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Distruzione (Destruction)

This is La Tua Cantante in Edward's POV--as was promised. A lot of your unanswered questions from BPOV will be answered in this story. So I hope you enjoy and please rate and comment. I love hearing from you guys!


18. Chapter 18: Celebration

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"So...were you lying about everyone coming home?" She asked, suspiciously, as we reached the inside.

"No." I shook my head, as I saw Emmett and Alice fighting to be the first one here.

'Get the hell out of my way, you little twirp!' Emmett thought, pushing Alice into a tree, but she retaliated by kneeing him in the back and leaping across the forest to the very edge of it, just outside our house.

Emmett growled and chased after her, as Jasper ran even faster to catch up to Alice, his thoughts focused on being with her.

Carlisle and Esme were taking their time, trying to give me and Bella privacy for as long as possible.

Rosalie was stalling--trying to stay away from Bella, trudging along in the back, distracting herself with useless things.

"They'll be here..." I started as Alice squealed, excitedly from behind us, "Bella!"

"Now." I added under my breath to Bella, as Alice thought so excitedly I thought she would explode from happiness: 'YOU DID IT! YES! I can't believe you're engaged!'

Oh, that's nice--what was she trying to say?

Bella smiled at me and said, "Hey, Alice."

Alice gave Bella a huge hug, practically lifting her off her feet, and said, trying not to be too inconsiderate, , "Oh, thank God you're okay! You are okay, right?" She asked, releasing her, instinctively ignoring my glare.

"Never better," Bella said, as Alice took her hand and looked at the new ring, thrilled that Bella finally said yes.

"AND you have your new ring...WHOA! Nice work, Edward. I'm blind."

"Thanks, Alice," I said, sarcastically, as she thought: 'Hey! I'm doing you a favor here! I'm giving you the credit. Esme was the one who got the ring. And, look...here's another favor...you owe me one--'

"LOOK at this, Rose!" She said, forcing Rosalie to look at Bella's hand. A favor; really? Why didn't she just tear off my legs while she was on a roll here?

Rosalie scoffed in her head, 'Yes, Alice, I see--no need to call Liberace in here--it's not that great.' But, she forced a slight smile and said, "It's beautiful," so as to remain semi-civil to Bella, kowing I'd kill her later if she insulted her out loud. She kept her distance, though, as she was really irritated with Bella getting all of her attention. Oh, please! Even before Bella came along, Emmett was the only one who really paid any attention to her. She wasn't quite the perfect goddess she made herself out to be.

'BELLA!' Emmett thought, as he elbowed Alice out of the way. "Worthless little hog anyway!"

'I'M the hog! Oh, get over yourself, Emmett!' Alice thought, irritably.

We smirked slightly at each other as he grabbed Bella, in a huge bear hug, and spun her around even more excitedly than I had.

"Bella! Yay, now you're going to be my little sister. Doesn't that sound so natural? I love it."

'Bella Cullen.' He thought, as if testing out the two names together, 'Isabella Marie Swan-Cullen..Isabella Cullen? Ah, beautiful! If I could, I'd cry.'

Now that I had to agree with. It did sound beautiful. Bella Cullen. Wow...it sounded even better in my head. I just wish I could hear it in her head.

"Hey!" He set her down, "You need anything: come to me: the big brother. Big brother knows best, does he not?"

Jasper broke out laughing in his head: 'Hah, yeah right! We have more wisdom than he could ever imagine getting in twenty lifetimes, wouldn't you agree, Edward?'

I smirked at Jasper, as he said, "No, he doesn't," jokingly to Emmett.

"Shut it!" Emmett said, irritably. 'Come on; help me out here, man! Let me have this!' "Admit it, Bella; I'm already your favorite brother, aren't I?"

"Oh, my..." Bella chuckled, nervously, looking to me for help.

'Damn, I wish I knew if that was a good or bad hesitation!' Emmett thought, sarcastically.

"Yes, Emmett," I returned the sarcasm, "You are the lesser of two evils."

'HEY!' Emmett and Jasper thought simultaneously.

I cast Jasper a quick apologetic look, but ignored Emmett as he rolled his eyes and said, "That's fine." 'She'll grow to prefer me--it's a given.' "I know the truth. We'll keep it between us, Bella."

Bella smiled and then Jasper said, softly, "Congratulations, you two. I'm thrilled."

He couldn't help but feel proud of his newfound ability to help her so much without losing control. He was not only thrilled for us, but he was also thrilled that she was doing so well after everything. Something that would not have been true had it not been for him.

"Thank you," I said, thanking him for everything.

'Anytime,' he thought, with a slight smile.

Esme gently pulled Bella into a hug and kissed her hair, her happiness for us so great, it was almost unbearable for me--a secondary observer to it.

"Oh, Bella, sweetie...I am so happy." She had no idea how happy. "Welcome to our family."

