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Distruzione (Destruction)

This is La Tua Cantante in Edward's POV--as was promised. A lot of your unanswered questions from BPOV will be answered in this story. So I hope you enjoy and please rate and comment. I love hearing from you guys!


19. Chapter 19: Triumph

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I couldn't help but notice how adorable Bella looked when she ate...especially now that she was practically starving. She scarfed it down in a matter of minutes.

Esme was so pleased, knowing that it was good enough, worried that it wouldn't be.

Emmett was just amused by the intensity she ate with, which I had to admit was almost as bad as watching Emmett hunt Grizzly bears.

Rosalie was bored, but refused to leave Emmett's side just because he wanted to hang out with Bella.

Alice and Jasper were simply watching in awe, amazed that she could stomach it, the smells bothering them the most.

When Bella finished eating, she impatiently said, "What?! Stop staring at me."

She looked extremely self-conscious and nervous--not that she had any reason to. She could be covered in slime and she would still be the most beautiful creature to ever exist.

'Are you kiddin'?' Emmett thought, 'Watching you scarf your food like that is how I get my yia-yias.'

Rose was simply irritated, 'Hah! Believe me, this is not exactly my idea of Entertainment tonight, but everybody else just seems find it the most interesting thing in the world. Dumb-asses!'

Alice and Jasper both snapped out of it and felt kind of guilty, though Alice thought she could have eaten more lady-like.

Esme felt the worst: 'Oh, dear. We are being so rude. We shouldn't stare at her--it's not polite.'

"Sorry," we all murmured apologies, only half-meaning them.

"All right, Emmett." Bella sighed. "Your turn."

'Damn, I hoped she'd forget!' He groaned, "Do I have to?"

"Yes!" Everyone said, simultaneously, with the exceptions of Esme and Rose.

'Go to hell, all of you.' Emmett thought bitterly, 'Damn immature brats anyway. Can't we be adults about this for once?'

Hah! He wanted to talk being "adult"--I was technically younger than him, yet I was more mature than he could ever be. This was so like him to try to back out. My God, I could smell the $50 already--he was bound to lose, which meant that I was safe.

'Come on, Emmett, grow up!' Alice thought, 'Isn't he the one always saying: "Take it like a man"?'

I smirked slightly at her as Rosalie thought, 'This is so stupid! He shouldn't have to do this. No one forced Bella to drink that blood. Why should Emmett have to suffer?'

Jasper was just struggling to control his anxiety, knowing Emmett would lose, looking forward to seeing this.

Alice gave me a little preview and I had to clench my teeth to not break out laughing. What a wuss!

Emmett slumped down and folded his arms, looking away from us all childishly, "Man!"

"Even more interesting;" Bella taunted, "you got anymore of those Monsters?"

Oh, beautiful! That would be interesting. "Are you kidding; that's his most powerful weapon against us," I said, "If we are close to beating him in something, he threatens to hold us down and force us to drink it. It's quite an effective method, to be honest."

'Ugh, you know what, Edward--go screw yourself. Freakin' nerd nugget anyway.' Oh, nice talk, Emmett.

He grimaced, "All right...just give me a second to prepare."

'NO!' Everyone thought simultaneously.

"Nuh-uh," Alice said, eagerly, "Bella didn't; let's do this now."

'Alice, I swear to God--' Rosalie thought, struggling to not lunge for her.

Emmett had to force himself to say, "Fine, I'll go get a can," before sighing, getting up and walking grudgingly out of the room.

Rosalie was cursing us all mentally, angry with our persistence.

God, what was her problem? So, it was okay for Bella to drink blood after not eating food in four days, but we make Emmett drink a Monsteronce and we're the bad guys? Make sense of that, please. I'd give anything to strangle her right now.

"Thanks for this, Bella," Jasper said, hating that he couldn't get a sneak peek at Alice's premonition. "His ego could definitely afford to be taken down a few notches."

'A few notches,' Alice thought, 'Try completely--that boy is so incredibly cocky; it's quite unsettling. It's about time we proved him wrong on something.'

