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Born Anew

THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO " A NEW BEGINNING" AND I WROTE ALOT SO READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW-my people who won the contest are posted and will appear in my story as a new group of vampires AwesomeAlice94-Ashley Twilightaholic-Maddie MyBrandOfHeroin-Shannon Vintage-Addie emmet_cullen-Mikala menti belle-Fisher (middle name...has a very common first name) ENJOY!

This is the long awaited sequel to A new Beginning! READ REVIEW AND ENJOOOOOOOOOOOOOY!!!!!!!

4. Chapter 4

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"What did you two do this time?" came the sweet voice of a gorgeous vampire girl as she stepped out of the car with her face down, reading a book.

"Hey Shannon...Didnt know you were here." Fisher said.

"Josh, Matt, WHAT DID YOU TWO DO?!" Shannon roared, still reading her book.

"The car, we didnt mean to...it was an accident." Matt stammered, terrified.

Shannon snapped the book shut and looked up with peicing eyes, one green, the other, topaz.

"You two did it now...That was Shannon's brand new car." Mikala snickered.

Josh began to cry tearlessly. "You can go back to your book, I bet its a good part, right? REad, be happy...DONT KILL ME!" Josh screamed terrified as Shannon took a swing at him.

"ME EITHER!" Matt yelled as he ducked and ran for his "life".

"I WILL KILL YOU TWO! THAT WAS THE BEST, FASTEST, COOLEST CAR ON THE GOD DAMN MARKET AND YOU TWO KILLED IT! Hey, wait...what did you two do anyways?" Shannon asked, curious as to why they were so terrified.

"Ummm...The, umm engine and we tried to umm...Your car cant exceed 90 and-" Josh began before Shannon punched him square in the jaw, throwing him backwards and through two trees before finally hitting a large oak, and denting it greatly.

"Josh...you dead?" Matt asked, weakly.

Josh didnt answer.

That was enough for Matt, he tried to run but Shannon kicked him in a not too pleasant spot, vampire boy or not, and he hit a tree and buckled.

Shannon sighed, closed her eyes for a second, smiled and walked over to the Cullens.

"Hello! I am Shannon. Leader according to them and major universal bookworm. Howdy do?" She said with a bubbly nature.

Bella looked at her strangly and noticed something odd about Shannon.

Besides the fact her eyes were incorrect, her hair was brown, but tinted black every now and then, her skin would go from the normal ghostly white, to the shade her own used to be when she was human, paley translucent, yet semi normal ina albino sort of way.

Bella couldnt help it and she blurted.

"You are half human, arent you?"

Shannon went wide eyed before smiling.

"Yeah, you are a quick one, aint ya? Took these idiots weeks to figure it out and Fisher took almost a whole year." Shannon answered.

"Not my fault I'm slow." Fisher muttered, swinging Jane on her left arm and Chrissy on the right.

"How are you half human?" Edward asked annoyed.

"Why are you so snippy?" Rose asked, the bubbly effect of Jane beginning to wear off.

"Her mind is closed." he said like a child who had een scolded for being dumb.

Bella looked up and down at Shannon and gasped. Shannon didnt have the perfectly prized figure of all vampires. She was plumper, not fat, but rounder.

"You were pregnant."Bella said looking at Shannon's amazed face sadly.