I had never thought anyone could possibly comprehend my love for Bella until now. Esme's thoughts were filled with love and affection for her--she was the one who gave me life--to Esme, that was the greatest gift she could ask for. And, I couldn't say I totally disagreed with her.

"Thank you," Bella said, smiling as Esme released her and took her face in her hands.

Esme shook her head, struggling to put her feelings into words, "You have made my Edward so happy, my dear...so happy. Thank you for that and for so much more."

Carlisle finally found his moment to come in and approached Bella, saying with a smile, "Well, you certainly look better." 'Let's have a look at these wounds,' he thought, instinctively touching one of the wounds on Bella's face.

He examined it quickly, but thoroughly, before saying, "Wounds are healing nicely. I trust Edward took good care of you while we were gone?"

It wasn't until Bella looked to me, struggling not to laugh, that I realized how wrong that could be taken out of context and my lips twitched slightly in response.

"Mm-hm." She forced out.

'I'll bet he did!' Emmett thought, triumphantly, as I stomped on his foot, making it as subtle as I could. 'OW!'

"Very, very good care." God, she was such a terrible liar! Damn it! From now on, I was doing all the talking.

Now, everyone was mentally exploring the possibilities of our sexcapades, intrigued by the fact that we were clearly doing nothing but that while they were away.

GOD, EMMETT! That boy's thoughts were beyond graphic. He cast me suggestive looks, wondering about the details. It took all I had to not put his head through a wall and then wash it out with soap.

"Good." Carlisle said, looking to me. 'Edward!' He reprimanded, in his head, 'You mustn't take advantage of her like this; it's reckless and completely irresponsible.'

I couldn't help but feel slightly guilty--for a second. Who was taking advantage; you couldn't call it "taking advantage", not anymore.

'But...' he thought, 'it's your decision. Just...choose wisely. Please...you two are two of the most important parts of my life. I only want the very best for you.'

"Well, unfortunately, I have to get to the hospital. I hate to leave at such a joyous time, but I'm afraid I'm needed."

"Yes, you are..." Esme said, softly, her thoughts now revolving around him.

He turned to face her and she continued on, "Very much so."

Carlisle simply stared at her, completely engulfed in her and his love for her. Unable to control himself, he kissed her softly on the lips before forcing himself to leave, hating having to do so.

Esme took Bella's hands and said, "Can I fix you something to eat? I bought some new cookbooks. What would you like?"

Oh, God...Bella! I had completely forgotten to feed her. It had been four days since her last meal. Damn it! This was all my fault. Carlisle was right. This must have been what he was afraid of.

I gasped, "Oh, no. Bella, I'm so sorry; I--are you okay?"
How long could a human go without food? Usually, they had to have three meals a day or society considered them anorexic. I should know this. I did know this, but I was too worried about Bella to remember. I couldn't remember.
Was she hurting? How much longer could she go?

Bella put up a hand to stop me. "Yes, thank you, Esme."

Esme was delighted at Bella's willingness.

"What would you like?" She repeated, eager to help. Like we really had time for preferences right now.

"Surprise me," Bella said, shrugging.

Esme scurried off and Rosalie said, "I'll, um, help her out," before following her out, not wanting to feel uncomfortable by staying here with Bella. She could tolerate her presence, but found it better to avoid being around her as often as possible.

I ignored Rosalie's bitter conceited thoughts and focused on more important things. "Hurry, Esme," I called, leading Bella over to the couch, in concern. "Hold on, Bella. I am so sorry, love." I began caressing her face, feeling awful. God, this was all my fault. How much more selfish could I get? "We'll get you something." I promised, praying that she could hold out a little while longer.

"What's going on?" Alice asked, worriedly, concern for Bella and confusion filling her thoughts.

Emmett just thought I was babying her and needed to let her "grow through personal experience". Idiot! He had no idea...I'd give anything to punch him right now...just one good punch and I'd be somewhat satisfied.

"NOTHING." Bella said, irritably, and I clenched my teeth, knowing she would be careless about this."I'm fine. I can wait. Please stop being so overdramatic."

Yes, I called it. "Overdramatic; Bella, you haven't eaten anything in four days!" I said, firmly, not even caring what can of worms I had just opened.

"Bella!" Alice squealed, reprimanding me in her mind, 'Edward! What is the matter with you?' "Why didn't you eat?!" She demanded of Bella, sensing that I had something to do with it.

"I kinda...forgot." Bella said, sheepishly.

Gee, thanks, way to make me feel worse. It was bad enough without everyone else knowing every little detail of my sex life. Oh, God...I was such an evil creature--I could not help but look forward to spending my eternity in hell--whenever that day came. I would take on whatever punishment they deemed necessary.

"You forgot?!" Emmett said, incredulously, as Alice saw the rason for it.