'No, you just need to findyour ego,' Rosalie thought, just as conceited as ever, 'Just because you have no reason to brag does not mean that Emmett shouldn't He has every right to. Humility is for the people who have nothing to flaunt--AKA: you losers.'

She knew the word humility?Would that girl ever think about anyone other than herself? One day, I would have to have Jasper distract Emmett with a couple Grizzlies and then I could just have one good fight with her. It would be amazing. Maybe I could knock some sense into that brainless airhead of hers.

Bella smiled and Jasper turned to Alice, "Go get the camera; this is blackmail material."

Rosalie glared at him, while the rest of us chuckled and waited impatiently for Emmett to return.

"Emmett, hurry up!" I called.

"In a minute!" Emmett called back, but thinking, 'If you can catch me first! I'm outta here.'

I tensed up. What the hell gave him the right to run away after Bella so willingly gave into his desires?

"What?" Bella asked, "What is it?"

"Emmett, don't you dare!" I yelled, running off after him.

While he jumped out the window, I used the front door, grabbing him immediately outside his room.

"No, you don't! Bella did this for you; now get the hell back in there now, you little ingrate!"
"Oh, man! Come on, Edward; let me go. I'll do it later; I'm just not really up to it right now. Edward, I don't want to hurt you."

Jasper considered coming out and helping me, but I needed no assistance, knowing Emmett's mind, and restraining the arm he always used to hit me, twisting it behind his back, and twisting his ear with my free hand, causing him to scream out. "Oh, God!"

I dragged him into the house, with great difficulty, as he fought against me, but managed to do so quite skillfully.

"Damn it, Edward, let me go!" Emmett said, as we reached the kitchen, still struggling against my hold on him. "This isn't funny anymore."

Did he really think that would let him off the hook so easily? "Really?" I asked, amused, "Let's take a vote here. Who thinks this is funny?"

Everyone except for Rosalie, Emmett, and of course, Esme--who was always neutral in issues such as these--raised their hands. Rosalie simply glared at me, 'Edward, if you do not release him right now, protecting Bella from me will be the least of your problems.'

I ignored her, as Emmett smacked his lips irritably, "Screw you guys! To hell with it, I'm not doing it."

Jasper and Alice protested bitterly in their minds, as Bella asked, "Wanna bet? I drank blood for you."

"No, you didn't; you did it to prove Edward wrong. Face it, you didn't like it anymore than I liked this."

"But, I still did it. What, are you a wuss, Emmett?" Bella taunted.

'Hah!' Emmett snorted in his head, 'You don't know the meaning of the word wuss, woman. Especially when you're engaged to one. Don't judge me.'

Rosalie growled under her breath, 'You better watch your mouth, girl. Or else you won't have one anymore. And screaming won't help you in the least bit when I'm through with you.'

Jasper and Alice were just revelling in Bella's tauntings and the blows Emmett was getting to his already overly massive self-esteem, both struggling to keep their thoughts between me and them.

"Can't handle a little drink?" She continued, "Come on. Think of what you're giving up if you surrender now."

Emmett looked off into space, and thought: 'Hmm...all those juicy details you'll have to share with me, bro...like the certain positions, the scale of 1-10, how many times. So, tell me, how many orgasms did she have exactly? Rose and I have a record of 57...and a half--we were halfway through 58 when you walked in on us. Stupid!'

I made to tighten my hold on him when he elbowed me in the ribs, making me release him with a grunt. "Ow, God...what is the matter with you?"

'Told you you'd regret it,' Rose thought, with a smug grin, 'That's my man!'

"Emmett!" Esme reprimanded, as she moved around the room, cleaning up slightly. 'Edward, what have I told you two about this? I don't like you boys fighting, but especially not in the house or definitely not in front of Bella. For heaven's sake, you two, grow up.'

"Sorry, Esme, I was just kidding." Emmett said, half-apologetically, forcing a smile, gesturing punching me with his fist once she turned around."

