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Edward told Bella he had talked with his father and brothers regarding their wedding night. This is my version of that missing moment from between Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and includes what Edward and Bella do to prepare for their first night together as husband and wife.


9. Chapter 9

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Emmett was whistling as he made his way down the stairs from my room. Bella raised her eyebrow in question but I just shrugged. I was not going to tell her why Emmett was so pleased with himself.

Trying to turn her attention away from my brother, “Did Alice finish showing you the invitations?”

She sighed and walked towards me. “Yes.” Wrapping her arms around my waist, she rested her head against my chest. I brought my arms up and held her close. “The invitations are pretty.”

“So does that mean you’re free?”

I felt her smile. “I think so.”

We stood holding each other for several minutes until I felt her shift her body weight. Clearly our position was becoming uncomfortable for her. I was going to suggest we lay down on the bed when she took a step back. Her lovely brown eyes held a hint of sadness in them. My mind raced to find a reason for her change in mood. She had just been smiling not a minute ago. What was she thinking?

Bella didn’t make me wait long. “I should probably go. I need to stop and pick up some things for dinner.” Only our hands were touching now and I moved my thumbs to caress the top of her palms, she sighed. “Charlie will be home in a few hours and I don’t have anything laid out.”

I glanced out the window. It was a typical overcast day in Forks and I was not ready to part with Bella. She’d been with Alice most of the day and I needed to be close to her. I didn’t even want to think about leaving to go hunting tomorrow with my brothers. I would need to tell her about that soon, but not yet. It would upset her and I didn’t want that, not when we’d already been apart too much today. “May I join you?”

Her mouth turned up into a smile. “You want to come shopping with me?”

“Yes.” I smiled back.

“You don’t have to do that, Edward.”

The words came out solemnly, but I could see the light in her eyes. She didn’t want to be apart anymore than I did. I didn’t wait for her to doubt my willingness to spend the rest of the day at her side. “Would you like to take your car or mine?”

She bit her bottom lip and I had to control the impulse to kiss her. “Can you follow me home and then we can take your car?”

I chuckled. She hated driving her car where anyone could see her. “Sure.”

Keeping one of my hands firmly locked in hers, she turned to the door.


We dropped Bella’s car off in front of her house and headed to the other side of town and Forks only grocery store. I’d only been to the store a few times myself and all of them had been with Bella. Esme made a weekly appearance here to stock our home with food to keep up the human appearance needed. The rest of our family tended to steer clear of the human food as much as possible. It was bad enough having to sit with it in front of us every day in the cafeteria at school. Of course that had been before Bella.

Now with our wedding only three weeks away and knowing we would be spending it by ourselves on a deserted island, I knew I would need to do some research on human food consumption. Bella would need food on the island and as her loving husband I would make sure her needs were provided for. The opportunity to accompany her to the grocery store gave me not only with the opportunity to spend more time at my loves side, but also to pay more attention to the items she was purchasing. This would give me a better knowledge of what to have stocked in the kitchen.

I parked the car in a spot as close to the door as possible. The skies had opened up and there was now a light drizzle falling from the sky. I opened my door and made my way around the Volvo to open the door for Bella. She pulled the hood of her rain jacket up over her head and stepped out of the car. Bella stepped to the side and allowed me to shut the door. That was when I heard it.

I can’t believe it.

I pressed my hand lightly along Bella’s back as we headed into the store.

She isn’t showing but who can tell under those baggy clothes.

I wanted to growl but held myself in check hurrying my love into the store. If I thought it would be better in here I was wrong.

There they are!

Oh that poor girl. She had such, such promise.

I wonder if Chief Swan is going have his shotgun ready. You can never tell about these boys now a days, if they’ll do the honorable thing.

He seemed like such a nice boy, a little strange but nice. Too bad they had to make a mistake like that.

I’ll give it a year. Maybe not even that.

The thoughts of these people were surrounding me and we hadn’t even made it to the produce section. Bella noticed my stiff posture. “Are you ok?”

I tried to smile for her and forced myself to relax a bit. It was hard though. The thoughts weren’t letting up. They ranged from feeling sorry for Bella and I to trying to guess her due date. It was very frustrating to know Bella had been right about people’s reactions. Everyone thought I’d gotten her pregnant. Why was it so outside the realm of possibility for these people to believe I was marrying her because I loved her. “Yes, I’m fine.”

She shook her head. “I warned you.”

Bella’s perception was once again at its finest. “You did. I am sorry I doubted you.” She looked up with a bit of triumph in her eyes. “It doesn’t change anything though,” I quickly reminded her.

She snorted. It was so adorable. Bella stopped to pick up some lettuce and I took the opportunity to place a soft kiss on her hair. “I love you,” I whispered for her ears only. My love smiled and placed her item into her cart.

We continued through the store and I followed behind Bella trying to concentrate on her purchases and block out the thoughts of all of those around us. As we were coming up to the check out, I both saw and heard Angela Webber.

There’s Bella and Edward. Oh aren’t they so cute together. They look happy.

“Hi Bella,” Angela said with a warm smile.

“Hi Angela,” Bella greeted her. I just smiled.

“How are things coming with the wedding?”

Amazingly Bella didn’t seem to tense at the mention of the wedding. “Alice almost has everything together, I think.”

“Well if you need anything, just ask, OK?”

“Thanks. I’ll let Alice know.”

