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Distruzione (Destruction)

This is La Tua Cantante in Edward's POV--as was promised. A lot of your unanswered questions from BPOV will be answered in this story. So I hope you enjoy and please rate and comment. I love hearing from you guys!


2. Chapter 2: Risks

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I furrowed my eyebrows and shook my head slightly, "No." That would never be an option. I would die before risking her life like that.

"It's the only way, " she argued, shaking her head fiercely, "Drinking the blood of your la tua cantante is the only way to save you."

"I won't do that, Bella. I'd die first."

Obviously expecting the reaction, she said, firmly, "I am not going to let you die. Drink!"

"Get away from me!" I weakly pushed her away, and forced myself up, ignoring the searing pain, staggering into the kitchen. I collapsed into the table, knocking things off and breaking them.

She grabbed my shoulder and jerked me around, "You are not going to die. Edward, you can't die. You have to live; you're going to live."

"I'm not going to kill you, Bella!" I could not believe her. Now was not the time for her stubborn refusal to mind me. For just this once, could she not be so absurd?

"I won't die. Not if you don't take all of it." She persisted, hoping that would change my mind. What, was she insane? Did she honestly think I would do it now?

"Don't ask me to do this." I protested, shaking my head weakly.

"I am not asking; I am ordering you." What was her childhood trauma?! Begging me to bite her so that I could live, knowing she could die. When was she going to get it?! If I could resist her blood when she was nothing more to me than another pathetic human, it would only be impossible to give in now when she was literally my everything.

"I'm not taking that chance, Bella. It's too late; it's done."

"STOP being so damn stubborn and drink, damn it!" She yelled, "I won't die."

"It's not that simple." She had no idea what she was asking of me.

"I'm making it that simple. Drink...now...or when you die, I will go right after you. I will not lose you again. I can't do it." What the hell was her problem?! Did she really think a pathetic threat from her would change my mind?

"Are you threatening me?" I snarled, using my voice that could scare even the braves of creatures, but she was not at all affected by it, as she said, angrily, "You bet I am."

I could not allow her to sway me on this. Threat or no threat, I had to stay strong. How could I even be thinking about doing this? I could not risk her life to save mine; that was out of the question.

For a second, the monster within me took over and I had no control. The smell of her blood was so enticing. How could I deny myself what I truly wanted when she was offering it so willingly to me?

Venom pooled in my mouth and the familiar fire of thirst raged in my throat and being, causing me to weaken. My lips twitched as I looked yearningly at her exposed throat, yearning for even the smallest drop.

God...to taste her blood again--even for a second--how did I--how could I--oh, God. I felt the loathsome, demonic monster take over and I clenched my teeth hard enough to shatter them had I been human.

I could see her blood pulsing through her veins, rushing through her--rapidly increasing as her heartrate sped up in anticipation. Its glorious song, which I felt no choice but to answer, sang for me--louder and clearer than ever before. Calling to me...

I struggled desperately, the demon within in me raging, fighting my resistance, and winning. Both in a fight-to-the-death, and my whole being was concentrated on that one desire--the one desire that had been clear since day one: her blood.

She scrambled to grab a knife out of the drawer and held it over her heart. "Fine. Die!"

She jerked it back and made to thrust it into her chest when I growled, half in anger, half in my desire for her blood, lunged at her in superspeed, knocking the knife out of my hand, and slammed me against the nearest wall, knocking off a picture, causing it to break.

I cupped her chin roughly in one hand and jerked her head up to expose my throat, holding her head against the wall.

I involuntarily growled as I eagerly sank my teeth into the skin of her neck, drinking hungrily.

It tasted so amazing that it literally weakened me, even though I was finally giving in to my desires. The raging fire in my throat immediately ceased as her blood flowed down through my throat, diminishing as I was filled with a strength I had never known before.

She let out a cry of pain, but I lost all will--all awareness. All I knew was the sweet satisfaction of her blood--the sensation flooding me right now with overwhelming content and as I drank, it became only easier to forget anything else and focus only on her blood.

I pulled her in closer, deepening the bite and drinking even more intensely. I knew I should stop--I had never felt better in my life, so I was clearly cured...but I couldn't. I lost all reason and nothing mattered anymore.

I clutched her even closer to me and spun her around, drinking more deeply--draining her of life as I did so--but as of right now, I couldn't care.

She pressed my head further into her neck and began trembling in my arms.

Drops of blood spilled over her shoulder and the blood began to pool around my mouth as I struggled to get every last drop, but couldn't find it in myself to do so.

We collapsed to the ground and I tightened my hold on her, shifting upward against her to ensure I was able to drink it all. The taste and scent of it consumed me and I was completely encompassed by it.

My strength rapidly returned and I grabbed onto the edge of the counter with my hand, accidentally breaking off a chunk.

I began moaning in utter satisfaction as her hands explored my back. Her legs clenched tightly around my waist and she struggled uselessly to push me away, but I didn't budge. I couldn't move a muscle; I had no reason to. I was fulfilling my one true desire and nothing else could matter to me right now.

"Edward--" she managed to choke out, weakly, struggling not to sob.

Oh, no! Bella! I pulled away and realization hit me. NO! What have I done?! "Bella!"

"I love you," she said, before her eyes fluttered shut and her head lolled to the side.

No. No! What the hell was wrong with me; how could I have done this to her?! "Bella? Bella." My hands, which were covered in her blood, urgently explored her face, eager to bring her back to consciousness, searching for some way to make that happen.

I kissed her fiercely, stifling tearless sobs, as I did so.

"Bella...I love you," I said, as she fell limp in my arms. "NO! Bella, please don't! Open your eyes! Bella, please wake up!"

My life was literally over in this very moment.