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When you didn't die

New Moon AU: Alice never told Rosalie that Bella jumped, and so Edward never knew, and didn't go running off to the Volturi. Alice, however, still went to check on Bella. Starts during New Moon, when Charlie's at the funeral and Bella and Jake are at the kitchen table. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


12. Damn those hunky boys. Why ain't they real? Why?

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Once the shimmers from the vampires began to fade, Alice cut in. “Alright, Jasper, I think she’s had enough dancing for one day,”

I was covered in sweat, and my legs were weak with the exercise.

“But darlin’, she was just getting the open close part!” Jasper protested, his angelic face grimacing.

“Jazzy, Bella’s a human,” Alice said gently. “You’ve got to let her go home now. Maybe another time you can teach her more,”

Jasper sighed. “Bella, I really hope you become a vampire soon. Nobody else will dance with me any more…Alice hasn’t danced swing with me for decades!”

I had to laugh at his face, which pleaded for me to stay in the meadow and dance the night away.

“Sorry Jasper, but I really ought to get home now…what time is it?” I asked, realizing for the first time that Charlie didn’t know where I was and it was definitely getting late.

“It’s only 7:15, Charlie won’t be home till 8:00. Don’t worry, I’ve checked ahead!” Alice said, tapping her forehead with a thud.

“Wow!” The time caused my stomach to recognize it’s emptiness, which it promptly announced with a growl.

Emmet laughed. “I’ll take you home, Bells,”

I bit my lip. “Well, do you think you could take me to La Push?”

Emmet frowned. “You wanna go see those dogs? I mean, you may be dating one of them, but still…ick.”

“Hey, lay off of them. They’ve been really good to Bella.” Alice said, uncharacteristically sticking up for the werewolves.

“Yup, so could you pretty please take me to the border?” I jutted out my lower lip and batted my lashes.

“Fine, fine,” Emmet said, sighing. “Get back in the jeep,”

“Later guys,” I said to the other Cullen’s.

I used Emmet’s phone to call Jake and tell him to meet me at the border.

Emmet and I started off down the narrow dirt path in his monstrous jeep. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to contribute much to the conversation – Emmet was like Jess in a way that he could keep talking about things without much prodding. However, he had interesting things to say, so I paid attention and laughed a lot.

He stopped talking abruptly as the jeep halted. “Here ya go, kid,”

“Thanks for the ride, Emmet. And thanks for the whole day, too. You made shopping much more bearable,” I said, although Emmet knew that he had most certainly not helped to make the shopping more bearable.

“No problem, little sis,” Even though it was completely casual, the words meant so much to me that I impulsively leaned over and kissed his stone cold cheek.

“Get out of here,” He said, laughing.

I smiled and hopped out of the car.

Jacob was waiting by his Rabbit, leaning against the hood with his arms crossed. He nodded at Emmet, who inclined his head in return.

“Jake!” I greeted him, wrapping my arms around his huge, warm body. He hugged me close at first, and then pushed me away.

“Eww,” He complained. “You stink.”

I glared. “Oh gee, thanks a bunch,” I punched him lightly on the shoulder. “Great thing to tell your girlfriend,”

He grinned impishly. “Sorry, babe,”

He opened my door, and I slid into the passenger seat.

He hopped in on his side, and we drove through the quiet forest towards his little home.

“I called Charlie and told him you were coming over…Dad’s making our special secret-recipe-spaghetti,” Jake said, grinning.

“Yum,” I said, thinking of the can of Ragu Billy was opening at the moment.

We parked in front of the house, and neither of us moved. Jacob said in his seat and looked ahead, his face torn.

“What’s wrong, Jacob?” I asked quietly.

“It’s the leeches,” He murmured, so quietly I had to strain to hear him. “It’s been days, but we’re no closer to finding them than we were before we even knew it was an army. Even with the Cullen’s, this crazy bitch is leading us on false trails and attacking even more people. In the paper today, three more disappearances were reported, just from yesterday. This is going on for way to long, but there’s nothing more we can do to stop it,” His voice had risen by this point and his face filled with anger.

