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When you didn't die

New Moon AU: Alice never told Rosalie that Bella jumped, and so Edward never knew, and didn't go running off to the Volturi. Alice, however, still went to check on Bella. Starts during New Moon, when Charlie's at the funeral and Bella and Jake are at the kitchen table. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


6. A sweet surprise

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“You better wake me up,” I warned.

She laughed quietly, though it still managed to ring. “Of course, Bella. Now go to sleep!”

I willingly complied. It had definitely been a long day.

Before my mind completely slipped away from consciousness, I had to make sure. “Alice?” I mumbled.

“Hmm?” She asked quietly.

“Don’t tell Jacob about Edward,” I muttered. I clutched Alice’s granite hand as I fell asleep.


“BELLS!” called a booming voice that I hadn’t heard in forever.

“Emmet, Charlie’s next door!” I mumbled, cracking my eyes open. I yawned and stretched. Sitting up, I saw that my room was very cramped.

“It’s so good to see you Bella!” Esme said softly, reaching over and grasping me in a warm hug. Carlisle smiled and gave me a quick squeeze.

Emmet shoved his ‘father’ out of the way and scooped me up in his signature bear hug.

“Emmet! I…can’t…breathe…” I gasped out.

Emmet chuckled. “Whoops. Sorry bout that!”

Behind him stood Rosalie, looking awkward and out of place. “Hey, Bella,” She murmured.

Well, at least she acknowledged my existence. “Hi, Rosalie,” I said back, waving.

A calm spread through the room, making me sleepy again. “Jasper!” I complained.

“Sorry, Bella,” He said, poking his head out from behind his ‘parents’.

“You ready to kick some major butt?” Emmet said to Jasper, punching him on the shoulder.

Jasper flashed him a grin. “You know I am,” He said, his southern voice menacing.

I glanced at the clock on my bedside table. The bright numbers read 10:57.

“Are we going to go meet the pack soon?” I asked Alice, who was at my side.

“Yep,” She said, wrinkling her nose daintily.

“I can’t believe we’ve resorted so low, as to work with mutts,” Jasper said, shaking his head.

“Hear, hear,” Rosalie muttered.

Carlisle frowned. “Those werewolves have been here for Bella, and we need to appreciate that. I don’t want to hear any insults while we’re working with them, understand?” He looked at each of his children.

Emmet scuffed his foot on the ground and looked down. “Jeez, Carlisle, take the fun out of life, why doncha.”

I giggled. Emmet glared at me. “What? He’s such a fun sucker.”

Alice laughed. “Haha, fun sucker?” She glanced at all of our faces, her smile slipping. “Oh, come on, you’ve got to get it. Sucker, as in sucks, like sucks blood? God, guys, you aren’t a very funny crowd.” She frowned.

Jasper pulled her to his chest and leaned his head down to her level. “I thought it was very funny, dear,” He murmured, pressing his lips to hers.

“Get a room!” yelled Emmet.

Rosalie just rolled her eyes, and Esme smiled at her family.

It made my chest ache, seeing the love and family amongst them. I would have been in that moment, if Edward hadn’t left…I may have gotten past the pain, but I still longed for the vampire family I would have gained. And I never said that Edward wasn’t still as…attractive to me. I just had Jacob now too.

A cool breeze swept in through my open window, causing me to shiver.

“Oh, here, dear,” Esme said, pulling a blanket off of my bed and wrapping it snugly around me.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Alright, Bella, are you ready to go?” Carlisle asked.

I nodded.

“Ooof!” I gasped as Emmet scooped my up again. “I get Bella!” He called, shaking the house slightly.

“Emmet!” I hissed. “Charlie!”

The other Cullen’s laughed. I just shook my head and glared out the window.

A moment later, we were gliding through the air towards the ground, which we hit with barely a thud.

A second was all it took for us to come to a halt surrounded by trees and giant wolves.

Emmet set me down gently and then cracked his knuckles.

