours to an unacceptable level." Her facial features changed. She looked hurt.

"You've given me you, Edward," she whispered.

I sighed in exasperation. "My love, I know you think that I am some great prize but I promise you that what I am, as flawed and imperfect as I may be, I'm yours, freely." I paused to let her take that in for a minute and then added. "But that means you are mine as well, right?"


Smiling, I picked up her warm hand and caressed her fingers one by one before placing a soft kiss on the one holding her engagement ring. "Please let me give you the little things at least, Bella." Then I couldn't help to add with a slight smirk, "If I get too over the top, you have my permission to put me in my place." Keeping a firm hold on her hand and my eyes locked on hers, "Deal?"

She exhaled sending a burst of her scent to me. "Deal."


While Bella ate her dinner, she kept asking subtle questions trying to figure out what I had planned for the night. I evaded her with the practiced ease only one hundred years of practiced evasion could provide. Needless to say by the time she finished her frustration was showing clearly in both her face and body language.

She set her fork down with a flourish and faced me with determination. "Are you going to tell me now?"

I tried very hard not to smile but she was too cute. "I thought you might need to relax after spending the day with Alice. I know how exhausting she can be."

Shifting in her seat, she considered my words. "Relax. How exactly?"

I got up and in a flash was behind her. She jumped slightly as I whispered the next words in her ear. "First, I thought you might want to shower and change into something more comfortable." My love shivered and from the increase in her heart rate I knew it wasn't due to my cool breath floating over her skin. "Then," I continued, "I thought maybe we could due a role reversal of sorts from last night."

Her heart kept time with her breathing as each quicked. She swallowed, sending a ripple down her neck that I couldn't resist placing my lips against. Swallowing again she seemed to be trying to calm herself but her voice still shook a little. "Okay."

Moving away, I waited until she got up and then followed her into our room. Gathering her things she started heading toward the bathroom. "Aren't you forgetting something?" I asked holding up the pink bag. Her skin flushed a delicious pink. There was no way I was not finding out what was in the bag.

When she didn't make a move to retrieve it, I pulled it in front of me and began parting the paper edges to peer inside. I heard her move as soon as she began but even still the short time it took her to close the distance between us and push the sides of the bag closed again amazed me. Her blush deepened. "You can't look."

"Why not? You did promise Alice you'd show me."

That wasn't the case exactly, of that I was sure. Alice didn't precisely ask for the things she wanted done. My desire to uncover what was making her react so allowed me to glaze over that small detail.

Bella seemed to resign herself. "Fine," she said, snatching the bag from my hands. "You have to promise not to laugh though."

I didn't think that would be a problem. If Alice picked something out for Bella to wear, it would more than likely leave me speechless before it would cause me to laugh.

She didn't wait for my answer before disappearing into the bathroom closing the door behind her.

Taking my time, I set up the bedroom. I lit the candles, turned down the sheets, and readjusted the heat back to a warmer setting. Once everything was complete, I sat on the end of the bed waiting for her.

The water had shut off a while ago so I knew she was finished. I could only imagine she was still worrying about my seeing whatever it was in the pink bag. Her breathing was labored. She was nervous. There was no need.

I rose and went to the door. "Do you need help with anything."

"No!" she managed in a near shout.

"Okay," I replied, trying to keep the smile from my voice. "Are you coming out?"

She didn't answer and I could hear no movement. I was just about to try again when the door began to open.

Bella stood not three feet away from me wearing a black tank top and matching shorts. They were different from her normal night attire though. The top dipped lower showcasing more of her cleavage and molding to sides. And the shorts didn't leave much to the imagination. Shorter than what she usually wore, they didn't go much past the junction of her legs and had slits up the sides. There was also a design of some sort along one side.

It was my turn to swallow compulsively now. This would make what I had planned for the evening an even greater test in self-restraint.

I was staring. It couldn’t be helped.

"Edward?" She was looking up at me with anxious eyes. "Please say something," she pleaded.

"Bella..." It was all I could say before I had to touch her. My arms wrapped around her waist as I hugged her to me. The material was so thin! It was as if there was nothing standing between her warm skin and my cold touch.

My hands traced down her sides and rested on her hips. I knew I should step away, that the temperature in the room had not gotten high enough to counter balance my icy skin but I couldn't let her go. "You are beautiful," I breathed against her throat. "Breathtaking," I managed to choke out.