I didn’t know what to say at first. I’d thought that at least some progress was being made. No one had bothered to tell me otherwise.

He took a deep breath, and turned to face me. “Okay, Bells, I’m better now. Sorry,”

“It’s alright,” I assured him. “Just…couldn’t we leave a trail for her to follow? One that would lead her to us?”

He thought for a moment. “That sounds good…but what could we do to get her to come? It’d have to be something she’s really looking for, to follow…”

He clenched his jaw.

“There’s always me,” I suggested in a small voice.

“I can’t let you be in danger,” He said, his hands gripping the steering wheel to keep from shaking.

“I don’t need to be at wherever we have this epic battle, just walk through and leave my scent in a path,” I continued quickly.

He scanned the forest in front of us for a moment. “That…could work,” He admitted grudgingly.

“Duh,” I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t get to full of yourself, it’s definitely unattractive,” Jacob cautioned, earning himself a punch on the arm. Not that he could feel it.

“Ouch,” I mumbled.

He laughed, and the sound was so carefree I had to laugh as well.

We climbed out of the car and walked up to the door.

“After you, madam,” Jacob held it open for me.

“Why thank you,” I exclaimed.

We walked in laughing.

“Hey kids,” Billy greeted us.

“Haven’t seen you two in forever,” Charlie said. I hadn’t seen him at first; he was placing plates around the tiny table.

“Take a seat, take a seat,” Billy waved us forward into the tiny kitchen.

Jacob plopped down into his seat and began piling his plate high with spaghetti and salad.

“You eat like a dog, Jake,” Charlie commented, taking a seat beside me.

“You’d think he was one, the way that boy acts,” Billy agreed.

We all tackled our delicious meal, with Charlie and Billy making corny jokes that they obviously found funny.

The dishes were piled in the seat and the four of us sat crowded around the tiny TV in the living room.

“SCORE!!!” The boys called in unison as their favorite team made a point. I didn’t even really understand what sport was on.

After the cheer was made a few times, Jacob suddenly stiffed beside me, his nostrils flared. His hands shook slightly.

Billy looked at him sharply. “Are you alright Jacob? I think you look pretty sick; wanna step outside?”

“Good idea,” Jacob said, heading quickly for the front door.

I jumped up off of the couch and followed Jacob to the front door, which he barreled through and stood opposite whoever the newcomer was.

A moment after he burst outside, I slunk behind Jake, peering over his shoulder to see Edward Cullen glaring at us.

“What. Are. You. Doing. Here,” Jacob said, breathing deeply to calm himself.

Edward opened his mouth to speak.

“You know what? I actually don’t care. You broke the treaty, leech,” Jacob snarled.

Edward spoke quickly. “We’ve got a lead on Victoria, she’s directly north of Forks and has her army with her,”

Jacob froze, the tremors running down his back stopping. “She’s…here?”

Edward nodded grimly. “I thought you’d like to know that sooner rather than later. And seeing as you have Bella, I decided I’d take the initiative and come here.”

“Watch her for a moment, please,” Jacob choked out, pulling his shirt off. He dashed into the trees beside us.

It was silent.

Edward looked at me, and I looked up at the sky.

“Beautiful weather, isn’t it?” I said politely.

“Incredibly,” Edward agreed in his soft voice.

I gazed resolutely above me.

He stepped closer. “Bella, I know you’ll protest, but we need to get you away from here, for as long as Victoria still lives,”

I dropped my eyes to see him. The moon was peeking out from behind the clouds and caused him to shimmer dimly.

“Where would I go?” I asked.

“I must talk to Jacob about it, but one of us would get on a plane with you and go north into Canada.” He said, his eyes a light butterscotch.

“Why couldn’t I just stay here, in La Push?” I asked, wondering why on earth I had to go so far.

“I can’t protect you here,” Edward said quietly.

