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Edward told Bella he had talked with his father and brothers regarding their wedding night. This is my version of that missing moment from between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and includes what Edward and Bella do to prepare for their first night together as husband and wife.


42. Chapter 42

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Bella fell asleep on the drive to Seattle. It had been a long day and I knew she was tired. The car was filled with our scents mingled together and I reveled once again in the knowledge that she was my wife.

Her eyes opened as I found a place to park in long-term parking, and after a few minutes she was fully alert again. She held my hand as we made our way first to the ticket counter and then through security all the while taking in our surroundings. I knew she was still trying to figure out where I was taking her, and looking for clues.

My love was always curious, but I couldn’t feel anything but grateful for that fact. It was because of her curiosity and her perception that she’d been able to figure out what I was. She was able to bring down that wall of mystery between us that kept us from truly knowing each other. Her courage still left me in awe.

When we reached the gate Bella turned and raised her eyes in question to me. “Houston?”

I couldn’t help the grin that pulled at my face when I answered her with a simple, “Just a stop along the way.”

My answer didn’t amuse her. Her lip jutted out in a little pout that made me want to pull her into my arms and kiss her; to hold that bottom lip of hers within mine and feel its softness. But just as I was about to follow through on my desires, I heard the desk attendant moving to begin the boarding call. The urge would just have to wait for a later opportunity.

Once we were settled into our seats and the plane was in the air climbing toward cruising altitude, I placed my arm around her and she pressed herself against me resting her head in the hard crook of my neck. She took a deep breath and smiled. “Thank you, husband.”

Hearing her say that had me beaming. “You’re welcome, my wife. But what, may I ask, are you thanking me for?”

She moved a little in my arms trying to get comfortable and gazed my neck with the tip of her nose, inhaling deeply. “For everything,” she answered.

I brought my finger up under her chin, adjusting her face so that I could see it. Her eyes were looking up at me with the utmost sincerity and love. “You have no need to thank me, love,” I said, bending down and touching my lips to hers adding a gentle tug to her bottom lip before releasing it. “My world is perfect with you in it.”

Bella smiled against my mouth as I continued to graze my lips against hers. “So is mine.”

The flight attendant appeared asking if we’d like anything to drink. After handing Bella a small water, we were once again left alone. Bella took a quick drink of the liquid and placed it on the small tray in front of her. Then she resumed her place against me.

It didn’t take long for her body to be once again claimed to sleep. As I held her, I let my mind drift back over our time together. Every smile. Every kiss. Everything that led up to her becoming my wife today.

Something far beyond myself had granted her to me. I didn’t know who or what it was, but I would be eternally grateful. My life had been but a shell before she entered it.

It was still dark when we landed in Houston to change planes. I tried to wake Bella. And although her eyes did open, I still had to keep an arm around her at all times.

I moved us through the airport. There weren’t a lot of people around this early in the morning, which meant that I didn’t have to try and avoid touching people inadvertently. The downside, however, was that the people who were around took more notice of us.

Their minds quickly took in the differences between Bella and I. Most of the women were envious as they noticed how we clung to one another, as we walked. Not one of them could fathom the depth of Bella’s beauty. The men paid less attention, but a few made their observations as well.

What left the deepest impression, however, was the complete lack of fear. I saw myself through their minds. They in no way registered my inhumanness. And even as I smiled at this, no fear registered in their minds. Bella truly had made me more human. With her, I was no longer just a thing. I was a person.

We stepped up to the international counter and I gave our names. As soon as the man behind the counter said ‘Rio de Janeiro’, Bella’s head perked up and her eyes searched mine. “Rio de Janeiro?” she asked in a slightly shaky voice.

I tried to keep my voice light. “Another stop.”

There was no way of knowing how she would react to the island. Bella was unpredictable. Normally I would say that she’d throw a fit at the extravagance, but she had been better lately with accepting gifts.

Bella fell asleep again shortly after take off with my arms around her and didn’t wake up until we were starting our decent into Rio de Janeiro. It took her a little time to get awake, but when she did all the exhaustion I’d seen before was gone.

After getting off the plane, I guided us toward the baggage claim to gather our things. When Bella realized that we were leaving the airport her heart began to pick up speed. I pushed aside my concern. She was okay. We were almost to our destination, and I knew how much Bella hated surprises. She had to be anxious.

