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Distruzione (Destruction)

This is La Tua Cantante in Edward's POV--as was promised. A lot of your unanswered questions from BPOV will be answered in this story. So I hope you enjoy and please rate and comment. I love hearing from you guys!


9. Chapter 9: Control

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As I was approaching, I caught Jacob's scent near the house. I came to a halt as I saw what he was doing to Bella.

Oh, my God...was this really happening? Was he really raping my Bella? No!

I saw her scream her sobs of pain as he dug his nails into the sides of her breasts, dragging them down her waist, and across her stomach, making her bleed. I could see the bruises and bite marks and burns all over her body. She trembled in his arms as he trailed one finger down her stomach, which she sucked in. He trailed it down, cupping his hand in between her legs.

NO! I shook my head violently to erase the image, not wanting to see her in anymore pain.

Emmett stopped beside me, "Ugh...I smell wet dog. Sorry, dude, I'm taking off. Can't stand it. I--''

"Emmett, wait!" I said, stiffening up in anger, "I need your help."

"What's up?" Emmett asked, sensing my tone.

"It's Bella." I forced myself to look at him, "Jacob's raping her."


We both took off without another word, the anger and hatred towards Jacob driving us even faster.

Never in my life had I ever loathed someone as much as I hated Jacob right now. How dare he treat Bella like that? He was such a despicable, disgusting DOG. I wished so desperately that Carlisle would let me kill him...for Bella. He did let Rosalie kill the men that had raped her; it was only fair that Bella got her justice.

I longed to hear the sound of his head ripping from his body as I tore it off with my teeth--his bones shattering in my hands, his heart beating for the last time before I ripped it out of his chest. I wished to hear his last breath and watch him fall limp and die for what had done. I would set his body on fire and then throw his ashes into the seventh circle of Hell, myself.

Every fiber of my being ached to do just that--to kill him with my bare hands...for Bella. But, I wouldn't. I couldn't kill him. I would let him live...for Bella...but, I would not stop Charlie or anyone else from doing it.

I pushed myself to run even faster, eager to get to Bella.

'I'll take the dog; you just get to Bella and take her to Carlisle.' Emmett thought.

I nodded and sped ahead of him, securing the area, making sure no humans were around, as Emmett ran in to save Bella.

"EDWARD!" Bella screamed so desperately that it tore me up inside to hear it.

I raced in and got a blanket as Emmett ripped Jacob away from Bella, and yelled, angrily, "BITCH!"

He threw him through a wall, breaking it, and immediately turned to give Bella some privacy.

Bella was lying in a pool of her own blood, bleeding so profusely that I could hardly see any skin beneath it. She was beaten brutally and trembling in pain and fear for her life, coming in and out of consciousness.

The room shook from Emmett breaking the wall, and the overhead light detached, falling down and nearly crushing Bella, but I grabbed her and pulled her out of the way just in time, shielding her with my body as the light broke and the glass shattered, flying everywhere, some of it landing in Bella's open wounds.

She was shaking uncontrollably in my arms, and I made sure it was safe, before wrapping the blanket around her and scooping her up.

I noticed Emmett eyeing her pool of blood and yelled, "EMMETT, GET OUT OF HERE NOW!"

He immediately obliged, leaping out of the hole had just created. He threw Jacob around the street, as there was no witnesses, eager for the fight. Emmett elbowed him in the ribs and kicked him in the gut, before thinking, triumphantly, 'Unh! You like that? Yeah...how do you like these apples?'

He kicked him so hard into the forest that several trees collapsed from the impact.

"Let's get you out of here," I told Bella, through clenched teeth, struggling not to go kill Jacob right now.

I kissed her bloodied forehead, not allowing myself to taste the blood, and said, "I'm sorry, my love. So...sorry. Hold on, Bella. I'll help you. Bella, are you with me? Bella?"

She was in and out of consciousness, clearly losing the fight for her life.

From the forest, Emmett let out a yell of rage and bodyslammed into Jacob, throwing him into a tree. " 'You can't hurt my future sister-in-law like that. Not without paying the consequences.' "

Jacob snarled and struggled against Emmett's hold on him.

