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Edward told Bella he had talked with his father and brothers regarding their wedding night. This is my version of that missing moment from between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and includes what Edward and Bella do to prepare for their first night together as husband and wife.


4. Chapter 4

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It was almost five am by the time I slipped through her window. She was on her side facing away from me, her beautiful brown hair splayed against the pillow. I didn’t want to wake her so I made my way over to the rocking chair in the corner and took a seat.

She was in a deep sleep. I had missed her talking. I closed my eyes and concentrated on her heartbeat. The steady rhythm always calmed me. Even the burn in my throat gave me comfort. It was strange really how something that used to cause me so much torment was now a comfort, but it was.

I wonder if it will be any comfort when I try to make love to my Bella. Will the sound of her heartbeat, the smell of her blood keep me grounded enough not to hurt her. I went over what my brothers had told me in the clearing and also the thoughts they’d both thrown at me while we were running back which were much more typical.

So Edward, would you like me to give you some pointers? I mean as you pointed out, Rose and I have a very “healthy” sex life.

Maybe Alice could talk to Bella. I’m sure she has questions.

“No.” I snarled at both of them.

Unfortunately neither of them gave up the entire way home, in fact it had only gotten worse. Although I’d requested Emmett NOT give me “pointers”, he proceeded to think through a play by play of one of he and Rose’s “evenings.” As soon as I’d realized the tone and direction of his thoughts, I tried to tune him out and concentrate on Jasper. That hadn’t been much better. It seemed our “sex talk” had focused his mind as well and he was now thinking of Alice in a way that was very un-sisterly.

Finally I’d tried to tune them both out and focus on the one place I most wanted to be, with Bella. It had worked for the most part until we were almost to the river and Emmett’s thoughts had turned from he and Rose to Bella and I. He pictured us in a rather intimate position and then…me losing control. “Emmett!” I snapped at him.

“Sorry Edward. I didn’t mean…” He actually looked remorseful, well for Emmett anyway.

I ignored him and jumped across the water. I heard Emmett and Jasper follow. I turned back to them and paused just long enough to say thanks and took off towards Bella’s.

The sun was rising now. It was to be another cloud-covered day in forks and my love began to stir in her sleep. I heard Charlie moving about in his room, as he got ready for work. I stayed still as stone as he made his way downstairs and eventually out the door and into his car.

By the time my loves eyes opened, her father had been gone almost an hour. Bella’s eyes fell upon me in the rocking chair and she reached out wanting me closer. I moved to her bed and she moved over so I could join her. Lying down, Bella slid into my arms and buried her face in my chest taking a deep breath. “I’m glad your back.” She whispered.

“I’m glad to be back.” I smiled into her hair.

“Did you have fun with your brothers?”

I stiffened for a second before I relaxed again but she’d caught it. “What?” she asked glancing up at me.


She wasn’t buying it though. Her forehead creased in concern. “Bella relax. We went for a quick hunt. It was no big deal.” I paused. She was still waiting. I sighed. “I wanted to ask them advise on some things that’s all. Wedding preparation stuff.” I was really hoping she wouldn’t press me for details. Luckily Alice must have overloaded her yesterday and it appeared she didn’t want to talk about anything to do with the wedding this morning so she let it drop tucking her head back into my chest.

We lay there embracing for a long while before I heard her stomach rumble. I placed a kiss in her hair and got up from the bed, reaching out my hand to help her up. Bella just sighed. It was like this every time I went away. For the next twenty-four hours she would dread every second we were physically apart and her pain was my pain.

Taking one last look at me, she grabbed some clothes and headed to the bathroom for a human moment. I looked back at the bed where my love had just been sleeping. I was still nervous about our wedding night and I didn’t think anything was going to change that, however talking to my family did give me some insight into what to expect. I just hoped their perspective makes a difference and I can give my love the one thing she has requested.