Putting our bags onto a cart so that I could keep my hand free to hold onto her, we headed to the front of the airport to get a taxi. Bella’s eyes never stopped moving as she took in everything. I knew she’d never been to South America.

The last time I’d been here it had been a very sad time indeed. I didn’t want to think about that. She was here, by my side. That was all that mattered.

A taxi pulled up, and we headed to the marina. As the ride continued I noticed her breathing had also begun to change a little. It wasn’t anything too drastic so I just kept an eye on it. If something were bothering her, she would tell me.

Our driver pulled the cab right up to the docks, and I helped Bella out before going to assist the driver with our bags. Since we had no cart this time and we still had an audience, I was not able to hold Bella’s hand as we walked the short distance to the family yacht.

The boat was designed for speed rather than comfort given our family had no need to things such as sleeping compartments. If our destination weren’t so close, I would have arranged for other more luxurious transportation.

I loaded the bags onto the boat making sure they were secure before turning to help Bella on board. Her eyes were wide and I couldn’t help but smile. She was my wife. This was really happening. We were almost to the island and the start of our honeymoon. The start of our eternity together.

Suddenly, I couldn’t wait another second before getting on our way. I began moving about the boat making sure everything was ready for us to leave. Bella just sat and watched me.

Once everything was in order and I made sure Bella was ready, I took my place behind the wheel and turned on the engine. The sound filled the night air. Bella jumped a little at the initial noise and the smile I’d been keeping contained released.

I maneuvered out of the harbor and into the open water. The island was still out of view even for my eyes at this distance, but in about forty-five minutes I should be able to see the first signs on the horizon.

Bella sat back in her seat for the first thirty-seven minutes barely moving. She just watching the water went by around us. The boat sent tiny droplets of water all around her creating a light sheen of moisture on her hair and face. I had glanced back every few minutes to see the moonlight played against her skin, so it surprised me when I heard her speak up and ask me if we were going much farther with a hint of panic in her voice.

Turning my head to take her all in, I noticed her hands clinched to the seats. Her heart was racing. I knew how fast I was going and how much she hated my family’s preference for speed. So with a huge grin on my face I answered, “About another half hour.”

I stole another glance at her and saw the resigned look on her face. The pout was beginning to show again. Why was it that every time I wanted to kiss her tonight that it was not a possibility?

That thought led to others. To what tonight would hold for us. I could no longer deny that I wanted this just as much as she did. Maybe more.

Far in the distance I could make out the outline for Isle Esme. I knew she wouldn’t be able to see it yet so I waited for another seven minutes before calling her. “Bella, look there,” I said pointing straight ahead.

Her eyes squinted trying to find what I was pointing at in the distance. I could tell at first she didn’t see anything, and then recognition shown in her eyes. “Where are we?” she asked with a hint of wonder in her voice.

She wasn’t mad. Didn’t appear to be upset in anyway. Bella was going to except her gift.

“This is Isle Esme,” I told her with a sense of pride. Carlisle had bought it for Esme about twenty years ago as an anniversary present.

“Isle Esme?” Bella asked.

“A gift from Carlisle. Esme offered to let us borrow it,” I explained.

Bella stood at my side not saying anything more as I maneuvered us into the slip. There was only a small dock here big enough for two boats if need be.

We were no longer near any other humans so I didn’t have to watch my movements. It took no time for me to anchor the boat and unload the suitcases onto the dock.

When I turned back to her I could barely contain myself. I reached out for her and pulled her into my arms causing her to take in a quick lung full of air. Once she’d gotten her breathing somewhat regulated again she asked, “Aren’t you supposed to wait for the threshold?”

I shifted her into one arm as I reached down to grab the steamer trunks with the other. “I’m nothing if not thorough,” I beamed at her.

It didn’t take me long to wind through the short walkway up to the house. I’d asked the staff to keep the light on for us, as we’d be arriving late. So far everything looked perfect.

Only then did I fully let what was before us set in. We were here. Alone. On our honeymoon.

There was no one to interrupt us. No family. No fathers. It was just us. A vampire and his very human wife.

Bella’s heart began to beat harder in her chest. I had to wonder if she was thinking and feeling the same things as I was at that very moment. My eyes searched her face, but she didn’t look at me. Would we really be able to do this?

I set the suitcases on the porch and opened the doors to the house. This time I looked down at Bella and waited until her eyes met mine before I stepped inside crossing the threshold with my bride.

