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Born Anew

THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO " A NEW BEGINNING" AND I WROTE ALOT SO READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW-my people who won the contest are posted and will appear in my story as a new group of vampires AwesomeAlice94-Ashley Twilightaholic-Maddie MyBrandOfHeroin-Shannon Vintage-Addie emmet_cullen-Mikala menti belle-Fisher (middle name...has a very common first name) ENJOY!

This is the long awaited sequel to A new Beginning! READ REVIEW AND ENJOOOOOOOOOOOOOY!!!!!!!

5. Chapter 5

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Maddie and Eric finally quit making out when Maddie heard that Shannon was pregnant.

"WHAT?! Your pregnant!? That is so unfair and I love little kids because they're all little and tiny and sweet like Chrissy and Jane and I want a baby hey how did you two Edward and Bella have a baby because I want one because they're so cute and little and Shannon why do you get a baby I want a baby because I love babys and hey...hey...HEY! Why is everbody ignoring me am I talking too fast?" Maddie said, all in one breath.

"No...your talking too much!" Mikala said laughing.

"Ha ha very funny and I want to have a baby did you guys know that and do you want to know why because I love little kids and babys and I think they are cute and I want one and Eric honey I love you alot so if you love me you will get me pregnant ASAP because I dont know if you guys know this or not already but I love little kids and I want a baby." Maddie began to giggle.

"If we have a girl we can name it Emily or Cassidy or Evelyn or Kendle or Erika or Sarah or Jessica or no wait not Jessica because Jessica is too normal and I want a pretty name how about Oh I know because once I read this book because I love to read and the book was called Freeze Tag and it was really cool and I can tell you guys about it some other time because I can tell you guys want to hear about it so anyway there were three kids in the book and there was a really hot guy named West though he is not as hot as Eric because I like Ecic and hey am I boring you guys probably not so I am going to finish and anyway West had a little brother named Brown and what kind of a name is Brown anyway that is such a pretty name NOT and why would you name a kid Brown anyways because he would get made fun of and anyway there was a girl and she was my favorite character and her name was Tuesday can you believe it Tuesday as a name that is funny so anyway what I was going to say was if we have a girl I want to name her Spaghetti because that is a pretty name isnt it because I think so!" Maddie said smiling.

Everyone stood open mouthed at the speed of this girls mouth. Even vampires couldnt talk like that and when they do they usually get tongue-tied and she didnt.

Emmett then had to be a jerk and open his mouth to crack a joke.

"Hey that is such a great idea. And if you get twins, you can name the other Macaroni." Emmett said with a straight face.

"That is such a great idea and that would be awesome because I love macaroni and cheese so maybe I can have twins and name them Macaroni and Cheese or Spaghetti and Macaroni or Sparkles and Sprinkles because I love the name sparkles because I used to have a cat named Sparkles that I love and his name was Sparkles because when I got bored one day I decided to give him a bath and I decided to tye-dye him because he was all white and he came out black with lots of pretty bright spots on him and I love him like that and I changee his name to Sparkles fter that and his first name that he had before I got bored and tye-dyed him was Armadillo and I loved that name too but Sparkles fit better and I miss Sparkles alot you want to know why of course you do because it is such a sad story because I got kidnapped by lady named Marissa and Eric came and rescued me and that was how we met because he came to rescue me and I got really hurt so Eric changed me and when I got home I ate Sparkles isnt that funny but sad at the same time because its sad because I loved my cat and he was pretty but it is also very funny because who eats their cat huh have you ever probably not and I did isnt that funny?" Maddie said.

People stared at her and Jasper was laughing so hard and he decided to change the subject.

"So Shannon you were pregnant? And I am guessing that the baby died during your transformation but somehow stayed and now you are half human?" He said.

"Yes. You see, a baby and it's motherhave their bloodstreams attached in some places and when I died the baby went with me, but the baby changed me a little. I still have everything like a vampire, the blood cravings, the coldness, the shiny skin in sunlight, I just have strange eyes, one a vampire, one my baby's and my skin will occasionally tint pink with color." she responded.

"Awwwwwww that is so sad you know one time I had a pet gecko and his name was Lawrence and he was cute and one time he died and I dont how but bfujdgfEWBK-" Maddie began before Eric covered her mouth.

"Maddie, love of my life, you know I love you right?" Eric began.

"Yes of course I know and I love you and I have always love you since you came to rescue me that night and jkgjgksghk-" Maddie started before Eric covered her mouth again.

"Then you will know not to take it personally when I say you had better shut the hell up before I knock into the next century." Eric said, eyes dancing with mirth, yet scowling at the same time.

"Hey that would be funny but do you think you could knock me back 69 years into the past preferably on tuesday at 9:34 no wait actually try and make that 9:30 so I can hunt before I get home and not eat Sparkles or actually I might meet myself in the past and I can warn her and when I say her I mean me because I am talking about myself and anyway then maybe I could find a way to change Sparkles and then Sparkles could live forever and then I wouldnt have to miss him so muchbecause I do miss Sparkles and Chrissy and Jane would love him because he is great with kids and Hey you know what now that we found a way to that subject and I mean the subject of kids if you got lost I love kids and I want a baby and I could name her Spaghetti because I love that name and hey didnt you say you were pregnant Shannon how did that happen I mean I know that you have to have sex and everything because I am really not that dumb but I thought that vampires couldnt get preganant right Carlisle is that your name Carlisle I like that name its french isnt it hey have you ever been to FranceI love it there and-" Maddie was blabbering again when someone screamed.

"UUUUUGGGGGHHHHH! You talk way too much so would you just SHUT UP!?" Fisher yelled, annoyed at the relentess and constant talking of Maddie.

"Ummmmmmm no because I wasnt even talking that much my gosh and I said my gosh notice that because I read the bible like 47 times and I remember the ten commandments and one is "Dont use thy God's name in vain" so I said gosh and now thanks to you I forgot what I was talking about because I dont talk much and sometimes forget what I was talking about isnt it funny how sometimes you can say only like two sentences and you forget entirley what you said before after like 2 seconds and Oh now I remember what I was talking about and I wont say who Fisher so dont worry because I am not mean like that so I wont tell everybody that you were the one who so rudely interrupted me and now as I was saying before being interrupted by Fisher I love France and AHHH"Maddie said again in one very fast ad long mindless run on sentence before Ashley walked up behind her and hit upside the head with a stainless steel baseball bat.

"Very handy for when Maddie starts to talk too much." Ashley said, examining then small dent in her bat as the unconcious Maddie was lifted up by Eric and cradled like a child as she slept.

"So sorry about Maddie. She gets a little excited around new people and she cant contain her self." Eric said affectionatly as he began to rock her and sing a sweet song to her.

"Okay, now that happy hour is over, what were we talking about?" Rosalie said, bubbly once again as she and Jane had a fight using bubbles.

"Shannon was pregnant." Jane stated simply as she dipped her bubble wand and blew hundreds of tiny bubbles into Rosalie's face.