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When you didn't die

New Moon AU: Alice never told Rosalie that Bella jumped, and so Edward never knew, and didn't go running off to the Volturi. Alice, however, still went to check on Bella. Starts during New Moon, when Charlie's at the funeral and Bella and Jake are at the kitchen table. Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


7. So I had some delicious lemon chiffon cake the other day.

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I rolled my eyes. “Alice, I love Jacob. And…well, I’m not completely sure about how I feel about Edward. The pain he put me through was…bad. And I’m only just getting over it, many thanks to Jacob. My…well, my boyfriend. And…I don’t know! Edward…well, he’s Edward. And, well, he has to deal with the fact that I just don’t know!!”

“Don’t tell me, tell him! He’ll be at our house by the time you get out of school.” Alice said.

“Oh yeah, school…See you later!” I said, tossing my dishes into the sink and running outside to my truck.

“Bella!” Alice called.

I sighed, a foot from the truck, and turned to face her. “Yeah?”

“Do you think you might, I don’t know, need your backpack?” She asked, holding the navy bag.

I blushed my signature scarlet. “Thanks,” I muttered, reaching out. She placed it in my hand, since she was right next to me.

“So…are you going to La Push after school? Or could you come straight to my place?” Alice asked.

“I have to talk to Jake…how about I come over around 5?” I suggested, knowing Jacob would kill me if I didn’t tell him this latest vampire development.

“Okay. Have fun!” Alice chirped. I climbed into the cab. “Don’t talk to strangers!” She continued, sounding like a mom on her child’s first day of school. I put the truck into reverse. “It’s going to rain during 3rd period – your umbrellas in the passenger seat!” I pulled out of the driveway. “Practice safe sex!” She called, waving.

I peeled down the street, pushing my car to its creaking, groaning limit.

“That was embarrassing,” Someone said next to me.

“Oh yes,” I agreed. Wait. I was in my truck. I looked out the window, and running next to me was Emmet. “What the hell?”

“Hey Bella! Just checking up on my favorite human! How can you drive with that thing on your arm?” He asked, easily keeping up with my truck.

I looked down to my arm, which I had almost forgotten was encased in a cast.

“I don’t know, Emmet. I’m just cool like that.”

“Yeah…of course you are. Well, the humans are coming, so I’d best be off. See you later,” He grinned and burst away from me into the forest.

“That was strange,” I told myself. “Well, that’s what you get for hanging around with mythical creatures.”

When I reached the parking lot at school, I pulled up next to Angela Webber, who was just getting out of her slightly rusty blue car.

“Bella!” She greeted me, waving.

“Hey Angela, beautiful day, isn’t it?” I said warmly, glancing into the cloudy sky.

“Umm…yeah. Totally,” Angela said, giving me a look. “Anyways…do you want to go see a movie sometime? We just need to hang out, you know? But if you don’t really want to that’s cool too. Maybe we could go shopping, or hang out at my house…”

“A movie sounds great!” I replied. “How about tomorrow night? I’m booked tonight.”

“Yeah, sure,” She agreed. “So…mind telling me what happened to your arm? I don’t think anything that bad happened, considering it is you…”

“Hey hey hey,” I said in mock anger. “Well, I was in a car accident. Really, the doctors thought it was way worse than it was.”

Angela laughed and walked with me to first period. It was nice to just talk with her awhile.

It wasn’t until lunch that I heard the rumors going around.

“-called the hospital-” “-Cullen’s? No way-” “Damn! The blonde one?” “-have to get hurt more, maybe Dr. Cullen will fix me up-”

I sat down slowly next to next to Mike. “What’s up?” I asked him, looking around at the table full of gossiping teenagers.

“Bella,” He started, looking into my eyes. “I heard that…the Cullen’s are coming back. Did you know anything about it?”

“How about Edward? Did he call you and let you know? Oh, wait…didn’t he break up with you?” Lauren leaned forward from her seat across from Mike. She smirked, raising her eyebrows.

Jessica kicked her gently. “Come on, Lauren…that was a little harsh. Do you remember how she was when he left?” Her voice had dropped to a half whisper…which meant everyone could hear it.

“Answer me, Bella. Did he tell you? What are you going to do now? Sit back and pretend that nothing happened?” Lauren pushed, an ugly grin spreading on her face.

“Well, Mike, the Cullen’s have been back for a few days.” I said to Mike, ignoring Lauren. “Alice spent the last few nights at my house. Everything’s…cool, I guess.”

Angela looked at me from across the table. “Really? That’s good,” She said vaguely. Her tone told me that she had about a million questions.

“I got a chance to talk with them. They really missed me, so we’ve spent practically the last week together. It’s fine, don’t worry.” Although she still looked suspicious, Angela let it drop.

Mike fidgeted. “So, Bella…what about Ed-OWW!” He yelped, grabbing his leg. “Way to kick me, Angela!” He scowled while the others laughed.