There were so many feelings running through my head, but I tried not to focus too hard on any of them. Bella was the only one that mattered. I had to make sure she was safe. That she felt safe. I didn’t want her to be afraid.

I carried us through the house until I reached the master bedroom. I’d never been here myself, but I knew from Carlisle and Esme’s thoughts what the room looked like. They didn’t come here often, but it was their sanctuary. This room opened up to the beach. The waves were crashing against the sand outside and I knew even Bella would be able to hear.

Placing her on her feet, I reluctantly released her. “I’ll…go get the luggage,” I said before quickly leaving the room.

If it hadn’t been made real to me before, seeing the large bed in the center of the room made it so. The time had come. There was no more stalling. No more preparing. It was time to see if we could do this. If I could give her what she most wanted before becoming a vampire.

Effortlessly I picked up the luggage and brought it inside. I could hear her moving about in the next room and took a deep breath. Already her scent was drifting through the house and filling it. It was amazing how much it calmed me now.

I made my way back to Bella, and found her standing before the bed with her hand outstretched to touch the white netting surrounding the bed. Silently I moved to stand behind her.

There was a small bead of moisture slowly running down her neck. I caught it with the tip of my finger. “It’s a little hot here,” I said in way of apology. But I wanted her to understand why I’d accepted Esme’s offer. “I thought…that would be best.”

“Thorough,” she said so quietly that a human would have had difficulty hearing it.

Of course Bella wouldn’t require an explanation as to why a warm climate would be a good thing. “I tried to think of everything that would make this…easier.”

I watched her swallow nervously. If she changed her mind, I wouldn’t try to persuade her.

But deep down I knew she wouldn’t alter her course. Once Bella decided on something there was no dissuading her. I would give her what she wanted. We would try.

Her heart was beating out of control right now. We’d been traveling for almost twenty-four hours. If this was going to happen, I wanted her to enjoy herself. I wanted it to be memorable. “I was wondering if…first…maybe you’d like to take a midnight swim with me?”

I was nervous. Although I’d been alive for over one hundred years, this was new to me too. So after taking a deep breath I said, “The water will be very warm.” Then remembering her explanation of why she didn’t like beaches in Forks, “This is the kind of beach you approve of.”

With my tone I had tried to be light, to ease this tension that now seemed to suddenly surround us. It didn’t work, and her voice broke when she answered, “Sounds nice.”

I wasn’t exactly sure what I should do now, but given the assumption that at the very least she would like to have a few minutes to either change or clean up from our trip or both, “I’m sure you’d like a human minute or two…It was a long journey.”

She responded with only a nod. I closed my eyes trying to silence all the reasons for us not to attempt this that were resurfacing.

I needed to find my center. My calm. I needed Bella.

Leaning down to brush my lips just below her ear, I could feel her pulse beneath my lips. The evidence of her life.

I heard her reaction to the touch of my cold lips on her overheated skin. It was what I had needed and I laughed softly. “Don’t take too long, Mrs. Cullen.”

Bella jumped a little, but I was not sure if it was in reaction to what I was doing or the use of her new name. Either way I continued. My lips moved lightly down her neck until I reached the edge of her shoulder. I knew it was time to go. “I’ll wait for you in the water,” I whispered.

My steps were heavy as I walked away from her, and headed for the French door that would take me to the beach. I felt the separation immediately as soon as I stepped outside. It wasn’t her scent or her body heat. It was her. Only her.

Every step away from her was an increase in anxiety. I knew she felt anxious herself when I left her to go hunting, but I wondered how it compared. Vampire feelings and reactions were intensified. They were many times more potent that those of humans. And yet that did not make me belittle her feelings of separation any less. I knew she felt as I did when we were apart even if it wasn’t on the same level, which made me wonder if coming together in every way physically possible would also have similar emotions attached to it.

I reached the beach and could hear that Bella was now in the bathroom. Her heartbeat still raced too fast telling of her anxiety. I knew that no matter what she said that she was nervous, but I had no idea about which parts.

Even though I couldn’t see her from here, I glanced back at the house. If I could read her mind, know what she was thinking, I could help. I could maybe make things better. Easier.

It was a vain hope, as it always was as I tried yet again to focus my gift. Nothing had changed. Bella’s mind was still closed to me.

I heard more movement inside and then the shower. And as always seemed to happen when my mind began to imagine Bella and water together, my body began to react of it’s own accord. This was not what I needed right now. Frustrated, I discarded my clothes and raced into the water plunging head first into the shallow surf.

