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Objective Beauty

Rosalie is beautiful, she knows it and so does everyone else. She's fought with what it's cost her all her life and a day out in the town might be just what she needs... To exercise her power over men. She'll eat them up, in the metaphorical sense of course. But will she leave satisfied?


1. A Day Out

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There is one thing no one can argue with: I’m beautiful. I’ve got the eyes, hair, nose, mouth… Face. Body. Maybe not the personality, but what guy is really going to care about that? I’m what every guy dreams about. But in so many ways… I’m not.

A reflection in a window… That’s all it takes. Bella calls Edward dazzling but we all know I claim the prize, hell, I even dazzle myself. You’ll never find someone more vain than I am, but then again, you’ll never find someone with a prettier face.

I part the crowded sidewalk: the men stumble slightly and look after me, the women gasp almost inaudibly. I don’t need to read minds to know what they’re thinking: she’s so beautiful… How does she do it? … Oh, I wish I were her. Edward and I were close for a period; I used to beg him to spill the beans on exactly what others thought of me. It grew old after a while, so predictable.

The store is empty, save for the cashier and I’m glad. She’s an ancient woman who can hardly see so she won’t take much notice. You’d think with all the money in the bank I’d be more willing to give back to the community, but they’re all the same, the lot of them… beneath all their fake smiles and jolly laughter there’s hatred that flows in their veins. It’s what it means to be human. – They can’t help it, but I despise them for it all the same. They took everything away from me and now that I’ve established a new life, I’m not giving anything back.

I’m out of the shop, onto the streets, candy-bar in hand. I’m not going to eat it, but I like the feel of it: the feel of revenge. It crackles gently in my hand and I smile, flashing my bright white teeth, more gasping. So predictable. So boring.

I might as well give them a show. I shake off my jacket and throw it over my shoulder. Adjusting my pants I sway towards my car. They don’t see, I’m too fast, but between opening the back door to put my jacket away and walking to the driver’s door, I slash my tire. I sigh moving my weight onto one foot with my hands working their way to my hips.

It works. I have an audience. “Can I help you, Miss?” His friends chuckle to themselves, a safe distance away. For some reason he has been chosen to approach me. He isn’t the most handsome: I would have picked the one at the back, but he’ll do.

Smiling, “Oh, please. Could you help get the tire out the back… It’s just so heavy.” Humans are so easy… So gullible.

He looks back at his friends some of whom give him the thumbs up, then returns with the tire and I continue my act: shuffling from foot to foot. “I know this might sound silly, but I don’t know how to change a tire… Do you think you could teach me?” It’s stupid, I could run circles around him when it comes to mechanics, but it’s all part of the game. Part of the thrill… Only it’s not thrilling, this isn’t fun… Not yet.

“Sure,” he gets down on his knees and starts explaining all the pieces with his back to me. His heartbeat is racing and I can hear his voice slightly fluctuating, he’s so easy…

I lean forward, one hand on the car, the other on his shoulder. I know I’ve done it right when he turns at my touch and stares straight at my… Gotcha. Men are so easy. I laugh and his eyes snap up, suddenly he’s scared, not just nervous. He hurries to screw the last bolts on then nods his head and all but runs to his friends.

That’s right, I’m too much of a woman for you. He can run, any man should, because once I’ve got them under my spell, they’ll never get out…

… Not unless I want them to.

I don’t mind letting him go, he was just a kid. But one of these days I’ll find me a man who wants something more than just a little look. – And when I do he’ll get so much more than what he bargained for.

And yet, so much less.

I step on the accelerator and the engine purrs, speeding down the highway with the wind in my hair… I’ve never felt more alive. I look into the rear view mirror and smile, Emmett will be back from hunting soon and he’ll definitely be getting more than he’s been waiting for.

I’ve worked up an appetite. Nessie can have the candy-bar, I’ve got me a real man all for myself. And yet the smile fades because this isn’t what I want… I want my own child, my own family… I want a future, not just a present.

I chuck the candy out the window, it’s not like she can eat it anyway.