Her arms hung on to me. "You really like it?"

"Bella..." How could she think I didn't like it? Love it? I couldn't help the vibrations in my chest. "I am having difficulty keeping my hands to myself, love."

Then she giggled and I took a step back to see her face but kept my hands on her sides. "Then don't."

I groaned. She would have to decide to be aggressive tonight.

Her response to my distress was to chuckle again. "So do I get to find out what the surprise is now?"

I smiled and nodded, motioning toward the bed.

She broke from my embrace and walked over to the bedside. Picking up the bottle on the nightstand she examined it. "Warming massage oil?" Then her eyes became excited. "You're going to give me a massage?"

"That was what I had in mind for the evening, yes," I paused as if considering. "Unless, of course, you would prefer to do something else?"

Her bottom lip disappeared inside her mouth. Her eyes still held excitement but now there was a hint of apprehension as well. Why was she hesitating? "I would understand if you don't think my cold hands would be relaxing..."

"No," she rushed to correct me. "It's not that. I just...do you really WANT to?"

"Yes," I said making sure my sincerity came through in that one single word. Her answering smile told me she understood. "Would you like to lie down?"

"Oh," she said. "Sure."

As she moved to lie on the bed, her shirt pulled up to give me a small glimpse of the skin of her back. She was so sexy and she didn't have a clue.

It only took her a moment to get comfortable on her stomach. I reached out for the bottle of warming oil.

When I went to the store this afternoon for supplies I knew this would be perfect. It would help to combat the cold of my skin and hopefully at least allow a more normal feel for her. Pouring a generous portion of oil onto my hands and rubbing them per the instructions, I could feel the warmth against my palms.

At first contact, my love let out a contented sigh. And as I slowly and gently moved over the exposed skin of her neck and shoulders, I could feel every muscle relax, even the ones I had no contact with.

I added more oil as I worked the muscles of each arm. She was literally humming.

My hard fingers made easy work of the tension or what was left of it as they deftly roamed over her back. I could see so much of her as I worked. The black material provided covering for human eyes, but as I moved and stretched the thin fabric it was almost non-existent to me. She might as well have been wearing lace.

Reaching her lower back, I removed my hands and once again added more oil.

The material stretched tight over her cheeks before abruptly ending. I wanted to touch her but I wasn’t sure that was what she wanted. Then I thought back to that night on her kitchen counter and the moan that has passed through her lips when my hands moved past her lower back. Practice, I reminded myself. Practice.

Taking a deep breath, I raised my right hand and set it once again on her lower back. I began a small circular motion just to the right of her spine. She was so relaxed, obviously enjoying this just as much as I was. Then, my fingers moved lower.

Her muscles flexed under my light touch. She was soft here and it felt amazing under my hand. As I drew closer to the hem on her shorts, her hips rose slightly from the bed encouraging me. I had to close my eyes and stop my hands momentarily to regain my focus.

Picking up where I left off, I began massaging again. She moaned and sighed softy as her legs began to forget all the walking they did today.

When I finished, the room was noticeably warmer. I stood and excused myself for a minute to change. Finished, I returned to the room once again in only my pajama pants.

Bella was now lying on her back looking up at me. She opened her arms and I moved to lie beside her.

“Thank you,” she said as her arms slid up my bare chest and around my neck.

Her hands felt just as good now as they had last night. Would I ever get used to her touch? “It was my pleasure,” I answered, placing a soft kiss on her temple.

She wasn’t satisfied with that chaste kiss though. Tilting her head up, her lips molded to mine. Her body arched against me and my arms held her tighter.

If I thought it felt like she had nothing on before, now was a surreal experience. I could feel her breasts pressing against me and I wanted to explore them, to know them, every inch of them, every inch of her. Eight days. Just eight more days.

She broke the kiss first but not due to lack of air. Looking up at me with heavily lidded eyes, “Do you want to touch me? Like I did you last night?”

Closing my eyes I tried desperately to focus. How could she ask me that? Of course I wanted to touch her. Was she giving me permission? “Is that something you would like?”

Her smile held a hint of shyness but that only made it more appealing. “Yes.”

That one word sent a fire that had nothing to do with bloodlust through my body. I kissed her again with restrained passion and then rolled her over to lie on her back.