When I resurfaced I realized that although I could still clearly see the house, Bella would not be able to see me. I stayed above the surface this time as I took my time swimming back towards the shore.

There were so many things going through my mind as I replayed everything that had happened, everything that I’d learned in the last month. What had seemed like a far off impossibility was now a reality. And one that I felt was at least possible.

The fear of hurting her was still there. No matter how many times she assured me that I couldn’t hurt her, I knew that to disregard it completely would be a mistake. Could be a deadly mistake. At no time tonight could I forget that she was so very breakable.

The water inside shut off, and I knew my time was running out. She would be coming soon. Joining me here in the water. How would she feel when she realized that I was no longer wearing clothes?

Then there was the question of whether she would be. I had no idea what Alice had packed her. Would she join me in a bathing suit or decide that there had been enough waiting? Just the thought of finally being able to see her, touch her, feel her without the barrier of clothes made every cell in my body react and the pace of my breathing increase.

Ironically, it was hearing Bella mumble something that sounded like ‘Don’t be a coward’ that calmed me down. It wasn’t what she said, because I couldn’t be certain those were even the words she’d uttered. It was just the sound of her voice. The knowledge that it was HER that would be coming to me.

My eyes drifted up to the full moon that filled the sky tonight as I waited for her. I controlled my breathing and forced myself to calm. And just as I was finally feeling in control of myself again, I heard the door to the house open and the sound of my love’s footsteps in the sand.

Each of her steps was measured, but sure. She was determined. Of Bella I would expect no less.

I heard her stop as she came to the tree. She hesitated. Was she looking for me?

She would have noticed my clothes. Was she trying to decide if she should remove her own?

Should I turn around? Go to her?

No, I decided. This had to be on her terms. And so I waited.

Then I heard material moving and scraping against what sounded like a tree. She was removing her clothing. I had to take another three deep breaths to calm myself again.

Her footsteps once again filled the air as she moved toward me. The closer she moved towards me, the more intense her scent became. The more my body reacted to her. There was…anticipation.

Water hit her skin and I could almost feel the ripple effect from the disturbance her body caused to the water. With each step she took I could both hear and feel the motion, but I forced myself to remain where I was. I could tell she was still nervous. I wasn’t doing much better.

Finally she was at my side; her body heat, so close to that of the water, and yet still quite distinct. My hands rested on top of the liquid surface in front of me. Bella lifted the fingers of her left hand to cover my right.

She looked up towards where my gaze was resting on the moon. “Beautiful,” she said reverently.

I wouldn’t quite place the word beautiful onto the moon. It was nothing compared to her. “It’s all right,” I answered turning towards her for the first time.

My eyes raked over every inch of her that I could see, which included the tops of her breasts. I didn’t let my eyes linger although the image was permanently etched in my mind. The last thing I wanted to do was make her uncomfortable.

Briefly I registered a faint darkening on her upper arms where his hands had held her too tightly, and had to control my reaction quickly. Jacob Black had left his mark on my Bella in too many ways already. I would not allow his last attempt to mare our night, or any other night. Bella had chosen me and I was selfish enough to take what she was offering.

Twisting my hand in the water so that I could hold onto hers, I let my eyes find the brown depths that were filled with so much love for me. “But I wouldn’t use the word beautiful. Not with you standing here in comparison.” She smiled a little, a light blush covering her cheeks, gracefully taking my compliment.

Her free hand came up from the warm water to rest softly on my chest just above my silent heart. It was at moments like this when I wished with everything that I had, everything that I am, that it could come alive and beat for her. My body shuttered with the intensity of emotion that I felt for her. There wasn’t anything that I wouldn’t give her now or for the rest of our existence.

I knew looking into her eyes that there was no turning back for either of us. Not for tonight. Not for the future. She was my mate, and I was hers.

My breathing was heavier than normal and it caused my words to come out less steady than I’d hoped. “I promised we would try,” I said, trying to force out what I needed to say. To get out the words that I needed her to hear one more time before we did anything. “If…if I do something wrong, if I hurt you, you must tell me at once.”

She just nodded silently and took a step towards me. I felt my breathing become less steady as I listened to her heart start to race faster. Her head fell lightly against my chest. “Don’t be afraid,” she whispered. “We belong together.”