" 'I swear to God, I'll kill you...' " He mouthed.
I rolled my eyes. Would he ever grow up? He was being so ridiculous--why did he have to upset Esme? And, what was his obsession with me and Bella having sex? I never thought it so intriguing when he and Rosalie did; what exactly was it about my sex life that was so fascinating to everyone?

"Do you want a straw?" I asked, irritated, "So you can suck it up; or..." I broke off, smirking. This could be my one-way ticket out of hell. "No one forced you to make this bet. You're the idiot who made the deal. You can't just back out of your end of the deal." Maybe some taunting and threats on my end would convince him. If I won, he got nothing.

"FINE!" Emmett yelled, clenching his teeth and advancing irritably towards me. 'That's it! You and me, outside, right now. Come on! Come on! Bring it on, suckuh.'

"I dare you..." I urged, returning his advance, "Come on, do it."

'Not in front of the child, Edward.' He reproached me in his mind, looking towards Bella, as he said, carelessly, "Nah, I don't feel like it. Maybe later. I totally resent this..." he mumbled, "All right, come on!"

"Oh, no, you don't!" Esme protested. She had began cleaning and would not let us do this in the kitchen; she had cleaning to do. "You take this outside; I have to clean up."

"Oh, no, Esme; I'll clean up." Bella offered, "My mess, my bad." Oh, how little she knew Esme.

"Nonsense." Esme said, smiling warmly, "You're a guest; guests don't help clean." Bella would never give it up that easily.

"I really don't mind," she said with a small chuckle. I knew it. She was too stubborn to keep things simple and easy. "I hardly qualify as a guest anymore."

"Edward," Esme said, turning around. 'A little help here. I will not let her clean.'

"I've got it," I said, smiling, "Bella, let me put it to you this way: you don't have a choice in the matter. Don't argue with her; it gets you no where."

'Yeah, tell me about it,' Emmett thought, irritably.

'Although, to be fair, it wouldn't kill the girl to let her lift a finger around here. She's not good for much else. Clumsy bitch!'

I ignored Rosalie's bitter rantings, but snarled so low under my breath that Bella couldn't possibly have noticed.

Rosalie rolled her eyes, shifted her weight to one foot, and folded her arms across her chest.

Thank God Bella wasn't facing her, so she couldn't see Rosalie making fun of her and mimicking her every word and expression.


Alice elbowed Rosalie in the ribs, causing her to growl under her breath at Alice.

Jasper glared at her and thought: 'Why don't you calm yourself, princess; not everyone has to bow down and kiss your butt.'

I struggled not to laugh as I helped Bella to her feet, and then led her outside, giving Jasper a high-five as I passed him, as everyone followed.

We all made a semi-circle around Emmett,who groaned and cringed. 'I feel violated...and not in the good way.' He thought, 'Damn you and your human!'

Like I'd never heard that before. What made him any different?

'Oh, God...' Rosalie thought, in disgust, 'Edward, I will have your head for this.' Yeah, you just try and take it. 'Emmett has nothing to prove to you people. What the hell is the matter with you?'

I ignored her and watched with amusement as Emmett opened the can.

The stench of the drink immediately caused us to shudder and grimace, everyone's thoughts focused on how terrible it smelled. Oh, God, it was torture!

We all groaned and mumbled our signs of protest and revulsion.

Bella was the only one it didn't bother, but she clearly revelled in it, taunting Emmett as he had taunted her. "All right, Emmett....Chug it! Chug it! Chug it!"

"Do not rush me!" He said, grimacing at the can, and thinking: 'Edward, control your woman!' Then he slowly raised it to his lips.

'He's not gonna do it!' Jasper thought, smirking at Emmett's reaction.

Alice was simply anticipating the result, already knowing he couldn't do it, anxious for his reaction.

Rosalie was glaring at us, seething with hatred, but nobody paid any attention to her.

Emmett's lips began twitching in protest as the can got closer.

"Oh, come on!" We all yelled, and Rosalie turned her head away, refusing to look as Emmett took a huge gulp of it, getting as much of it as he could, before dropping the can and spitting out half the can's worth, spraying us all with it.

"UGH! EMMETT!" Alice protested, as I yelled, "WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?!"

