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Distruzione (Destruction)

This is La Tua Cantante in Edward's POV--as was promised. A lot of your unanswered questions from BPOV will be answered in this story. So I hope you enjoy and please rate and comment. I love hearing from you guys!


15. Chapter 15: Sex Dream

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I got to my room and shut the door quietly behind me, as I approached Bella's side, not taking my eyes off her once.

God, she was so mesmerizing...I would never cease to amazed by her beauty. I sat down beside her and sighed, nervously, while opening the ring to look at it.

I examined it closely, turning it every which way to be sure it was good enough for her. It killed me to know that she wouldn't like it. That she'd rather not have it. Would she like it? Or would she at least pretend to like it to make me feel better?

I sighed again. Maybe I shouldn't risk it. I could deal with her stubborness on most issues and win easily, but I could not deal with this issue. I may have won the battle, but it didn't feel like a victory. It felt more like a loss. I knew I shouldn't...I had already been given more happiness than I deserved. The day she declared her heart mine was the day I found myself. I found who I am in her. And, that was amazing.

It just--sometimes I couldn't help but think she doubted her choice. Not that I blamed her. I was the last person who deserved her heart, but I wouldn't allow anyone else to have it either. Did she have doubts? Did she want it back to give to someone else...oh, God, the thought was unbearable. I wanted to die from the mere possibility.

I quietly went to put the ring away, in Carlisle's office, knowing she wouldn't find it there, and returned again, forcing myself to focus on her as I watched her sleep, taking in her every breath, every stir.She was clearly more restless tonight, only mumbling my name a few times, barely coherently--even for me--but not really doing much else. I couldn't help but be slightly disappointed by that. I loved listening to her in her sleep; it was endearing. But, now she wasn't saying much. I guess that was my fault.

After awhile, Bella stirred and reached out for me, calling my name, "Edward? Edward, where are you?" I took her hand and leaned in towards her, "Bella, I'm right here.""Edward." She rolled over towards me and said, "Come here," pulling me towards her.Was she still sleeping? She didn't seem to be totally conscious; she seemed pretty delirious. "Bella?" I sat beside her on the bed and made to pull her into my arms, when she pushed me down onto the bed, before crawling on top of me, in between my legs.

"Bella, what are you--" I lost the ability to speak as she slowly opened my legs and ran her hands along the insides of my legs, causing me to tremble involuntarily. She shifted upward on me to reach my neck. She began kissing my neck, pausing every so often in the middle of it."Bella?" I asked, confused, but lost my train of thought as she traced her hands up my chest inside my shirt, resting them on my pecs, and undoing the buttons of my shirt with her teeth.

Oh, God...who would've thought that could feel so amazing. She kept collapsing weakly against me, but recovering by slowly and seductively moving back and forth against me. I moaned in ecstasy and arched my back to intensify the feel of her. The passion and emotions surging through me was edging on unbearable. It was too much for anyone to have to bear.My mouth involuntarily fell open and I exhaled shakily as she trailed kisses along the line of my jeans, sending what could only be described as a trail of scorching fire along the skin her lips touched.

She began frenching my belly button and sucking on it, as she forced my legs to tighten around her waist. I clenched them even tighter, holding her in place, and closing my eyes. Oh...my...God, how could one person hold so much power over me?The way she moved against me, intensifying the passion more and more, caused to react in ways I never thought possible.

I whimpered her name as she trailed her lips up my stomach to my chest before trailing them back down again. My need for her had become so overwhelming that I could no longer control myself, even if I wanted to.With a seductive growl, I flipped her over, lunged myself at her, and began kissing her passionately, holding her tightly in my arms.

I tightened my arms around her and pushed myself against her, pushing her further into the pillows. I brought one hand around, tracing it up her waist, to the side of her breast, merely resting it there.She kept stopping, mid-kisses, nestling wearily into the pillows, loosening her hold on me. I made to pull away and see what was wrong, but she shook her head, weakly, "No...no, don't stop. Please, God, don't stop."

"Bella, are you--" I started, but she pulled my head down, meaning to reach her lips to mine, but due to her clumsiness, she missed and I accidentally bit her nipple.She screamed, her voice cracking in between the scream, and I immediately pulled away to see if I had hurt her. "Bella! Oh, God, did I hurt you? Bella?"She only appeared to be even more aroused, shifting her weight beneath me so that every inch of our skin was connected.

No longer able to control myself, I began kissing every inch of her skin I could reach, causing her to giggle and shift her weight beneath me again.I smiled against her neck and made to trail my lips down in between her breasts, when she froze and collapsed weakly into the pillows, moaning sleepily, and mumbling, "Edward...you tease," before rolling away from me and falling asleep again.

"Bella?" I peered over her shoulder to see her deeply asleep again.Oh, God...she was never awake. She was sleep-sexing with me. She was having a sex dream about me and got so into it that she began acting on her dream.

I stifled a snort and she nestled into me, saying even more incoherently, "I'll have you again someday...count on it." I buried my face in the pillow, stifling hysterical laughter so as to not wake her, struggling to do so, my whole body shaking with laughter. It took me awhile to settle down, rightfully so.

When I did, I merely watched her sleep for the rest of the night. The rest of the night was pretty uneventful, exept for her random sexual inuendos towards me and implications of her sex dream, which was clearly still going on. She had random moments where she would speak, sounding seductive and suggestive every time. "Why so sullen, Mr. Cullen?"

She giggled softly and traced her foot up and down my leg. "Let me help cheer you up...hello, gorgeous." Wasn't that her title? God, it was so hard to control my laughter. This was the endless sex dream. She had been sleeping for 15 hours. She leaned over and nuzzled my neck, before whispering into my ear, seductively, with a giggle, "Harder, Edward, harder!"

"Bella!" I couldn't help but reprimand her out loud, even though I knew she wouldn't be disturbed. What was the matter with her? A dream or not, that was so inappropriate. She kissed my lips softly and then nestled into my arms again. She remained silent now, sleeping into the morning. I could not believe this; she had never had a sex dream about me before. What have I done to her? Now, it seemed that she could not get enough...she was literally having sex with me in her sleep now.

As many times as I had thought this, I couldn't help but think again now that I was definitely going to hell. How could I not? I corrupted an angel from heaven--with or without death, my destiny would find a way to send me to hell. It was inevitable--especially now.