I swallowed and pulled her closer into my arms. Her breasts, unbound and uncovered, pressed against my cold hard skin for the first time. Although the warmth of the water helped, there was still a noticeable contrast in our temperatures. I knew even she would notice, but also that it was mostly likely the last thing on her mind. Unlike any other human I had ever met, the feeling of my skin against hers comforted Bella. She had never shied away.

My lips grazed the top of her wet hair. “Forever,” I pledged once more.

I pulled us deeper into the water and lifted her higher into my arms until our faces were level. The water was fairly quite tonight so I was able to continue out until the soft waves were hitting us just below our shoulders.

Bella moved her arms to wrap around my neck and I secured mine at her waist. Her legs dangled freely in the water.

I closed my eyes and just felt. Her soft curves to my hard unmovable body. Not one detail was lost to me. I could even feel the curly hairs where her legs met pressing against my stomach. Just thinking about what I would find there caused me to tense with a need that only she had ever been able to illicit from me.

“Are you okay,” she asked.

My eyes came open and met her worried ones. “Yes,” I answered. Then I decided that tonight I needed to be honest in all things. If I was expecting her to tell me her needs, I should honor her by returning the same. “I was just enjoying the feel of you. Us. Without anything between us.”

“Oh,” she breathed.

“It feels better than I could have ever dreamed it to be.” Her face flushed my favorite shade of red.

With great tenderness, I lifted my right hand to her face and traced a line from her temple to her lips. “You truly are the most beautiful thing in my world. I am so very glad to be able to claim you as my wife.”

Her blush deepened, increasing the heat everywhere we were touching. The feel of her lips were calling to me under my fingers.

Closing the gap between us, I tilted her chin up and brought our lips together.

If someone would have told me yesterday that kissing Bella could have gotten any better than what I had previously experienced, I would not have believed them. But it was. I couldn’t say if it was the lack of clothing or just the knowledge of what was to come, but where before every touch had been electric now it was on fire.

Her hands came up to grip my hair, pulling herself closer to me as our lips enjoyed a dance all their own. Our mouths opened as the kiss deepened and my cold sweet breath mingled with her warm intoxicating aroma creating a unique fragrance unlike anything else.

Suddenly Bella pulled herself up and wrapped her legs around my waist causing me to gasp. I wanted to hold her closer and push her away at the same time. I could feel her. Feel her against my stomach. The water took away the intensity of the scent that I knew would be there, however it couldn’t take away the heat.

My hand behind her back clinched into a fist and my lips stopped moving against hers. Bella waited for a few seconds allowing me time to adjust. Then her lips brushed against mine. “You don’t have to fight it, Edward. It’s okay to let go. I’m your wife remember.”

Bella was my wife. This was what she had wanted. What we had spent the last month practicing for. Unclenching my fist, I took a deep breath filling myself with her essence before flattening my palm against her lower back and moving it lower. The feel of her bare bottom beneath my hand made me want to push things farther.

My other hand had been resting on her neck, but now it began to make it’s way lower. With slow concentration, I moved to take Bella’s breast into my hand for the first time.

Even after being in the water for a while now, my palm was still cold and her nipple pebbled even harder than what it had been. Bella let out a ragged breath and clamped her legs tighter around me causing my own breathing to change and my entire body to shiver. Our mouths were still hovering only a breath away. I could feel every inhale. Every exhale.

Taking her bottom lip once again between mine, I began to massage as my fingers explored this part of her body that was newly opened to me. She was so very soft here, just like I knew she would be. And it was amazing to gage her reactions. Every time I did something she liked she would release a quick breath. I was fascinated. And completely aroused.

I didn’t think Bella could feel the evidence of my excitement given her current position, and I was in no hurry to make her aware of it. We were going to have to take this slow if we had any chance of success, and it had been easy enough for her to push me beyond my limits when are clothes were still fully intact between us.

One of Bella’s hands trailed down my back. Her fingers sent waves of fire everywhere they touched. It was amazing how something so simple could feel so good when it was her doing it.

As our kiss intensified, so did our hands. She seemed determined to get as close to me as was possible, and I was losing the battle trying to remember why that was a bad idea. The fire in my throat was the last thing on my mind. What held my concentration was a growing flame located much lower. I wanted to get to the source of the heat that was pressing against my stomach.

Her tongue darted out to run along my lips and it took all my will power not to crush her in response. The water had its advantages, but it also meant that I could not let go of her if I needed to. I needed more versatility.