I have no doubt that Jasper was behind my suppressing the urge to lunge at her and make her forget what she had just seen. Damn it. He couldn't let me have just this one? God, I hated this. Why did they have to be here now? I didn't like the fact that while I gave everyone their privacy, my sex life with Bella was a damn open book. What the hell did I do to deserve this? Ooh, don't open that door. I could only think of a zillion and one reasons why I deserved a less than perfect life.

"How the hell do you--"

"Emmett, shut up!" Alice said, shifting uncomfortably. 'Oh, God, Edward. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to see that, I swear. It just--oh, my God. Please don't hate me.'

Emmett snorted, "Oh!" 'Damn, Edward, you two are all kinds of horny. You know you could compromise--let her eat food off you. Then, you both get more than enough *satisfaction*.' He sang the word "satisfaction" in his head, revelling in this way too much.

"Leave it alone, Emmett," I said, firmly, growling softly. This was none of his damn business. I never inquired about him and Rosalie; what the hell entitled him to do so to me?

'I'm just trying to give you suggestions, man. Come on, it's not like I'm suggesting S&M crap here. Being human and all, compromises will be necessary for you two. I'm just saying: might as well make the best of them.' "I didn't say anything." 'I thought it. There's a difference.'

I ignored him, more concerned with Bella right now--I couldn't give a damn about my brother's screwed up suggestions right now. "Don't worry, Bella, we'll get you something." I assured her, uselessly, hating how long it took for human food to be ready. She couldn't wait any longer; she needed food now. "You'll be okay."

She rolled her eyes, irritably, "I feel fine. Relax, will you?"

I really wish everyone would stop telling me to relax. I would not relax until she had some food on her stomach. I couldn't relax without knowing she would be okay.

"You do?" Emmett said, excitedly. A little too excitedly. I didn't like the sound of this.

"Yes." Bella responded, irritably.

"Good; I have a challenge for you." 'Time to see how tough you really are--it's a deluxe meal of blood for one.'

"No, Emmett!" I said, crossly. Was he insane; he wanted to do this now?

"This doesn't concern you!" Emmett said, ignoring me.

The hell it didn't concern me. It concerned Bella; it concerned me.

"What?" Bella asked, curiously.

The smell of blood surounded me long before Emmett even pulled out the Monster to show Bella: elk. Oh, my God, he was such a cruel--gah, what I wouldn't give to kill him right now.

Emmett was revelling in Bella's reaction of revulsion to the blood.

Alice and Jasper were both worried, but both equally curious to see if she would do it.

Though we were all full, we all held our breath to be on the safe side.

Alice held tightly onto Jasper's arm--digging her nails into his forearm, hard enough to draw blood had he been human.

Right now, I was too concerned about Bella to even think about my desire for blood. It held no interest for me right now.

"Ew," Bella cringed at the smell of blood, which to her was nauseating. "Are you kidding me; that's disgusting!"

"Come on, please!" Emmett begged, "I just wanna see if you can do it. I'll do anything; just do this one thing for me."

Hah! I win. I knew she couldn't do it. Even if she wanted to, she couldn't stomach it. It would probably hurt her. This could not happen. Not now--not while she was so weak. "Not. Now. Emmett." I protested, through clenched teeth. The bet was off. It was void while she was in this condition. I wouldn't let him do it.

Realization flashed in Bella's eyes and she said, "Oh, I get it. You guys have a bet going."

NO, we don't. Maybe Emmett didn't understand the concept of the word "no", but I was not going to give in and let this happen.

I shifted uncomfortably and looked away, sheepishly. God, what would she think of me? Betting on her going through this misery? What the hell was my problem? She couldn't know my standing on the issue--she couldn't know which side I took, then she'd do it merely to prove me wrong.

"You don't think I can do it, do you?" She accused. Damn it.

"Well!" I tried to use her weakness to blood against her, gesturing to her, "With how much you hate blood, I'm surprised you haven't collapsed yet."

That was actually true. How was she doing so well with it--especially now in her weakened condition?

Her stubborn side took over, as I had expected--she stood up and said, "Okay, I'll do it. Now." She turned to Emmett before I could protest, "If you drink one of my drinks."

"Ooh, that's interesting!" Alice said, practically bouncing on her feet.

"Oh, that's pretty good, dude," Jasper said, to Emmett, struggling not to laugh. "I think I'm changing my bet. My money's on Bella." 'She has a better chance of drinking 20 gallons of blood after bathing in it than he does of holding down one of her drinks.' Jasper thought, triumphantly.

"The bet is off!" I said, irritably, not allowing myself to be swayed. "I already said it's not happening."

"Alice?" Emmett asked, not looking away from Bella.

Alice saw Bella drinking the blood, grimacing, struggling to hold it down, collapsing weakly because of it, and heaving.

