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When you didn't die

New Moon AU: Alice never told Rosalie that Bella jumped, and so Edward never knew, and didn't go running off to the Volturi. Alice, however, still went to check on Bella. Starts during New Moon, when Charlie's at the funeral and Bella and Jake are at the kitchen table. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


3. Holy whama zamma!

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I sighed, and then walked slowly to the kitchen. “I guess I should call Jake,” I thought out loud, reaching for the phone.

He answered on the first ring. “’Lo?” His deep voice mumbled.

“Jake!” I squealed.

“Bella!” His voice matched mine for enthusiasm. “Are the lee-sorry, are they gone?”

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, they are. But they’re my friends, Jacob, so they’ll be around sometimes. Do you want to hang out today?”

“Bella,” He started, and I could picture him rolling his eyes in turn. “Of course I do! Let’s go cliff diving, and this time you won’t nearly drown.”

I laughed. “Sure thing. See you in a few!” I hurried outside, eager to distract my mind.

Jacob scooped me up in a hug the moment I stopped the car.

“Jake, put me down!” I squealed, smacking his shoulder.

“Sure thing, Bells. The guys wanted to come…is that ok?” He gestured at the group of hulking teenagers standing behind him.

“Yeah, that’s cool. Hey Quil, Embry,” I waved at the two werewolves I knew the best.

They all grinned at me (save Paul, who still didn’t like me) and led the way to the cliffs.

“Want to start from here?” Sam asked when we reached the halfway point.

“No way! I want to jump from the top,” I informed him. He raised his eyebrows but consented.

When my body hit the frigid water, I nearly gasped for two reasons. It felt as if ice was flowing through my veins, for one thing, and for another…I heard it again.

ISABELLA SWAN! Edward yelled. I thought you had stopped this!

Jake grabbed me from behind and pulled me up to the surface, where I breathed in deep breaths of air, my eyes wide.

Nope. I like hearing you to much, I replied smugly.

“Wasn’t that great, Bells?” Jacob asked, swimming to the shore. I followed slowly.

“Amazing!” I agreed.

The pack all laughed at my state of euphoria, thinking it was merely from the fall. I’ll admit that was part of it, but hearing Edward’s perfect voice…

We jumped thousands of times more, but Edward seemed to have left my head for the time being. Cliff diving was still fun, though, and we ended the day at Emily’s eating blueberry muffins, everyone crammed in the kitchen.

Jake volunteered to drive me home. Good thing I accepted, seeing as how I was shaken awake when we got to my house.

“Thanks, Jake,” I murmured.

“No problem, Bells.” Jake answered. Neither of us moved.

“Bella…” Jake started. “Do you think, that day, when the leech called…” He stopped.

“Jake? What?” I sat up a little.

“Well, do you think we could’ve…” His voice was embarrassed. I glanced up at him.

“Could’ve…what? Gone ice-skating?” I asked, interested in what could make Jacob embarrassed.

“No. Um,” Jake sighed. “This.” He leaned close and gently pressed his warm lips to mine.

“Whoa,” I said when he leaned back. “Um…”

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have.” He mumbled.

“No! I mean…it wasn’t half bad.” I smiled at him and leaned in. His warm, soft lips pushed against mine, a new and welcome thing. Once I was nearly passed out from lack of breathing, I pulled away and grinned.

“Night,” I said, and slid out of the truck. Once I reached the door, I glanced over my shoulder and laughed. Jacob was still leaning over slightly, his face dumbstruck. “Bye!” I called.

“Hey…where are you going?” He answered, shaking out of his revere. He jumped out of my truck, kicked the door closed behind him, and ran over to me.

“You can’t just spring an amazing kiss on me and then walk away, Bells.” He said his voice accusing.

“I’m sorry, Jake. Anything I can do to make it up to you?” We both grinned, and leaned in for another kiss.

“Besides kiss me? You can come over to my house tomorrow.” Jacob hugged me close. I breathed in the woodsy smell of him.

“See you,” I murmured, and went inside.

Once I was in my bed, I drifted towards sleep. My eyes sliding shut, I imagined seeing a tangle of brilliant orange.