Keeping my hands on the mattress, my lips sought the familiar skin of her neck and shoulders. Her scent radiated from the pause point in her neck and I darted my tongue out to lick the delicious flavor that belonged only to my Bella. There was a hint of the strawberry flavored oil I’d selected but it somehow only managed to enhance instead of take away.

Gliding down her collarbone, for the first time my lips came in contact with the curve of her breast. It was soft as I knew it would be making her fragile state all too clear to me. But feeling it under my lips…I wasn’t prepared for that.

Bella didn’t seem to be either. Her hands were clenching the pillows at the side of her head tightly, trying hard not to move. The look of pleasure on her face was all the encouragement I needed.

Keeping my mouth firmly closed, I ran my lips down the top of one mound and up the other. I noticed that her scent was stronger in the middle for some reason. It wasn’t something I’d ever paid attention to, not having been in this position before. And at that moment I wanted to be closer. So acting on pure instinct, I centered myself above her and placed my nose in between her breasts breathing deeply.

When I didn’t move after a minute my love’s hands came up off the bed and ran lightly through my hair. “Are you okay?”

For whatever reason, I found that question funny. Was I okay? “I’m much better than okay. Your scent is stronger here. Not as potent as at your neck or your wrists but…”

She ran her hands once more through my wild hair and then brought them back down on either side of her head. Before moving on, I placed a single kiss right where my nose had been and she sucked in a breath.

I loved her reactions.

Bella was so honest in her responses. She hid nothing from me and I basked in the pure feeling of joy it brought.

Keeping contact only with the tip of my nose, I continued my downward journey of exploration.

The hem of her shirt didn’t quite make contact with her shorts leaving an inch of skin just below her belly button visible. There was so way to resist it lure. My mouth caressed the smooth skin as I both watched and felt her muscles tighten and release. On impulse and purely fueled by desire, I wanted to see if she tasted any different here and also a devilish part of me wanted to see her reaction.

I wasn’t disappointed. The second my tongue touched her bare skin she gasped, arching her back and pulling at the pillows. And she did taste a little different here but no less mouthwatering.

Suddenly her scent drifted to my nose and I couldn’t hold back a growl as I rested my head against her hip.

My body was pulsing now with my desire for her and I couldn’t stop my hands from pulling themselves free from beside her and coming to grip her hips. “Bella…” I groaned, as I held her in place against the mattress and I moved closer to the intoxicating smell of her.

Tracing a line down her hipbone, I stopped just above the strongest point of her scent and released a breath of air from my lungs. My loves body jerked slightly and then another strong wave of her scent fill my nostrils.

Hands coming down to grip her thighs, I lay my cheek against the bare skin of her leg. There was only a minuscule piece of black fabric between me and the most precious part of her. I had never been tempted like this.

Fingers flexing with suppressed desire against her thighs, I was taken off guard by a concentration of the scent right beneath my nose and mouth. I vaguely registered the intense burn of my throat as I descended to press my lips against the inner part of her leg.

She was wet. I knew this was how it worked but book knowledge and reality were two different things.

Before I knew what was happening, my mouth opened and my tongue ran a clean line up to the hem of her shorts. In the back of my mind, I sensed Bella’s back arching, her legs opening farther, but I was lost in the taste, the sensation of her. She tasted a hundred times better than she smelled.

My own excitement was barely contained pressed firmly against the bed beneath me. I wanted to taste more of her and only a second before it was too late stopped myself. This would have to be enough for now.

So I contented myself with first licking the moister from the inside of her legs and then slowly forced myself back up her body to her lips.

As we moved our mouths together again, Bella’s tongue came out and licked my bottom lip. I pulled back. There was no other option. My desire was getting the better of me. For some reason, my loves mouth, especially her tongue, drove me out of my mind.

Bella must have realized my control had been stretched because she let me have my space for several minutes before rolling over to lay her head on my shoulder. She placed a kiss on my neck and then settled back down. “Thank you.”

I laughed and kissed the top of her head as I wrapped my arms around her.

She surprised me by saying. “You’re getting better at it. Staying in control, I mean.” Then she added, “Don’t you think?”

Grunting, I shifted slightly so I could look down at her. “Being close to you is getting easier up to a point. But, Bella, I have no idea what will happen after that point. There are just still so many unknowns.”

Her eyes held mine. “We’ll be fine. We can do this.”

I didn’t answer her. Every desire I had wanted her to be right. We would try, that is all we could do. My love for her would have to be enough. And I hoped that her love for me did not end up getting her killed.