"It's happening." She said, as I yelled, "No!"

This could not happen. Why would Bella want to do this to herself?

"Still think I'm a wuss?" She challenged me, "Watch this!"

She held her breath as she snatched the can from Emmett and forced herself to take a sip.

I made to knock it out of her hand, but Emmett grabbed me roughly by the shoulders, holding me firmly in place.

I struggled against his hold on me, but failed to break it. Damn it, what was with everybody? Ooh, I could not wait for Carlisle to find out about this.

Emmett became so excited he could barely control himself. He began shouting encouragement to Bella: "Chug it! Chug it! Chug it!"

Alice smacked him, causing him to stagger, and I released myself before yelling, "Shut up, Emmett!"

I made to get the can as Bella shuddered and tipped the can back even more, actually chugging it.

She closed her eyes tightly, grimaced, and swallowed, forcing herself to ignore the taste, and swallowed, draining it of every drop she could get. It was only a matter of a minute before she finished, dropping the can and groaning, "Ugh, God...oh, I think I'm gonna be sick!"

She staggered slightly and collapsed onto the couch, doubling over, as she had in Alice's premonition.

"Damn it, Emmett!" I said, angrily, approaching her, and kneeling down beside her to make sure she was okay. I had to calm down and force myself to not kill her as I rubbed her back and sighed, impatiently, "Bella, you didn't have to prove anything to anyone."

How dare she accuse me of thinking she was weak? I never thought that. I had never implied that she was a wuss; that was not why I was so against it. This was why.

She groaned and shuddered repeatedly in revulsion.

"Go get her some water!" I ordered Alice, who immediately obliged, knowing not to test my patience right now.

Emmett was thrilled--filled with admiration for her. "Wow, Bella, that was amazing! I can't believe you did it. That was great. Damn, I should've taped it."

Bella started coughing and heaving, as if throwing up, but nothing came back up.

I lightly thumped her back and tightened my hold on her, desperate to know what to do to make it better..

Jasper used his ability to ease Bella's pain, feeling nothing but regret.

'Edward, I'm so sorry. If I had known, I never would have--' but I cut him off by taking the glass of water from Alice, who had just arrived.

I didn't even pay attention to her thoughts as I handed the water to Bella.

She chugged it and shuddered again, involuntarily, "Oh, God...disgusting! More..."

I gave her another glass, which she drained just as eagerly.

Three glasses of water later, she calmed down and Emmett said, struggling not to laugh, "Are you okay, Bella?" 'Suck it up, you wuss, we live off the stuff.'

I glared angrily at him and Bella said, nodding, "Just give me a minute."

She recovered and then groaned again, "Ugh, how do you people live off this stuff? It's terrible!"

"Nah, not so much," Emmett said, "You see, blood is to us what chocolate is to humans."

"Yeah, quite frankly, I actually prefer the chocolate." She said, standing up, using my arm for support.

I immediately supported her, terrified that if I didn't, she'd fall.

Why would she do this to herself just for glory or whatever the hell it was she hoped to gain from it? Idiot. At that moment, Rosalie grudgingly walked in and coughed awkwardly. 'Courteous, courteous, be courteous,' she reminded herself. 'Oh God, this is sooo awkward...'

We all looked at her and she had to force herself to meet Bella's eyes. "Bella, your...yeah, your stuff is ready. If you can call it that; the smell is extremely disturbing."

Yeah, I had to agree with her on that one. Bella looked pleased, though, sniffing in the scent of the spaghetti, garlic bread, and brownies. Ugh, the stench of the garlic was unbearable. I could put up with most smells of human food, but garlic was one I could never get used to. It seemed to get worse every time.

Everyone else was disgusted by it as well, but kept their thoughts strictly between themselves and me, considering that they didn't have a choice in that matter. Bella smiled, "It'll do. Thanks, Rose."

She gasped, horror filling her eyes, "Oh, is that ok? Can I call you that? You never said I could; I just -"

It's fine!" I said, before Rosalie could answer.

'Is your name Rose?' she thought bitterly to me. 'If I need the assistance of a guy so whipped he could qualify as a girl, I'll give you a call.' She forced a slight smile and told Bella, "Go ahead. Not a problem."

'I'm doing this for her, not you, just so you know,' she assured me in her head. I only wanted her to do it for Bella. I would never ask for myself - it's never been about me, it never could be; she knew that. I didn't care what the hell her motives were, whether it be sincerity or a reward from Emmett later, just so long as she treated Bella with the respect she deserved.

Bella smiled as warmly as she could, which was more than I could muster up for Rosalie. She'd be lucky to get a hint of a faint smile from me. I took Bella's hand and led her into the kitchen - everybody else following behind closely to see what the big fuss was about. All of us watched her eat very intently as she indulged with enough food to feed an army.