“Thanks,” I murmured to Angela. Just then the bell rang. I jumped up. “Bye guys!”

“Hey Bella, wait up!” Mike called. I just walked faster.

That talk could wait.


“Honey, don’t worry about it. If they go to school…then they’ll be at school. The main thing is that you’ll be safe. At school, here, even at home. There will always be someone there for you.” Jacob said once I finished my rant about how nervous I was to have Alice, Edward, and Jasper back at school. “Anyways, wasn’t Jasper a senior last year?”

“Yeah…but now they’re using the excuse that he didn’t technically have enough credits last year. So he’ll be a senior…again…and the citizens of Forks will have to accept it, because the Cullen’s are just being thoughtful, making sure that their son is able to really graduate…whatever.” I shrugged.

“Aren’t you cold?” Jake asked. The cool beach air was gently blowing around our driftwood log.

I fluttered my eyelashes at him. “Oh, yes! Please, could you hold me close?”

“It’d be very rude not too, since you asked so nicely…” He wrapped his muscled arms around me, hugging me close.

After sitting in silence for a moment, I decided to broach a difficult topic. “How are you doing?” I asked.

“Hmm? Fine…I guess…” He answered, confused.

“I mean, with the Cullen’s back and all. I know that they’re sort of your enemy, and it must be hard to work with them.” I said carefully.

He sighed and frowned. “Bells…I’d do anything to keep you safe. And if it means dealing with leeches, then I’ll do it.”

I felt tears welling in my eyes. “Dammit,” I muttered, wiping my eyes quickly. “I don’t deserve all of you!”

“Shut up, Bella.” Jacob said.

“Yes sir.” I replied. “My lips are sealed.”

Before I knew it, Jacob was pushing me into my truck. “Go on, see the leeches. They’ll get suspicious if I keep you too long.”

As reluctant as I was to leave Jacob, I couldn’t deny that I was looking forward to seeing the Cullen’s again. I leaned out of the cab to lightly kiss Jacob. “See you,”

“Call me later, okay? Sorry, Bells, but I still don’t trust them completely.” He grinned sheepishly.

“Yeah. I love you!” I called as I started the engine.

“Aw, me too! And I love you too,” Jacob joked, waving.

I stuck my tongue out. What a self absorbed werewolf.

The closer I got to the Cullen house, the more butterflies I got in the pit of my stomach. It was like they were having some sort of butterfly party. “Quit it!” I grumbled. “It’s only the Cullen’s. Get a grip,”

My foot involuntarily slammed on the brake when I saw a car in the driveway. A Volvo. A silver Volvo. A shiny silver Volvo. Shaking my head, I hit the gas again and crawled down the drive, stopping right next to the perfect car.

I took a deep breath, and opened the car door. I hopped out and turned to shut the door, but a pale hand beat me to it. I looked up into the eyes of Emmet Cullen.

He leaned down to put his lips by my ear. “Alice told you, yeah?”

I nodded, too nervous to speak.

“Okay, well, he’s upstairs. He doesn’t want to see you, he’s afraid you’ll hate him or something…whatever. So basically the only way to get him to come down here is to talk about you and Jacob. So I was just warning you because Esme’s planning on ambushing you when you walk in.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Err, thanks for the warning.”

He grinned and scooped me up. “Alright, let the party begin!” He ran me up to the door in about .2 seconds and let me down.

My hand was almost to the doorknob when Esme’s smiling face was framed by the light from back in the room. “Bella, dear, come in!”

“Thanks,” I murmured, walked over to the couch, plopping in between Alice and Jasper.

“Oh, thanks,” Jasper joked. “Separate me from my love,”

“Oh, suck it up,” I replied, grinning sweetly.

Rosalie was sitting on a large chair to the right of the couch. “Hello, Bella,” she said, smiling in a somewhat forced way. Well, it was still something.

“Hey,” I replied. “Hi, Carlisle,”

Carlisle had come to stand beside Esme, who was walking towards a loveseat at a very human pace.

“Hello, Bella,” He said warmly, “Nice to see you here,”

“So,” Esme began, settling onto the loveseat, “What’s this I hear about you and a certain werewolf?”

Emmet began laughing. “Hear? Come on, I think we all saw Bella and the dog last night.”

“Emmet, shut your face.” Little Alice hissed at him.

He raised his hands in front of him. “Fine, fine, calm down…”

I blushed deeply. “Well, I don’t know…what did you hear?”

Carlisle stepped in. “Now, Esme, don’t question her too much. I don’t think she has enough blood to keep that blush going.”

Esme laughed, the picture of a fairy tale. “Hush, dear. Bella, are you or are you not currently ‘dating’ Jacob Black?”

“I, uh…yeah,” I answered lamely, blushing even more.

Emmet laughed. “When the vampires leave town, you go hang out with the next mythical creatures you can find. Very human, Bella,”

A strangled cry came from above. I looked around wildly, trying to find the source. The Cullen’s tensed, and Alice shifted slightly closer to me.