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Distruzione (Destruction)

This is La Tua Cantante in Edward's POV--as was promised. A lot of your unanswered questions from BPOV will be answered in this story. So I hope you enjoy and please rate and comment. I love hearing from you guys!


8. Chapter 8: Mountain Lions

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I managed to kill the bear cub and still make it to the mountain lions without any problems.

I hid behind the trees, still as I could be, listening to their every movement, strategizing my best method of attack.

There were five mountain lions, simply lurking about. One of them caught my scent and froze--turning around slightly and snarling, baring its teeth, crouching down, prepared to attack.

I decided to play a little, looking around the trees to reveal myself for just a second. He crouched down even lower, growling louder, and lunging for me.

I allowed it to get me down before flipping it over and breaking its neck with my knee.

I growled involuntarily as I sank my teeth into it, drinking in as much as I could, taking my time in doing so, revelling in the sweet sensation of the fire in my throat diminishing, replaced by the delicious taste of the blood, soothing the unbearable searing in my throat as it flowed down into my stomach, surging through me, my strength returning inevitably as I didso.

I was in the middle of finishing it when the other four mountain lions charged for me, throwing me off their fallen leader. It was not hard to tell that he was the leader of their pride, considering their reaction to his death.

I laughed as they tried to hurt me, failing to do so, growing confused. I hadn't had the time to swallow all the blood so I spat some of it out, and it dripped slowly down my chin to my neck.

I wrapped my arms around two of them, and rolled over so that they could not move--holding them down my body and managing to fight the other two as I did so, suffocating the two beneath me.

I grabbed one of the lion's legs and broke it, causing him to stagger and trip, falling onto a sharp stone, which pierced his heart, causing him to bleed profusely.

The aroma of the blood was so overwhelming and I could no longer resist it as it consumed me, weakening me, waiting for me to obey my thirst for once and quench it.

I bodyslammed into it, landing on its front, where the stone had stabbed him, and I used the already open wound, drinking the blood directly from the heart as it flowed freely from the wound.

I moaned involuntarily as I clutched the animal closer to me, drinking every ounce of blood I could get. God, it was so empowering--the blood now flowing through me, giving me a strength I had never known before.

It wasn't until I was sucking air that I realized that I had drained it of all it had. With a disappointed snarl, I pulled away and traced my finger slowly around the wound, wiping all the escaped drops that had collected in it and sucked it off my finger, before turning around to look for the other mountain lion.

Damn, it got away. I growled instinctively, crouching even lower, allowing my natural instincts to take over me. Not for long.

One of the lions I had pinned down was still struggling, barely alive. I leapt into the air, landing gracefully beside him and grunted as I elbowed the creature in the jaw, snapping his neck.

The lion let out a yelp of pain and then fell limp. I quickly drained it and the one beside it before tracing the other lion's scent.

I let out a snarl, and jumped up into the nearest tree top, perching myself on the highest branch, looking down on the creature, as it raced through the forest, running for its life, no longer concerning himself with the others, but rather fighting to keep his own life.

Survival of the fittest--applies to all creatures. Dead or alive. No one was immune to this law--no creature could escape it. No matter how strong you are, something stronger always exists. Something that can beat you at your own game.

I waited for a moment and then jumped down, judging it just right so I landed on its back.

He let out a cry of surprise and used all of his strength to shrug me off.

I landed on a boulder, breaking it, and growled as I ran ahead of it, appearing in front of him as he reached the edge of the forest.

It came to a startled halt and bared its teeth, snarling crouching down in a position ready for the fight.

Eh--what the hell, I could use some entertainment. Emmett always seemed to find a thrill that the rest of us could never know in the kill.

I smirked and returned its stance, ready for it to charge. My fingers twitched slightly, making the creature nervous.

The creature simply stared at me, trying to anticipate my next move. I waited for it to shift, before pretending to advance, going from side to side, making it anxious.
He stepped back, but didn't take my eyes off me, ready for my attack.

Moving so fast that the lion could not see me, I leapt into the trees and watched as it searched aimlessly for me in confusion.

It spun around several times and tried to sense my presence, failing to do so.

I landed behind him and waited for him to turn around, before smirking, "You want some of this? Come and get it." I gestured with my hands for him to take me on, taking pleasure in his confusion.

With a deafening growl, he lunged for me, knocking me off my feet.

I exerted all my force and used it against him, forcing him back. We dueled in mid-air, him clawing uselessly at me, and me restraining him with one hand, while the other held his mouth shut effortlessly, as we exchanged growls and snarls.

We crashed into the ground, causing a crater to appear in the shape of our distorted bodies, and the Earth trembled beneath us from the impact.

The creature yelped as I pinned him down, holding it between my legs, and thrashing uselessly in my arms as I sank my teeth into his skin.

He thrashed once more and then weakly tried to fight against me as I drained his body of every drop of blood it had.

It fell limp in my arms and I threw it aside, positioning him so that it would not cause suspicion, and then I simply laid back and closed my eyes, letting the power and strength grow within me, letting the blood take over me and replenish my seemingly helpless system.

I lost myself in the sounds of nature--the scent, the feel, all of it. I had forgotten how peaceful it all was. I let nature consume me--the entirety of it engulf me.

After a while, I realized that I had left the first lion with some blood left. With an eager growl, I was to my feet and following the scent back to the dead lions.

I finished what I had started and then fed on some stray animals--whatever crossed my path.

Thirty dead animals later--and an extremely full stomach--I sighed contentedly and cleaned myself up before going to look for Emmett, realizing I had completely lost track of time.

It took me a good twenty-thirty minutes to find his scent. Wow, how far had I gone?

I tracked his scent back to the same clearing and he smirked, "Took you long enough. Find anything good?"

I nodded, "About five mountain lions, the cub of your Grizzly bear, and thirty others."

"What?!" Emmett said, "Why didn't you save the cub for me?! That is not cool, man."

I shrugged, "Sorry."

'All right, let's get going, you damn horn dog.' He thought.

"Hah! I'm the horn dog?! How many times do I have to remind you of my catching you and Rosalie many...countless times? At least I have an excuse."

"Don't you try to play innocent with me." Emmett said, "You knew Rose and I were having sex...who's fault is that?"

"You were using my room!" I reminded him, irritably, "You two never did learn the magic of self-control; it was very disturbing. Have you no shame?"

He considered it, before saying, "Nah." 'Shame? What the hell; what is that?'

I rolled my eyes, "Forget it! Let's just go. Bella's waiting for me."

He shook his head, "Oh, God!"

"Come on!" I pulled him by the sleeve of his sweater, practically dragging him along. "Yeah, okay, chill. It's only been 4 1/2 hour."

"Only 4 1/2 hours?! Hurry up! I promised Bella I'd be back soon."

Emmett scoffed, irritably, but I ignored him as we started running back to Forks, eager to see Bella as soon as possible. Even running at my incredible rate, I couldn't get to her fast enough.