“Ease up, dude,” Jasper murmured to him. “I can hardly stay in place; you’ve got me so excited.”

Emmet just grinned and looked at the closest wolf, who was nearly the biggest and easily the most beautiful – Jacob.

While the other wolves hung back, together in a tight group with Sam standing human in the lead, Jake pranced forward to push me with his nose.

“Hey, Jacob,” I laughed. I buried my face into his fur, breathing in the woodsy scent. I don’t know what everyone was talking about when they said everyone smelled bad.

Jasper floated into the front of the Cullen huddle, looking slightly nervous. “Alright, dogs,” He began, “As I’m sure you know, we have reason to believe that there are a number of vampires in close proximity to us, and that their target appears to be…Bella,”

Sam nodded. “We’ve heard.”

“And…I have a feeling that it might be…newborns,” He said reluctantly, glancing back at Alice. “With my background, I have the most knowledge of dealing with these types of situations, and will teach you how to battle in the most effective way.” Without warning, Jasper turned sharply and ran to stand directly in front of me. “How much do you know about me, Bella?”

It was hard to think with those piercing gold eyes boring into mine. “Umm, not much,” I answered.

He rolled up the sleeve of his beige shirt and whipped a cell phone out of his pocket. He held the phone open above his exposed arm, lighting it was bright light. There, barely noticeable against his creamy white skin, was a raised crescent shaped mark.

“Jasper,” I gasped, “You have a scar just like me,”

“I have many scars like yours. I was changed in 1863, a twenty year old in the Confederate States army by a vampire by the name of Maria.” Jasper said softly.

“Could you skip the bio? We need to learn to fight, and this story doesn’t seem to help us.” Sam snapped.

Emmet growled menacingly. “Shut it, dog,”

Sam grimaced, but said nothing more.

“Well, I guess the story really begins before my time. You see, Bella, there are some places in our world where the life of vampires are measured in weeks, months, rather than years and decades. In the south, vampires truly are the stuff of stories. They come out only during the night, and during the day they plot their next moves. Imagine a map, and each person in a city is a red dot. Now, imagine a place with the most dots – the most people. Now, it has been war in the south for centuries, with no truces’, no end in sight. Vampires were trying to gain as much territory as they could.”

“But why were they fighting?” I asked.

Jasper smiled hauntingly. “Remember the red dots? The vampires were fighting for control over the places with the most dots. The more dots in their area, the more often they could feed without risking notice from the humans.”

“Yet the most effective tactic of gaining and defending territory was invented by a fairly young vampire, Benito. He created the idea of making an army of vampires. Not just vampires, specifically, but newborn vampires. And with this army, he defeated coven after coven, taking over their territory and massacring them.”

“But how come he won? Didn’t the other covens have enough people to defend themselves?” I asked, my voice barely more than a whisper.

“Very young vampires are wild, strong, and unreasonable. Teaching just one newborn restraint and reason is very possible, but many of them together are a nightmare. Although they are dangerous, however, they can be defeated if you know what you’re doing. Newborns are very strong, due to the blood still in them from when they were human, but they are slaves to their instincts, and thus predictable. Usually, they have no skill, just muscle and ferocity.”

“Soon other vampires began to catch on. The only way that they could protect themselves from Benito was to make their own armies…All hell broke loose. Literally.”

“When humans were being slaughtered at epidemic proportions, the Volturi stepped in. The entire guard came together and slaughtered every newborn in the bottom half of North America, starting with Benito’s army. They were cleaning house for about a year. Vampires have their own history, and this chapter will never be forgotten.”

I had never seen Jasper horrified or even afraid, yet here he was, his face contorted in pain as he recalled the past.

“When the Volturi went back to Italy, the vampires left quickly staked their claims. It wasn’t long until they began disputing again about territory. And the idea of newborns was hard to resist. The Volturi hadn’t been forgotten, however, and the southerners went about the armies in a much more careful manner. Newborns were selected from the humans with more care, and they had more training. The wars resumed, but on a much smaller, quieter scale.”