"DISGUSTING!" Jasper yelled, in protest.

Rosalie simply glared at Emmett now, wringing out her now soaked hair, in disgust. 'You...damn...idiot!' She thought, growling angrily.

Her thoughts now revolved around the best ways to slowly torture and kill us one by one. How dare we corrupt her like this with such terrible human substances? God forbid she be exposed to something besides herself.

Though Jasper and Alice were both repulsed by the smell, they handled it really well. Jasper wiped it off his face and then turned to help Alice, who was the most soaked,as she was the closest.

Alice was just amused with Emmett's reaction, thrilled with how it turned out.

Being the most used to human scents, I wasn't bothered as much by it, and merely snorted, shaking my head, which was drenched with the Monster, making the droplets fly out of my hair onto the ground and onto Bella.

Emmett gagged dramatically and said, "EW!" 'I'm gonna get you for this, Edward! I'll give you your damn $50, and I'll let you off the hook this once, but this is so not over.' "That is the worst stuff in the world! GROSS!"

"It's not that bad." Bella said, stifling her laughter.

Was she kidding? Even if I was human, I could never stand the stench of this drink; it was horrible.

"Are you kidding me; it tastes like CRAP!" Emmett said, bitterly, throwing a $50 bill at me, before running away, still groaning in disgust.

'I freaking HATE you man!' He thought, bitterly to me.

I pocketed the 50 triumphantly and laughed, "That was hilarious! I haven't seen him react like that in years."

'You won't be seeing anything when I'm through with you.' Rosalie threatened, in her head, as she growled at me and then chased after Emmett.

Emmett shouted out of protest from the forest, hoping to make us feel guilty. Hah! Keep dreaming.

Jasper rolled his eyes, "Dramatic much?"

"I knew he couldn't do it," I said, shaking my head, amused.
I ignored Emmett and Rosalie now, not caring what they did now, as Bella bent down and picked up the can. She shrugged and drank the rest of it, causing us all to shout in protest:

"NO!" Jasper shouted, as Alice said, grossed out, "Oh, Bella!"

"What is that?!" I asked, "That's disgusting! It was on the ground!" What was her problem?

She smirked, "You all drink animal blood to stay alive and this is disgusting?"

'She does make a good point,' Jasper thought, as Alice thought, 'Shutting up.'

I wouldn't give in that easily, "Yeah, but Emmett drank from that." Did she not understand that? Drinking after Emmett--oh, God, the horror! "God knows where it's been."

She shrugged again, carelessly, "I'll take my chances."

'I have a newfound respect for her,' Jasper thought.

"You're a brave woman; I'd never do it." Alice said, making an excellent point.

Bella huffed and shook her head.

'Eh, well...it's her funeral.' Alice thought.

I glared at her. Bella had enough near-death experiences without Alice's jinxing it.

'I'm kidding!' She thought, defensively. "So..." she said, to Bella, "...we still have another day until Charlie comes home. What do you want to do?"

"I don't wanna go home." Bella practically pleaded, "Can I just...stay here?" Why did she sound so nervous? "I don't wanna leave yet."

I looked to Jasper for answers, but he merely shrugged in response, intentionally blocking me out of his thoughts. Damn it, what the hell was this; some twisted conspiracy?

"Of course you can," Alice said, excitedly, snapping me out of it, "Ooh, we could play games and just hang out. Come on!"
Without giving us a choice, she grabbed Bella's hand and dragged her inside.

Damn it, damn it, damn it. Something was wrong and no one would let me know what. Was it Bella? Was she hiding something from me?

"Jasper?" I pleaded, "Please..."

"She's fine, Edward." He assured me, "That's all I know. Leave it alone for now. If she wants us to know something, she'll tell us."

I knew it! She was deliberately hiding something from me. Oh, I could not stand this!

'Let it go, Edward! Nothing is wrong--she just...doesn't want to be alone. It's like she said.'

Even if she did, she no longer got that option. I wasn't going anywhere. I doubted I could leave even if she asked me to. I knew I couldn't.

But, I simply nodded and let it go...for now, following them inside.