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Born Anew

THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO " A NEW BEGINNING" AND I WROTE ALOT SO READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW-my people who won the contest are posted and will appear in my story as a new group of vampires AwesomeAlice94-Ashley Twilightaholic-Maddie MyBrandOfHeroin-Shannon Vintage-Addie emmet_cullen-Mikala menti belle-Fisher (middle name...has a very common first name) ENJOY!

This is the long awaited sequel to A new Beginning! READ REVIEW AND ENJOOOOOOOOOOOOOY!!!!!!!

12. Chapter 12

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"The Russians are here!" Bella giggled before Josh and Matt reversed their powers and made her sane and adult again.

Carlisle looked up and sure enough, a group of tall vampires wearing clothes from Russia were standing there.

"Who is the caretaker of this establishment?" a tall man asked with a heavy Russian accent.

"I am and may I ask who you might be?" Carlisle answered, rising from the ground.

"Hello and I might be Rickter, leader of my pack." He answered.

"Nice to meet you Rickter. I am Carlisle, and this is Esme, Alice, Rosalie, Jane, Chrissy, Bella, Edward, Emmett, and Jasper, they are my family." Carlisle answered, pointing to each of us briefly and casually, careful to not draw attention.

Bella had a brief flash of deja vu as Carlisle did this.

"Yes, and I am Mikala, leader of my clan. This is Fisher, Josh and Matt, Maddie, Addie, Ashley, Vincent, Mark and Eric and Shannon." Mikala said nonchalantly, not drawing attention to anyone in paticular as well.

"It is nice to meet you all. This is Tatiana, Souhaylee, Michealangelo, Milayna, Ralfiel and Warren." Rickter answered.

Edward stiffened as he mentioned the last person. Edward had gone through a rebellious stage when he was changed, and he had actually met Warren in Denali while he, Carlisle, Esme and Rosalie had been living with Tanya's clan.

Warren looked over them all and stopped on Edward and began to snarl. Warren too could read minds, and he had always hated Edward. They knew each other briefly, but that alone was enough to create an emense hatred.

Mark, the quitetest one of Mikala's family, looked stunned.

His power was to sense other creatures, not normal ones, but he had not even noticed this group. Whats more, the females were werewolves of some sort.

Edward heard everyone of Marks thoughts and wondered why the had werewolves in their group.

Warren heard this and began to laugh out loud.

"You fool! Try as you will, you will never understand our reasoning for this." Warren mocked, baring his teeth, challenging Edward.

All the others looked over to Edward, confused.

"Everyone of those females are werewolves of some sort." Edward answered hard, trying not to rise to Warren's challenge.

Warren looked over to Bella and got the same frustrated look Edward wore all the time.

"Woman, what are you thinking?" Warren asked harshley.

Bella gave him a hard look and continued to have a very quiet conversation with Edward.

"I said answer me!" Warren growled, changing to a threatening pose.

Edward became defensive, coming in front of her.

Warrens eyes glowed vright red with the heat of the moment before attacking.

Bella gasped, remembering where this had all happened once before.