Jasper was staring into the distance. The wolves and I were all hanging onto his every word. The other Cullen’s, however, had probably heard this story many times before, and were talking silently.

“That’s how you were changed,” I realized.

Jasper looked back at me, and gave a small smile. “Yes. I lived in Houston, Texas, as a human, and joined the confederate army at the age of 17, although I lied and said I was 20. Although it was short lived, my military career was promising. People had always liked me…my father called it ‘charismatic’. I was promoted quickly through the ranks, and was soon the youngest major in Texas, not even acknowledging my true age. And then, one night, I saw three beautiful women on the side of the road. One, Maria, said she thought I had potential. The other two ran off to go ‘hunt’, and Maria leaned in and said ‘I truly hope you survive, Jasper,’ before…” He stopped, apparently lost in thought.

“A few days later, I awoke into the world of vampires. Maria made use of my…charisma, to train the newborns she created. Our army was strong and also successful. Newborns, however, wane in strength after about the year mark. So, naturally, they needed to be disposed of…Maria thought I was especially talented at that.”

I shivered. “Disposed?”

Jacob growled and leaned against me. I ran my fingers through his long coat, silently telling him to hush.

“Do you know how you kill a vampire, Bella?” Jasper asked me, once again looking into my eyes. I nodded solemnly. “Well…that is how you dispose of them.”

The wolves shifted restlessly. I could only imagine how hard it must have been for them to sit idle while their enemy talked of killing.

“One vampire, Peter, had lasted longer than most newborns. He was given the task of helping me dispose of the newborns. One evening, as we were getting ready to take care of the latest group, he spoke to me. Told me that he was going…taking a newborn, Charlotte, with him. At first I told him that I couldn’t let him…but when the time came and Charlotte was in front of us, ready to die, Peter grabbed her and turned to face me. He told me that he was sick of the killing. And…I let him go. Maria gave me hell for it, but I let him go.” Jasper’s face was in pain.

“After a time, I thought of what he had said…all the killing. The pointless, endless killing. And I too was sick of it. It was simply depressing. And…I left. I met up with Peter and Charlotte, who welcomed me to the lifestyle of, well, most vampires. But I was still depressed. And so, I drifted.”

“It was a rainy day in Philadelphia. I was outside in the day, something I was not used to yet. My eyes were dark, which meant I would blend in more with the humans, although it put their safety in dangerous question. Standing out in the rain, however, was not a human thing to do, so I headed inside a little, crowded diner. And when I walked in, there she was,” Jasper turned his faraway gaze to Alice, who grinned. “She hopped off of the bar stool, headed straight towards me, and held out her hand. This was new to me – what did this strange vampire want? Was she going to attack me? She just said ‘You’ve kept me waiting,’”

Alice laughed. “And you ducked your head and said ‘I’m sorry, ma’am,’ like a good southern gentleman.”

“Alice had seen the Cullen family, and their way of life. I took her hand, without even thinking, and never once looked back.” Jasper reached forward, and Alice gently grasped his hand.

“Edward and I got back from hunting and all of his things were in the garage!” Emmet said, his booming laugh following.

Alice shrugged. “His room had the best view.”

“Alright, guys, hate to break up this little memoir, but don’t we have some fighting to learn?” Sam interrupted.

“My apologies,” Emmet snarled. A feeling of ease spread through the clearing.

“Alright…so you’ve all heard how newborns are strong, volatile, and wild. Emmet, come here, please,” Jasper called, motioning for Emmet to join him in the center.

“Now, Emmet will be displaying a typical newborn. We will perform a mock fight. Watch carefully.” Jasper stopped about 20 feet away from Emmet. He nodded slightly, and Emmet grinned.

Emmet bowled forward, his thick arms swiping at Jasper’s head.

Only a moment passed, and Jasper was standing on the opposite side of the field, and Emmet was running towards him again, his grin slipping.