“I have Jacob to protect me, Edward,” I said sharply. “And the rest of the pack, and Alice, and Emmet, and Jasper,”

“And me,” Edward said, stopping me. “You may not want anything to do with me, and I’ll just have to live with that. But I’m going to be looking out for your safety, no matter what you choose, if it’s being with me, or the mutt, or some human. I’ll be protecting you for every step you take.”

I scoffed, since it was the only sound I could aptly make without allowing tears to come to my eyes. “That sounds really creepy,” It was true. I mean, ‘every step you take’?

Jacob jogged back to us.

Edward looked at him, and nodded. “Bella, you’re coming with me. I’ll take you to the house and Rosalie will stay with you there.”

Jacob ignored Edward and walked straight up to me, planting his lips firmly on mine in a way that made fear rise up inside of me. He wrapped his long brown arms around me and squeezed me tightly. I didn’t want to tell him that I was having trouble breathing, or that my organs were going to be squished.

“Bella,” He mumbled into my ear. “You’re going to stay with the blonde Cullen tonight, while the rest of them and the pack go up north to get rid of these bloodsuckers, okay?” His voice was rough with anxiety. “We’ll take care of her and you’ll be safe.”

“You’ll be okay, right?” I said, pulling back enough to see his face.

“Me? Of course I’ll be fine. But you, you just stay safe, alright? I can’t let you get hurt, or anything, I can’t.”

I nodded dumbly and let him crush me to him again.

Edward coughed lightly. “Perhaps Bella should go tell Charlie that she’ll be staying with Alice tonight?”

I tugged myself out of Jacob’s hold and opened the door to his house. “Come on, you have to talk to Billy,” I told Jake quietly.

“Billy, Jacob says he needs to talk to you,” I announced, sending Billy outside. “Uh, Dad, is it okay if I spend the night at Alice Cullen’s house?”

He raised his eyebrows. “What do you mean?”

Oh crap. Crap, crap, crap. “The Cullen’s are, uh, back,” I said lamely, forgetting that he hadn’t known about the family’s official return.

“Back? All of them?” He asked angrily.

“Yes, Dad, but don’t worry! It’s just Alice and Esme tonight, and Alice wanted me to come over so I could help her with some shopping problems, and then she suggested that I spend the night so that we could bond and all…”

Charlie’s face was furious. “You think it’s alright for the Cullen’s to just come back? Do they still have that boy with them?”

“Dad, calm down,” I said hurriedly.

“I will not calm down! Edward fucking Cullen is back and you plan to just waltz over to his house?” I had never heard Charlie swear before, and his face was getting a bright red.

“CHARLIE,” I said loudly. He stopped and looked at me. “Dad, the Cullen’s are back and yes, Edward is too. But I have chosen to not associate myself with him for the time being. That doesn’t mean that I’ll ignore the rest of them. I love them all very much,” I continued calmly.

He took a deep breath. “You call me in the morning, alright?”

“Yes, of course Dad. Thank you,” I stood next to him and kissed his stubbly cheek softly. “I love you,”

He blushed. “Love you too, kid. Go on, have fun,” He mumbled.

I went outside to find Billy hugging Jacob.

“No getting hurt, son,” He was saying.

“Aw, come on, Dad, it’s just a bunch of leeches. We got it,” Jake said, trying to squirm out of Billy’s firm grasp.

Billy let him go, and Jacob snapped upright. “Come home soon. Be safe, Bella,” He said to me before wheeling himself back into the house.

Jacob looked at me. “Go ahead with Edward, okay Bells?” He held me again, though this time much less bone-breaking.

“I love you,” He said.

“Don’t get hurt, or you will be in huge trouble,” I warned him.

I walked over to Edward. “Climb on,” He told me, turning around.

“Great,” I muttered. I hopped onto his back, and we were off.

I held on tightly, not because of his amazingly muscled body, but because of the fear that coursed through me. Unlike cliff diving, this fear was not the fun kind. And I’ll admit, I held on maybe just a little because of his muscles. But only little.