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Distruzione (Destruction)

This is La Tua Cantante in Edward's POV--as was promised. A lot of your unanswered questions from BPOV will be answered in this story. So I hope you enjoy and please rate and comment. I love hearing from you guys!


6. Chapter 6: Breakfast

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When we got there, she let go of my hand, much to my dismay, and went to open a cupboard, picking out a cereal. I took a seat and merely stared at her, in awe of her beauty, as she fixed a bowl of cereal. She turned around and saw me sitting in the only chair left, before saying with a slight smile, “Damn. It seems we are having a chair shortage.”

I grimaced sheepishly, “Sorry.” Yeah, that was my bad. “I’ll replace it, I promise it. Charlie will never know it was gone.” She shook her head.

“Eh, who cares? I suppose I’ll just have to sit on your lap.”

I loved how she was trying so hard to be suggestive. As if she wasn’t suggestive enough. After having sex with her, it was nearly impossible to think about anything else. I smiled my crooked smile and gestured to my lap with one hand, eager to hold her in my arms once again. She smiled and scurried over to me, sitting sideways in my lap so that her legs were on the side of the chair. I wrapped my arms slowly around her waist, hugging her tightly to me – well, tightly to a human; it was barely a touch to me.

I rested my forehead against the side of her head and kissed her temple. She managed to very clumsily eat three bites when I slid my hand into the back of her shirt and began tracing shapes on the skin of her back, while trailing my lips along her jawbone, eager to distract her. God, she felt so…her skin was so soft and warm. I could not stop touching her – I only wanted more. She had the spoon raised for another bite but froze, losing all will – losing herself to me. Oh God, I loved the power I had over her!

“I suddenly lost my appetite,” she said, her voice cracking slightly. I chuckled once, loving her reaction, and unable to control myself any longer, I swept everything off the counter with my forearm, making a huge mess and causing the cereal to splatter all over the floor, but she didn’t even notice and I was too preoccupied to care. I lifted her by her waist and set her down on the counter. She gripped my t-shirt roughly in her fist and pulled me in closer to her to kiss me. Once her lips touched mine, it took all my strength and control to not do more than that right now. How had I resisted her for so long?

She clenched her legs passionately around my waist and I leaned in even further to deepen the kiss. Her trembling hands raced down my chest to my pants. She fumbled to unzip them and made to undo the button when Emmett had to come in and ruin everything. I was too occupied to notice at first, concentrating only on Bella and memorizing her every movement.

“Hello, all!” he called, cheerfully from the door. Bella and I wrenched apart and I immediately zipped up my pants, incredibly embarrassed at being caught. Nice work, Edward! ‘Bout time you get some, little bro! he thought, as I straightened out my shirt.

“EMMETT!” Why was he such a pig? My God, was everything about sex with him? He snorted in his head and thought, Don’t get mad at me. What did I do?

“I’m sorry, but I can’t wait any longer, dude. Hi, Bella.” He smiled at her, eager to make her embarrassed. Ok, so Alice had a vision and I wanted to catch it live, is that so bad?

I struggled not to show my anger, so as not to upset Bella. I would have fun with him later… Carlisle never had to know…I could kill him and make it look like an accident. “Hi, Emmett…” she trailed off, struggling not to blush.

“I’m starvin’, man, you comin’ or not?” Don’t worry, Bella will still be here when you get back. She’ll be all nice and ready for you to sex her up.

I groaned, struggling not to growl, “Why are you such a pain in my ass?”

Coz I know Carlisle would never let you hurt me – if you even could – hah! – and Rose would kill you dead and I’d be able to watch. Out loud, he said, “Because that’s my right and obligation as the oldest brother. It’s true. It’s an unwritten law.”

I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, yeah. I’m coming; wait outside.”

What, I don’t get to watch?! That’s not cool – I always offered to let you see me and Rosalie!

“EMMETT!” I said forcefully. Let?! Like I wanted to see that. Their uncontrollable urge to have sex every ten minutes for the first decade was not exactly my idea of a good time. I never wanted to see it, they were just animals. They could never keep their hands off each other; it was utterly disgusting.

Emmett smiled, smugly, “Don’t keep me waiting too long.” You can give me details later. “See you later, Bella.”

“Bye, Emmett,” she said. He raised his eyebrows, snorted, and walked out thinking, And you call Rose and me animals! Have you looked in a mirror?

I shook my head. “If I come back alone, it’s because I killed him. In which case, Rosalie would kill me, so if anything happens, know that I love you.”

“Edward! That’s not funny!”

“I’m kidding, Bella. I’ll be back soon, promise.”

Wow, did she think I was being serious? Sure, I had my differences with Rosalie, but we’d never actually be in a fight-to-the-death situation. She was, after all, still my sister, technically. “Nothing can keep me away from you too long, love,” I assured her. She smiled halfheartedly.

“Be careful.”

“Always are. Love you.” I assured her, already dreading having to leave. I kissed her and then caressed her face.

“I love you,” she said, forcing a smile. I had to force myself to leave, hating it. I reached Emmett and sighed irritably.

“All right…let’s get this over with.”

“Boy, are we testy today!” Emmett taunted. “Calm down, Edward. You’ll be back with your precious Bella soon enough.” I rolled my eyes and took off running, not even giving him a chance to catch up.