" 'You wanna talk 'consequences'; you freaking bloodsuckers are the last people to judge me. At least I cared enough to show Bella the error in her ways. What kind of man is your brother, Cullen?! Feeding off the woman he 'supposedly' loves. You make me sick. How...do...you condone that? At least I'm man enough to do what is necessary. Which is more than I can say for you.' "

Emmett growled angrily and said, " 'You're right. I haven't done enough.' " He grabbed him by his legs and slammed him into some trees, causing them to collapse on top of them.

Emmett emerged immediately and punched Jacob in the stomach, sending him flying back. " 'I'm just getting started.' "

He lunged for him, eager for the fight. 'Don't worry, Edward. I'll take Pocahantas here to the police station; just let me have my fun with him first.'

Bella weakly forced a smile and nodded, "Uh-huh. Edward...I love you."

"I love you," I said, fighting the temptation to go kill Jacob with everything I had. I cupped her face in one hand, struggling not to crush it my anger, and held it to my chest.

I leapt through the same hole Emmett did, facing the opposite direction so that Bella could not even hear the fight.

Then, I took off running as fast as I could, as she fell asleep in my arms. I flew through the forest practically, dodging every obstacle that crossed my path. I could feel her blood soaking through the blanket, distracting me as I ran. "NO!"

I shook my head against my instincts and held my breath as I ran even harder. I staggered slightly, weakened by her blood, but forced myself to continue, tightening my hold on her protectively.

It was only a matter of minutes before I reached my house, and ran her inside.

"Carlisle!" I yelled, frantically, listening intenly for him, "Carlisle, please, I need you! Please! It's Bella."

Carlisle came in before I finished my ranting and gasped, "What happened?" He approached us and began examining Bella's wounds.

"JACOB!" I spat. "The pathetic DOG raped her because of what I did. He took his anger with me out on her and now she's hurt...AGAIN! When am I going to stop hurting her, Carlisle? WHEN?!"

Carlisle placed a comforting hand on my shoulder, "Edward, now is not the time place blame on yourself. We have to save Bella. Bring her upstairs."

He led the way to his examination-surgical room, which he had created for supernatural emergencies, such as this.

He pulled out a metal surgical table, set everything up to help her, and said, "Lay her down...hurry." His thoughts were focused on making Bella better, going through his strategy and methods to save her.

I hesitantly unwrapped the blanket, not wanting to expose Bella like that. Her privacy had been violated enough already.

'Edward!' Carlisle thought, causing me to start a little. "Now is hardly the time for modesty. Come now. I think she'll understand."

I unwrapped it completely and laid her down gently on the table, hating that I had to do so, knowing how cold it would be for her, hating that she was in so much of pain as a result of my decision, hating myself for always being the cause of her pain.

Bella let out a small, weak cry of agony, before mumbling, "Edward."

Concern surged through me as I answered her, "Bella."

"Edward?" She struggled to open her eyes, desperate to see me.

"Bella." I tried to direct her attention to me using my voice, letting her know that I was here.

She reached towards my voice, with one hand. I touched my hand to hers, assuring her of my presence, our fingers naturally entwining. I pulled her hand up to my lips and kissed it repeatedly. I could feel her pain as it radiated out of her, without even trying to.

"Edward...what's going on? What...happened?" She asked, deliriously, struggling to either remember or forget what had happened to her.

"Shh..." I touched my fingers lightly to her lips, "Don't talk. It's okay. Everything will be okay."

Oh, how I so wanted to believe that! But, I couldn't. Not now; not ever. Nothing could ever be "okay" again. Bella's life would never be the same--it was ruined. I couldn't hide the nervous anxiety in my words. Never had I been so terrified than I was at this moment, watching Bella suffer.

"I just...I can't...I can't believe that he...that Jacob would do that. He loves her; why would he want to hurt her?" Carlisle was in a state of shock, which irritated me. We did not have time for the whys and hows right now. We had to save Bella.

"Yes, it's unbelievable; I GET that!" I said, coldly, taking my anger out on him, unable to stop myself. "Now, let's do something about it!"

Carlisle snapped out of his daze and said, "Of course, of course;" he answered in the calmest of tones, as if I was totally fine. "I'm sorry." Only Carlisle would apologize for something like that.

"Let's check for internal bleeding. If she is, that needs to be dealt with first. Then, I'll get an IV going." He began massaging her kidneys softly, searching for symptoms of internal bleeding, but Bella was so delusional, she didn't notice.