Without releasing her lips or changing our positions, I began to move us toward the shore. It wasn’t until the water had gone below her waist that Bella asked in a coy little voice that made me want to race into the house, “And where are you taking me, Mr. Cullen?”

With great effort I kept my feet moving at a slow and steady human pace, swallowed, and answered her. “I thought maybe it was time to leave the water. That maybe the bed would be better.”

I thought I’d done a decent job of keeping my voice even and my face neutral, well as neutral as I was capable of given I had my naked wife in my arms, but Bella responded not only with a smirk but by twisting herself down my body just enough to brush my erection. All thoughts of a human pace left me in an instant as I raced into the house and laid her as gently as possible onto the bed.

When I looked into Bella’s eyes, there was no longer any humor. I knew that look. I’d seen it many times before from her. She wanted me. Me. Edward Anthony Masen Cullen.

Climbing onto the bed with her, I hovered over her making sure to support my own weight. Neither of us spoke as we allowed our eyes to say everything that was needed in the moment.

I brought my lips down to hers letting my passion take control. She met me with renewed excitement obviously thrilled that I wasn’t holding on as tightly to my calm reserve as I usually did. But that wasn’t possible at the moment. Wanting Bella was the only thing filling my too vast mind.

Her hands came up and began rubbing my chest. I wanted her to touch every inch of me. She didn’t mind my alien body. I felt wanted in a way I’d never experienced before Bella.

Bella’s hands moved slowly but deliberately. Every touch was like the first. I wanted her to feel everything that I was feeling.

My mouth moved shakily down her jaw to the pause point in her neck. I could feel her blood pumping under my lips, but it held no appeal to me beyond the knowledge that it was pumping much faster than normal and that I was the reason.

With a feather light touch, I continued down to her collarbone. It was taking bit of control I had to go slow, to touch her softly. “You are so beautiful, Bella. So beautiful,” I whispered against her skin.

Bella’s back arched as I neared her breasts. Her hands came up to tangle in my hair to encourage me down to the white mounds that were now within my reach. “Edward,” she begged. “Please.”

I placed my nose directly between her breasts and inhaled deeply. Her scent here was still more intense, and I enjoyed the freedom to take my time.

My nose skimmed the skin on the outside of her breasts, circling each one in turn. Bella’s hands fisted in my hair and her breathing stopped as I neared the nipple of her right breast. “Breath,” I whispered letting the cold air from my mouth cause her to gasp as it sent goose bumps floating over her skin.

And then my tongue snaked out from between my lips and ran a smooth line around the hard peek. Bella’s reaction went right to my groin and I had to abandon my efforts momentarily resting my head on her chest.

Of course Bella would blame herself for my lack of control. “I’m sorry. I’ll try…”

My head came up to meet her gaze, and my finger covered her lips to silence her. I didn’t answer her with words. Instead, my mouth found its place again and picked up where it left off paying attention to this part of Bella’s body that was newly open to me. I felt her exhaled response against the finger still at her mouth.

No more words were spoken between us for a long time as we both took our time to explore each other’s bodies. We kiss and touched.

It was much easier than what I thought it would be. There were times when I would get overwhelmed and begin to hold her too tightly, but I would always hear her heartbeat, her sigh, her moan, and regaining control was relatively easy.

My lips kissed their way down her stomach. We’d talked about oral sex and although I didn’t think I could handle Bella attempting to do anything to me tonight, I wanted to see if I could at least give her something.

When I neared the hair that provided the only covering for her most private place, I paused to take a deep breath. Her scent was stronger here than anywhere else and I felt the burn increase down my throat and into my stomach. But still, it held no appeal to me beyond that of a man for his woman.

My hands tightened, wrapping themselves in the sheets as I pressed forward. Keeping my lips firmly closed, I placed a kiss on her clitoris. Bella’s hands twisted the material beneath them and a fresh wave of her scent hit me.

With every kiss I placed to her lips, her inner thighs, and her clitoris, she lost her hold on the present just a little more. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her breaths erratic.

I wasn’t doing much better. For the last twenty minutes, I had been pressing my lower half against the bed as I lay between her legs trying to provide a counter point for the ache that I was experiencing. Trying to keep myself focused on something else other than her body.

I wanted her, but I needed to make sure she was ready. This was going to be difficult for both of us for so many reasons. I needed to stay focused. Remember her needs. There was not only the temperature of my body, but also my unyielding hardness. My body wasn’t going to give as a normal human’s would.

