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When you didn't die

New Moon AU: Alice never told Rosalie that Bella jumped, and so Edward never knew, and didn't go running off to the Volturi. Alice, however, still went to check on Bella. Starts during New Moon, when Charlie's at the funeral and Bella and Jake are at the kitchen table. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


1. Jasper? What are you doing in my bedroom? Not that I mind...

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The phone rang, then, causing me to jump. Jacob reached over, still looking at me, and answered it.

“Swan residence,” He replied, his voice low and intense. I saw his face twist into a sneer. “Yeah,” He said shortly, thrusting the phone at me.

“Hello?” I asked, confused. Who could make Jacob this upset?

“Bella! You’re not dead!” The smooth voice of Jasper Cullen exclaimed. The phone slid out of my grasp, clattering to the floor. I fumbled to pick it up.

“Just as clumsy as usual, I see,” He noted. “So, how come you’re…alive? Alice said that she saw you jump off a cliff…”

I sighed. “I did, but it was for fun, you know, cliff diving! And then I got home and Alice was here. And then, it’s just, I’m so happy that I didn’t make it all up, that the vampires weren’t just part of my imagination. You’re real, and you actually care about me. Well, at least-”

Jasper cut off my emotional tirade. “Bella, calm down. I can feel it from here, you’re freaking out. Take a deep breath. Now, is Alice there?”

“Nope, but she’ll be here soon. I’ll have her call you, ‘k?”

“Alright. Take care, Bella.” He said reassuringly, and then hung up.

I sighed, setting the phone back into its place. I looked over at Jake, and was shocked at the venom in his expression.

“So, the leeches are coming back?” He snarled, shaking slightly. “One wasn’t enough?”

“Jake,” I started. “I don’t know. I know that…he isn’t. Why would he?” I said with a short, humorless laugh.

Jacob’s face softened. “Hey, Bells, it’s okay. We’ll manage, don’t worry. Ugh,” He wrinkled his nose. “Your friend is waiting for me to leave. I’ll see you later,” He wrapped his arms around me, engulfing me in a huge hug.

“Bye Jake,” I murmured. He grinned, and then loped out the front door.

“Finally,” Alice sang as she crossed the threshold a minute later. “Jasper called, right?” After seeing my nod, she streaked to the phone, dialing rapidly.

Her voice was quick and low, impossible to hear. “Well then,” She said, beside me once more. “Jasper will be here soon, and then we’ll have to leave in a few days.”

I could feel my face crumple. “What? I guess if you don’t want him here, he doesn’t need to come…” Alice said, misinterpreting my unhappiness.

“No, I’d love for him to come! It’s just…do you have to leave?” I asked, my voice shaking slightly.

“Oh, Bella,” Alice sighed, leading me over to the couch. “We really shouldn’t stay. There are the werewolves, and then people are going to notice if we start showing up…All in all, Bella, we really can’t.”

I knew she was right, I just couldn’t accept it. “Alice, if you guys leave again…It’ll be like last time! I can’t go through that again!”

Alice’s golden eyes were round with fear. “No no no, Bella, it won’t be like that. We’ll visit and keep in touch; we just can’t stay for long!” Her soft voice was persuasive and soothing.

I merely nodded my head, to upset to speak. We sat there on the couch, my head resting on her granite shoulder, until the cruiser pulled up in the drive way.

“Charlie needs dinner,” I yawned, stumbling up.

“Hey, Bella, Alice,” Charlie greeted us sullenly when he walked inside.

“Hey, Dad…How was the funeral?” I asked, worried. His gray hair and wrinkled face were not comforting.

“Sue’ll be alright, and I…I’ll be fine. What’s for dinner?” He asked, changing the subject.

“How about…lasagna?” After seeing him bob his head, I pulled some leftovers out from the fridge.

It wasn’t until later that night, as I slept in my bed with Alice’s hand resting lightly on my forehead that Jasper arrived.

It was the cool wind that rushed in when the window opened that woke me. My eyes snapped open to see Alice locked in Jaspers arms and the sky a very faint pink.

He was murmuring to her, his words to low to understand properly. When I yawned, his dimly gold eyes shot to my face