She has a cart full of groceries. I’d better let them go. “Well my mom’s waiting in the car so I should go.” She moved toward the door. “Congratulations by the way.”

Bella smiled at her friend and the glanced up at me. I had a stupid grin on my face and I knew it. “One person,” she said.

I laughed. “Yes, my love, but at least one still believes in love."

Bella just smirked and shook her head at me before pushing her now full cart into the check out line.


I carried the bags into the house for Bella. She let me do this without argument since I was able to carry everything in one trip and it was raining. I watched as she put each item away and started dinner for Charlie.

Bella was making some sort of fish dish tonight. Charlie loved fish. I thought it was one of the worst smelling human foods. My love brushed her hair over her shoulder and bent to put the foul smelling fish into the oven. Her jeans hugged her curves and that warmth in my belly kindled.

Her father wasn’t close enough for me to hear his thoughts so we should have a few moments at least. Getting up from my chair I made my way to stand behind her. I knew the moment she felt my presence. She took a deep breath and the muscles in her back tensed in anticipation.

I was standing directly behind her now but not touching. I wanted to see what she would do since I usually didn’t bother her while she was cooking. Her fragile hand held the lettuce for the salad she was about to make. Fingers releasing their hold on the vegetable, she turned her body so she was facing me.

She looked up and I brought my hands to rest on her hips, pulling her towards me. The heat of her body hit me as it always did and a slow burn began at the back of my throat. Bella brought her arms up around my neck and I lifted her onto the counter pushing the lettuce out of the way.

Her legs wrapped around my waist and my mouth sought hers. It was blissful torture. My loves lips on mine, her body flush against me. Her fingers tugged at my hair trying to pull me closer. I wanted to be closer. I needed to be closer.

I had never touched Bella in any intimate place before and debated for a second before doing it now, but I wanted her closer and this was the only way. Moving my hands down her back, I positioned them on her soft flesh sitting just above the counter top and moved her to the edge. She sucked in a breath and I almost moved my hands thinking she didn’t want me to touch her there but my love surprised me as she always does and pulled at my hair tighter, pressing her lips harder against mine.

Bella’s body was moving now. Nothing big, just a small rocking motion but it was making it hard for me to concentrate. The burn in my throat was still under control but that wasn’t what I was worried about. With every forward rock Bella made, I got a whiff of her scent. And it was getting stronger.

My hands moved up her back again pulling her closer still. I felt the softness of her breasts against me and nearly lost all control. Glad I didn’t need to breath, I began to be a little concerned about Bella. If I was human I knew I’d be hyperventilating by now. Although she was breathing hard as well, she wasn’t pulling back. She was holding tighter, almost commanding me to stay. And I wanted to stay.

We kissed with each minute becoming more urgent, her scent becoming stronger with each passing second. I could feel the energy racing through me and I began to clench my hands as they rested on her back.


Charlie. I jumped back as slowly as I could, trying to contain my vampire speed. I hadn’t heard him or his thoughts. I’d been too wrapped up in Bella.

I looked over at Bella. She’d hopped off the counter as soon as I’d released her and now had her back to the door in anticipation of Charlie. She was trying to get her breathing under control before her father walked through the door.

I heard him put his gun belt on the hook. Where is she? Her car is here. So is his. They’d better not be up in her room. “Bella…” He started again a little louder but stopped when he saw her at the counter. Charlie looked at his daughter and then at me knowing he’d walked in on something, just not sure what.

Charlie had accepted our engagement. He hadn’t been given much of a choice of course. But he still didn’t care much for me. There was no doubt in his mind Bella loved me. He just thought she could do better. I agreed with him of course but I wasn’t giving her up.

Finally Bella looked up and met her father’s gaze. “Dinner’s about done. I just need to finish the salad.” Her breathing wasn’t quite back to normal yet but it was close enough I didn’t think Charlie would notice.

“OK, Bells,” Charlie’s eyes lingered on me, questions running through both his eyes and his mind. What exactly were you doing with my daughter? “I’ll just go check the scores then before dinner.”

Bella just nodded and went back to the tomato she just started cutting. I moved closer so I could speak to her without Charlie overhearing. “I’m sorry.”

She stopped and looked up at me. “Why?”

Why was I sorry? Of course she would ask me that. “I should have heard Charlie. I wasn’t paying attention.”

She laughed and the warmth in my belly flared to life once again. “Neither was I.”

“Yes but…”

She brought her juice-covered finger up to my mouth. Realizing what she’d done, she quickly removed it and reached for the towel. First drying her fingers and then reaching up to remove the tomato juice from my lips. “No buts,” she smiled at me. “I like it when you get caught up in the moment.” Turning back to her work, she said, “It doesn’t happen often enough in my opinion.”

“But your father.” I couldn’t believe she was taking this so casually. Her father had almost walked in on us making out.

She sighed and stopped for a moment before continuing. Bella was frustrated with me. I wanted to touch her but given that her father was in the other room and could walk in at any moment I forced myself to remain where I was. “We’re getting married Edward. He’s going to see us kiss at the wedding you know.”

“That will be different.”

She just smiled and shook her head as she finished prepping the salad. I knew she still didn’t agree with me although I couldn’t imagine that she would have wanted her father to walk in on what we were doing.

As Bella placed the food on the table, she called for her dad and I excused myself to the living room. I heard them talking but wanting to give them some privacy I focused on what had happened in the kitchen. It had been better this time. I knew it would be. Maybe we would be ok.