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Born Anew

THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO " A NEW BEGINNING" AND I WROTE ALOT SO READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW-my people who won the contest are posted and will appear in my story as a new group of vampires AwesomeAlice94-Ashley Twilightaholic-Maddie MyBrandOfHeroin-Shannon Vintage-Addie emmet_cullen-Mikala menti belle-Fisher (middle name...has a very common first name) ENJOY!

This is the long awaited sequel to A new Beginning! READ REVIEW AND ENJOOOOOOOOOOOOOY!!!!!!!

2. Chapter 2

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People stood rooted where they stood as the real Jane, power and all, appeared in the middle of the floor.

Jasper walked to a rose bush that had grown from the table and picked a white rose, a red one, a oink one and a yellow one. As he turned, one of the white ones turned light blue, another turned light purple and one more turned pale green.

Jasper looked oer to Chrissy who was smiling. He picked the three new roses and bundled them into a beautiful bouquet.

He handed the flowers to Jane who gasped at the colors, than giggled with delight.

"They're so pretty!" she giggled and hopped up.

She placed the blue rose in her hair, and gave the purple one to Bella.

Edward was about to growl but Bella "awwed" at her and placed the flower in her hair. "Thank you sweetie." Bella said kindly, smiling at Jane as she beamed and moved on to give the green one to Alice.

Alice took it and smiled.

Jane gave the red one to Rosalie and Rose had the most surprising reaction, she giggled and picked Jane up and gave her a hug.

"You are too cute!" She exclaimed.

That settled it. They were going to keep Jane at all costs.

"Hey, can we keep her? She makes Rosalie...nice and sweet and we need her that way! You can keep Carlisle's glass duck too." Alice said hopefully.

"Why? She is a vampire and a vicious one at that and-" Aro began befopre being cut off by an unfamilliar voice in the doorway.

"She is no longer a vicious vampire but a cute little 8 year old vampire girl. She found something to love here and from what I have observed, that is rare for little Jane." the mystery voice said.

"Observed? What are you talking about?" Aro said puzzeled, slowly caving in to Jane's bubbliness and almost letting her stay.

A beautiful, tall vampire with long black hair stepped into the room.

"Remember me?" Mikala asked.

Questions and responses were about to start before the high happy-hyper squeal came from Jane.

"MIKI! YOU CAME BACK FOR ME!" Jane bolted across the room and wrapped her thin little arms tightly around the new girl's waist.