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Edward told Bella he had talked with his father and brothers regarding their wedding night. This is my version of that missing moment from between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and includes what Edward and Bella do to prepare for their first night together as husband and wife.


7. Chapter 7

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Bella didn’t wake up until after nine the next morning so I had plenty of time to think over my conversation with Alice. I was not convinced I needed Jasper’s help. Bella and I had overcome so much in our relationship and I had to believe we could do it again.

Of course that brought me back to my conversation with Bella. How exactly were we going to go about practicing? I had been truthful with her last night. There would have to be boundaries. There were thinks we would not do before our wedding night. Just thinking about it sent panic through my body. I needed a plan.

The hours of quiet between the time Charlie left and when my loves eyes fluttered open, I spent planning. We had three and a half weeks to get ready. I decided the first step would include prolonging our intimate contact. I tend to pull away whenever my human emotions for her begin to overwhelm me, fearing I would lose my focus and use too much of my strength. I would have to work on that. So no pulling back right away.

The second thing I decided in those hours was that I needed to do some more research. While it was true I knew the technicalities of having sex, I was sure there were other things I did not know. Practical things, like foreplay. I wanted more than anything to make this pleasurable for Bella and I knew women typically required foreplay. Again I knew what it was, but some specific ideas would be good. The more of a plan I had going in, the less likely I would hurt her. At least that’s what I had to keep telling myself.

I heard Bella’s breathing change moments before her eyes flitted open. She was still lying against my chest. She looked up at me with those eyes that allowed me to look into her soul. The soul I was scared of taking away from her. “Good mornin,” she said, the side of her mouth pulling up in a smile.

Her good mood made me smile back. “Good morning, love. Did you sleep well?”

She stretched sending a wave of her scent up to my nose. I breathed deep, allowing the life of it to become a part of me. “Mmm.” She placed her hands on my chest and rested her chin against them looking at me. “Did you have a good night?”

She bit her lower lip like she always did when she was nervous. What could she be nervous about? “Yes.”

“Good.” She shifted again and rested her ear where my heart used to be. “I thought maybe…” She sighed.

“What, love?”

She moved up so she could look at my face. Obviously wanting to make sure I wasn’t going to lie to her about whatever it was she was going to ask. “Did you think more about what we talked about? About practicing?”

I wasn’t going to lie to her. She didn’t need to worry about that. Not about this. “Yes I did.”

She pulled back just a bit. “And?”

“And what, love?”

She shook her head and her face held a hint of a laugh but she made no sound. “And HOW are we going to practice? Did you figure out where we should start?”

Ah, so this is where she was going with this. I should have known. My Bella has a one track mind sometimes. “Well I thought we would start with kissing.”

“Kissing?” she asked, skeptical.

I couldn’t help but grin at the look on her face. “Yes, kissing.”

“We already kiss, Edward.”

“Yes. I know that, love but….” I sighed. This was going to be a bit difficult to explain to her. How do I explain why I pull away and how I was going to force myself not to and possibly put her in danger? That was the problem though. She needed to understand what was going on, what I was doing or going to try to do. “I pull away when things become…too much.”

“Yes, I know.” She frowned.

“Well…I will be very close to you on our wedding night so I’m thinking I shouldn’t pull away as soon.” Her eyes began to light now. I hated to douse her excitement but I needed to. “That doesn’t mean the rules change Bella. You still can’t be anywhere near my teeth.”

There was only a brief sign of disappointment on her face. If I were human I probably wouldn’t have caught it. “I know,” she quickly assured me. “That’s OK. Longer kissing will be nice though.”

I laughed out loud this time. Her human hormones were very predicable. She was biting her lower lip again, appearing to be deep in thought. I smirked. “Shall we begin now?” I asked suggestively and leaned up to press my lips against hers.

She returned my kiss but kept her lips ridged, pulling back before I could deepen the kiss. Sitting up, Bella tossed back the blanket and stood. “I need a human minute,” she said, before grabbing her bag and heading to the bathroom.

I knew what she was going to do. She wanted to brush her teeth. Although I had told her time and time again she didn’t need to do that for me, Bella was very self-conscious about it.