She was unconsciously shaking her head from side to side, mumbling my name under her breath. She turned her head so that I could see the wound that Jacob had given her.

It was deep enough for stitches; it was a given. Some of the blood was matted to her hair, but most of it was gushing freely from the wound. My God, what did Jacob do to her? Her life would never be the same again because of him.

The anger inside me was overwhelming--taking over me, making me lose all sense and reason. All I wanted was justice for Bella. She would have justice. And, she would have it now. I would never make her wait for justice; not in a situation like this.

She was pretty much out of it anyway--she wouldn't even notice my absence. I'd be back long before she came back around.

Carlisle continued on, oblivious to my anger, "She has a ruptured spleen. I just need to--where are you going?"

I had let go of Bella's hand and was storming off, determined to do what I deemed necessary. As far as I was concerned, 20-30 years in our practically nonexistent police station was not justice. Even the death penalty would be the easy way out. He needed to suffer. He deserved endless torture for what he did to her--he deserved to go through hell. And, I would ensure he got just that. No one could stop me now--not Carlisle, not Esme, not Emmett, not Alice, not even Bella.

"I'M going to deal with Jacob!" I said, bitterly. "I will not let him get off so easy after this. He has gone too far."

"Edward, don't. Please." Carlisle pleaded, "Emmett will take him to jail and we'll let Charlie deal with him."

Jail was not a good enough punishment for this.

'This is not our place--don't do this. Please, just let it go. Think about Bella. She would not want you to do something you'll regret later.'

"No!" Letting it go was never an option. I was thinking about Bella. "Don't ask me to do this. Look at what he did to Bella. I cannot let this go!"

Carlisle looked at me sympathetically, "I understand, Edward, but it will be dealt with accordingly. That is not our place to decide his punishment. You want revenge, but I demand justice and you going after him doesn't make you any better than he is."

I could not care less about being the better man right now. I didn't give a damn about dignity or what was "right". "Do you really think I care about that right now?"

'Edward, please, be rational about this.' "You're not thinking clearly. I won't let you do this."

Like he really had a choice in the matter. I broke his desk with my forearm, letting out an angry growl. Nothing could stop me from doing this.

As I did that, however, Jasper walked in, controlling my anger, sending waves of calm towards me. Damn it. No! I did not need to be calm; I needed to help Bella. I tried to resist them, but he overpowered me, considering how weak I was due to Bella's condition.

"Jasper, get the hell out of here now." I managed to say, struggling to make it as forceful as I had meant for it to sound.

'Edward, please calm down. You need to listen to Carlisle...think about this.' "No, I'm not going anywhere. Bella needs me. And, you do, too."

He was in tortured agony, because of the amount of exposure, but he managed to keep it under control quite well, fighting the urge with all the strength he possessed.

I couldn't help but empathize with him, knowing exactly how that was. "All I need is for you to let...me...go!" I protested, as his calming effects surged through me, even stronger. "NO!" I yelled, struggling against it, "Please, no! Please. Let me do this."

'I'm sorry, Edward...I'm not going to let that happen.' Carlisle thought.

My urge to hurt Jacob slowly diminished replaced with the horror of what I had tried to do. What I would've done had it not been for Carlisle and Jasper.

"No..." I mumbled, weakly, collapsing uselessly to the floor, "No. Carlisle, I--" I shook my head apologetically, and he put up his hand to stop me.

'Don't. Can't blame you for wanting to protect Bella. It's okay.'

I didn't answer, but lost myself in the emotional cure of Jasper's control and exhaled shakily.

"Jasper..." Carlisle said, after awhile, "Can you take him out of here, please? He doesn't need to see this."

I did not protest as Jasper came to my side and helped me to my feet. I couldn't bring myself to look at Bella, but merely allowed Jasper to lead me out, taking me to my room.

"Edward...I'm sorry."

I stared into space miserably and shook my head, "Don't be sorry for me...be sorry for Bella. She's the one who got hurt."

He simply stared at me, sending more waves of calm over me. 'Still...I'm proud of you. Bella will be fine, Edward, you have to know that.'

I didn't answer, but rather glared angrily into space, hating Jacob more than I ever thought possible to hate anyone.

'Is there anything I can do?' He offered, in his head.

"Just...give Bella her life back. That's all I care about. That's all that matters."

Jasper nodded before leaving me alone to bask in my misery and self-loathing.