Ducking under the punches once again, Jasper grasped Emmet’s shoulder’s and whipped his head around so his teeth were against his Emmet’s throat. Emmet froze, then groaned in defeat. “Fine, fine, you win…”

Jasper grinned before straightening up. “Alice?” He called.

Alice smiled sweetly and danced out to meet him.

Jasper must have seen my horrified face, because he grinned. “It’s alright, Bella. Alice may be small, but she has her own surprises,”

I still had doubts, but shrugged.

Alice stood opposite Jasper, closing her eyes and allowing a satisfied smile to creep onto her angelic face.

Jasper crouched and stared intently at the tiny vampire in front of him for a moment, and with a burst of speed was suddenly right behind Alice. He grimaced, and wheeled around towards her again. It was like Jasper went straight through her.

After this happened 3 more times, I realized that no, Alice wasn’t a ghost, she was taking tiny steps to the side whenever she saw Jasper’s move.

Jasper was jumping at her once again, when she lifted her arms up to grab him as he leaped over her and pulled him down to her side, where her lips pressed against his cold throat. “Gotcha,” She laughed.

Jasper grinned. “Alright, who’d like a turn?”

While the other vampires and wolves clamored to be next, I snuggled my face into Jacob’s warm fur. He turned his massive head to lick my face with his tongue. “Ugh, gross! Grow up, Jake,” I laughed, shoving his side.

He did a wolf laugh and brushed his tail around my side. I sighed. “I love you, Jacob Black.”

His fur disappeared. Suddenly the human Jacob was sitting next to me, holding me in his arms. “You don’t know how badly I’ve wanted to hear you say that.” He murmured, leaning in to kiss me. I eagerly lifted my face to meet his, allowing his warmth to envelope me, making me forget that an evil vampire stalker was building up an army to kill me.

Eventually, Jacob withdrew and cradled me against his chest. And that was when I realized that he had transformed into a human…and thus lost his pants. “Jake!” I gasped. “Your pants!!”

He laughed and phased, still letting out a barking laugh. I shook my head and leaned into his fur again, smiling as I drifted to sleep.

When I woke up, I was wrapped in blankets in my bed, sunlight streaming through the windows.

“Sun…that’s strange,” I said, stretching.

“You’re awake now?” Alice asked, her perky face popping into view. “You kept talking all night…I was never sure if you were awake or asleep or dead…I don’t know.”

“Yeah, I kind of sleep talk…so how’d it go last night?” I asked, already fully awake. I sat up and leaned against my pillow.

“It was very beneficial…and that little make-out session with Jacob definitely helped us learn about fighting newborns,” She said, smirking.

“Shut up, Alice,” I said, punching her lightly in the shoulder. “Ow,” I mumbled.

Alice laughed her tinkling laugh. “Come on, don’t you need breakfast?”

“I guess,” I shrugged, and hopped out of bed. A band aid peeled off of my left leg, revealing a slightly crusty scar.

“Doc says it’ll fade soon,” Alice said, noticing my glance.

I made a face at my disturbing leg, and then headed out towards the stairs. Once in the kitchen, I poured some Cheerios and milk in a bowl. Plopping into a seat, I shoved a mouthful of cereal into my mouth.

“So would you mind if the Cullen’s came back to school?” Alice said casually.

“What??” I spluttered, choking on my cereal. Alice patted my back gently. “Thanks,” I murmured once I could speak again. “But how could you explain the missing Edward?”

“Eat your food first,” Alice cautioned.

I raised my eyebrow. “Whatever,” I said, deciding to take her advice.

I was brushing my teeth when Alice decided to talk again.

“He’s coming back.”

I looked at her through the mirror. She was staring at me, and wringing her hands with enough force to probably crush my skull.

“Oh really?” I asked, maintaining a cool voice.

“He was going to check up anyways, to make sure that you hadn’t died. But he talked to Rosalie, and she told him about what’s going on…so he’s coming back. To help,” Alice sighed. “He really does love you, Bella. Maybe you could give him a shot again?”