Less than ten minutes later, Bella came through the door. I hadn’t moved which caused a smile to cross my love's face. She’d brushed her hair as well and I could smell the mint from her toothpaste and the faint scent of soap. Coming over to lay with me on the bed, Bella positioned herself so her face was just inches from mine. “You were saying?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. She was so eager to push my limits. “Bella...” The hesitation was clear in my voice.

She sighed and a defeated expression crossed her face. Did she think I’d changed my mind? I raised my hand to cup her jaw. “Bella, love?” I waited until she was looking in my eyes again. “Love, if things become too much for you… if I start to hurt you…”

“You won’t hurt me, Edward.” She said with conviction.

She had too much faith in me. I nodded and then brought our lips together again. She brought her arms up around my neck and tangled her fingers in my hair like always. Her scent surrounded me and the burn in my throat increased and flamed down to my stomach to meld with the much different fire in my belly.

I loved to feel her tugging at my hair. Every motion sent shockwaves through my body. Her warmth pressing against me made me feel warm, whole. She was the other half of me and I needed her more than I needed anything else in my existence.

I wanted her close to me, as close as I could get her. I snaked my arms around her waist and pressed her to my cold body. She moaned and the heat in my belly increased. My instinct was to hold her closer. My mind was telling me to pull back. This was the constant war going on inside me whenever we were close.

I ignored both of them. I kept the pressure on her body the same and didn’t pull away. Our lips were molded together and I could tell she would need a breath soon. I lifted her to lie on top of me and let my lips trail down her jaw to just below her ear. I heard her take in a quick breath followed by another.

It gave me such great pleasure to know I could do this to her. My nose grazed her neck and lingered at her pulse point. Breathing deeply, I let the burn consume me; her life, her blood, her scent. I opened my lips just enough to flick my tongue against the vein pumping beneath my mouth. Her fingers gripped my hair tighter, her heart picked up speed, and her breathing accelerated. I needed to feel her lips again.

Bring my head back up, I found those soft pillows I knew I would dream about if only I could. My hard lips pressed against her soft ones. I let her set the pressure to make sure it wasn’t too much for her. She was pressing her body roughly against mine and I began to smell a different scent from Bella. One I’d caught a few times. One that drove me even more insane than her blood did.

Every instinct I’d instilled in myself over the past two years was telling me to pull away; to pull away now before my want to crush her against me took over. I forced myself to stay. My hands curled into themselves, clenching. My lips increased their pressure. Bella responded by releasing a soft moan in my mouth.

The breath I didn’t need was coming fast now. I could feel and smell every inch of my Bella. I forced my hands, one at a time, to unclench and pressed them as lightly as I could against her back.

She moved only slightly against me but it was enough. Wanting her closer, my arms tightened their hold. I couldn’t get her close enough. Bella moved again, trying to get closer. I removed my hands from her body and pressed down on the mattress. Of course Bella noticed. She pulled back and searched my eyes.

“Are you…OK?” she asked concerned, the blood rushing to her face from our kisses.


She watched me for a minute and then placed a soft kiss on my lips. Oh how I loved this girl. Bella rose from the bed and grabbed some clothes from the closet.

“I’ll meet you downstairs,” I said, giving her some privacy to change.

Once downstairs, I sat at the table and waited for Bella. I was proud of myself. I’d been able to push myself farther than I’d ever gone before and not hurt her. It was still far from where I needed to be but it was a start.

I heard Bella open her bedroom door and make her way down the stairs. She stumbled once before reaching the bottom. It was summer but still cool by human standards. Bella wore a long sleeve beige t-shirt and jeans, her hair pulled back in ponytail. She was so beautiful and I resisted the urge to pull her into my arms again and kiss her. Bella needed to eat. I could hear her stomach rumbling so I forced myself to stay where I was.

Bella finished off a bowl of cereal while I watched. I remember my watching used to bother her at first. Now she was so used to it. Standing, she rinsed her bowl and put it into the sink. She turned and walked over to me, then sat on my lap throwing her arms around my neck. Her heat and scent enveloped me again.

“Are we going to your house today?”

The look she gave me said she was not thrilled with that idea. “Yes, love. I think Alice needs to speak to you about some things.” She grimaced. “We can do something else if you prefer,” I offered.

Bella sighed. “No. That’s ok. She’ll find me eventually. I might as well get it over with.” Letting her arms fall from my neck, she rose and reached for my hand. My fingers wrapped around hers and I brought them to my lips before I entwined our fingers and we headed out.