With one finger I circled just inside Bella’s entrance seeing how she would react. Her muscles clenched around my finger and she let out a low moan. It was all the encouragement I needed to push forward and let her heat surround my finger. She gasped and clenched at the same time that a low growl filled my chest.

All thought for pacing went out the window. I removed my finger and moved back up her body to capture her mouth again. This kiss was hard and filled with so much emotion. Emotion that I was having trouble containing.

I wanted her. I wanted to mark her as my mate. To claim her in the most primal way.

My hands came up to cup her face not allowing her to escape the brutal assault of my lips. A part of me said I was being too rough, but Bella’s hands on my shoulder, my hair, my arms, pulling me closer, asking for more, only pushed that voice farther into the recesses of my mind.

“Please,” she begged. And who was I to deny the reason for my existence what we both desired.

Moving my hands lower, I positioned myself to enter her for the first time. With my right hand supporting my weight, I used my left to guide my shaft into her heat.

We both stilled, neither one of us breathing, as nothing but sensation filled both of us. She gasped sending a wave of her scent into my face. My primal growl bounced off the walls of the room as I pressed forward until I reached her barrier within.

“Bella?” I said through gritted teeth.

She didn’t respond.

“Bella? Love?” I said managed again.

“Edward,” she moaned holding tight to my shoulders. “Edward, please. Please don’t stop.”

Cinching my eyes shut, I pressed forward through the barrier of her virginity and into her fully. I opened my eyes in time to see the pain cross her face and held as still as I could until it dissipated. It was the hardest thing I’d ever had to do. Harder than resisting her blood that first day.

Finally she relaxed again and her eyes opened. A smile crossed her lips that momentarily had me forgetting our position. Her hands came up to frame my face as she pulled my mouth to hers. “I love you,” she whispered.

Those words had never ment more to me. This was it. We were together in every physically way possible, and yet she was not repulsed. She didn’t see me as a vampire. She just saw me. Not questioning her decision, her demand that we try before she joined me as an immortal.

“Oh, Bella,” I said burring my face into her shoulder as I began to move trying not to lose myself in these new sensations. “My love, you feel…” It was hard to describe how she felt. There was no way that she could understand.

There was an electric current that surrounded us. A fire that burned everywhere we touched. And then there was the feel of being inside her. It was like warm silk. The finest silk you could ever imagine. I never wanted to leave. It felt like for once in my life everything just fit. I was complete.

Bella tried to move with me, as we both got lost in each other. I tried to stay focused. Tried to watch how I was touching her. But I couldn’t concentrate.

She was everywhere. She owned me heart and body and even soul if I still had one to give.

The longer we stayed connected the more lost I became. It was as it I couldn’t get close enough to her, and she seemed to feel the same. Our hands moved. Our lips touched and caressed each other. I tried to be as gentle as I could, but I wasn’t sure if I was managing. I just couldn’t…it took everything I had not to grip her too tightly.

Her body was on fire under my touch. And then I felt her muscles begin to tighten around me.

Bella’s eyes were closed. Her skin flushed a beautiful pink.

I felt another surge of possession greater than I’d ever felt in the past as her back arched and she screamed my name. She was mine!

Something happened to me when I felt her climax pulling at me. Since I’d gotten to know Bella, falling in love with her, she had always made me feel more human. I felt anything but human now. I felt crazied. Like nothing more than the animal that I was.

The pulse in her neck called to me and a roar left my lips as I thrust into her one last time. My mouth opened and teeth bared razor sharp. I did the only thing that was in my power. I lunged for the pillow beside her head and shredded it.

I could taste the dry feathers beneath my tongue. The pillowcase had been no match for my teeth.

The pillow took a lot of torture before I released it. Feathers were everywhere.

Slowly I pulled back enough to look at her. She had the most amazing look on her face. It was somewhere between utter relaxation and pure happiness.

Her pulse was faster than normal, but steady. We’d done it. I had no idea how, but we had.

I pulled out of her and rolled us over, arranging her in her favorite position with her head resting on my chest. She hummed and cuddled against me as I wrapped my arms around her.

The door was still open leading out to the beach. Tonight had been perfect. Better than I could have ever hoped for.

I kissed the top of her head taking in this new scent of she and I mixed together unlike we had ever been before as she drifted off to sleep in my arms. She was now my mate in every sense. Tomorrow would be another day. And we would be together. Forever.