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AU: ALL HUMAN. When Bella's son is taken from her, her life falls appart. Now a few years later she moves from Floirda to Forks in hope of starting over. Soon she notices her little boy is right under her nose, will any one believe her.

As of right now there will be zero "R" rated content in this story. My updates may run slow due to school.

1. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

I don’t remember the pain anymore, the pain of childbirth. The day Chris was born. Sure I know there was pain, but as soon as I heard his cries, all the pain vanished. It was just him and me, my little baby boy. I am amazed at how much I love I have for someone who just entered our world.

It’s weird, he is my only family. His father died, he got caught in a rip current, it making him drown – even though he was a strong swimmer. He died, two days before I found out that I had Chris growing inside of me. He never knew he would become a father. And my parents, their dead as well, car accident, a drunk driver hit them. The doctors told me they didn’t feel any pain that made me feel better. They both died five months before Chris was created. Chris is my only family that is alive. I have a single good friend – Alice, besides Chris she is all I got.

Chris is named after his father, James. I think his name has a nice ring to it, Christopher James Swan. I didn’t give him is daddy’s last name because then both of us would have two separate last names, and I being a single parent wanted to make sure my child shared my last name.

It’s hard to believe that a little bundle of joy, with dark brown hair a little curly, and those bright beautiful blue eyes, is mine. He was adorable.

I remember it was the day of his two month check up. The doctor told me that he was a very healthy little baby, gaining weight at a good rate, not to much, not to little. He was in perfect shape, just as I expected he was, after all he was my little Chris.

His doctor’s office was about a ten minute walk from my apartment, it was a nice day so I decided to walk him over to the office. I pushed him in his designer stroller (thanks to Alice), over to the office and back.

One the way back, I had his diaper bag on my right shoulder, and I was pushing the stroller. Little Chris was so excited at the bright colors around him, he let out some squeals of delight when a bird farther up the path from us took flight. It was in the evening, the sun just setting.

It wasn’t unusual that no one was out; I live in a neighborhood of an older generation than my own. Most of the elderly didn’t go out often at this time of day; instead they would be in their cozy homes eating a home cooked meal.

As I was walking, getting close to my apartment, some guys started heading my way, I can’t really remember them, its all too fuzzy. I do remember one held a baseball bat, I was terrified, if something

where to happen to me, who would my baby have? The men had gotten very close, I was cornered. One of them tried reaching for Chris. When I was about to scream, I got hit, with the bat.

Next thing I know I am in the hospital. I wake up to sounds of my heart monitor beeping. My first thoughts are ‘Where is my baby? Where is Chris?’ I start screaming, “My baby, where is my baby? Where is my baby, my baby Chris?” I found out later that he was taken.

I was in a coma for a month, a month of lost time looking for my little one. Its just so hard, my little boy, my only flesh and blood is gone, missing. I told my doctors to get me a lawyer, I am finding my baby. They called for the best lawyer they knew, Jasper Whitlock.

Jasper and I where in my hospital room, discussing what types of steps I we were going to have to take to find Chris. Alice comes rushing into my room, tears running down her normally joyful face; she just found out that I was awake. As soon as she saw me conversing she got back to her hyper self, looking the tears in an instant, so happy that I was in fact awake and well. Alice told me she had tried looking for my baby, but wasn’t able to.

It’s just so hard, now three years later, he is still missing. He hasn’t come home. The police gave up, telling me to forget about him and he is most likely dead. I can’t think he is dead, who would want my little boy dead? He is my little one, my everything. I have never seen him grow out of the wonderful years of babyhood. He would be three today, May 18.

My little boy is gone right now. I need to find him, I need to. I know I haven’t been the same, Alice has noticed. Do you think I would be the same after being attacked and having my child taken from me?

She and Jasper however have gotten along great. They are soon to be married, on August 18. Eighteens must signify something great, Chris’s birth, and Alice’s wedding. Its only three months away, May to June – one month, June to July – two months, July to August – three months. I think it is such a short time away, but Alice thinks it is a lifetime. They are a great couple; I never have seen any two people more different than Alice and Jasper, meant for each other. It’s going to be sad, even with all the joy. But if anything good happened out of Chris getting taken from me, is that it brought Alice and Jasper together. They are truly soul mates.

Alice thinks we should get away, especially me, in a small town; one where I can try living in, and become human again. So my perky little pixie friend bought Jasper and herself a house, then bought the house right next door for me – against my knowledge. The two homes are located in the small little town of Forks, Washington.

I hope to find my little boy, but Alice tells me I need a break, I am getting too weak and sick to be looking. She thinks one day I am just going to snap. She is probably right, you know, about the snapping. I can understand, some days I think I will too. Its just so hard though, thinking about him. He probably misses his mommy so much.

I better keep my fingers cross, even though I hear that finger crossing can be back luck as well as good. At least I now have two friends with me, on my side. Forever.

Tomorrow we are going to head up to Forks. Alice tells us that we need to decorate the houses. But knowing her she will do all the decorating herself, not allowing Jasper or I to make any decisions. She says it needs to be done before the wedding. Her game plan is that we will be living up there, then coming back down here to Florida for the wedding, and then I have to go all the way back up to Forks, while she and Jasper go on their honeymoon.

They are going to New York city, I know Alice will love it, with all the fashion and those guys standing on the street corners selling designer bags. I can see one going to Alice, “Hey you want a Prada purse? Pist,” then the guy would start walking away down the street and into a dark ally way. All of a sudden Alice will go flying down the street screaming. Alice will disappear into the dark ally with the guy. I know Jasper will be scared out of his mind trying to catch up with her. When she is on a mission nothing and no one can stop her. That’s Alice, that’s my little pixie. It’s hard to remember a time without her and Jasper.

I still have to pack some, but there wasn’t much to pack. Alice and Jasper insisted that I move in with them, I sold a lot of my furniture, and what-nots. They insisted about a year after Chris went missing. Alice tells me not even to pack my clothes, telling me that all my clothes for Florida and not appropriate for life in Forks. I am still going to pack my clothes, but knowing Alice she will buy me a whole new wardrobe, even if I pled and beg her not to.

Hopefully my life will get better in Forks, hopefully.