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Born Anew

THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO " A NEW BEGINNING" AND I WROTE ALOT SO READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW-my people who won the contest are posted and will appear in my story as a new group of vampires AwesomeAlice94-Ashley Twilightaholic-Maddie MyBrandOfHeroin-Shannon Vintage-Addie emmet_cullen-Mikala menti belle-Fisher (middle name...has a very common first name) ENJOY!

This is the long awaited sequel to A new Beginning! READ REVIEW AND ENJOOOOOOOOOOOOOY!!!!!!!

7. Chapter 7

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Everybody looked around as to where the response had come from and saw Eric, still cuddling a unconcious Maddie.

"What? They ripped a page out of a book?" Esme asked.

"No...they tore the corner. They were making fun of it and they were leafing through and reading lines and then it ripped. Ashley, unfortunatly for them, knows her books inside out, backwards and foward and upside and up. She found the rip in seconds." Eric stated, shuddering as he recalled the incident.

"Ok...next person is...ADDIE!" Jane said laughing as she blew more bubbles at Addie.

"YAY! My turn...ok, ummm I love to read and write and talk, but like Ashley, not as much as Madness and I am not violent like Ashley either. My favorite color is green and I love animals and I am livid that I have to eat them since I dont wanna be a monster." Addie said.

"What is your power?" Carlisle said.

"I can start fires by staring. It's really cool. I was a pyro maniac when I was alive and I was in the...umm...reformatory and I met the night guard, also a pyro, but a vampire. His name was James or something. Had this really ugly chick with orange hair with him." Maddie shrugged.

Edward stiffened. He remembered what James had done to Bella, and what Victoria had tried to do, and what she had also caused on Chrissy's behalf.

"Did you ever talk to him? Why did he save you?" Edward asked, genuinly curious.

"He said I had potential and I could be a great help in his hunting. He was mad because he lost a girl he loved the smell of her blood and I guess he doesnt like to lose his prey."

Addie began to get bored and she stared at a spot on her finger and it ignited. She then began to doodle in the air and she would occasionally change the color of the fire to blue, green and purple.

"How do you change the colors?" Jasper asked.

"Green is salt water fire, Blue is VERY VERY VERY hot fire and Black fire is created when you mix a cretain chemical with nitrogen, I forget which." she said aimlessly as she finished her flaming flower.

"Thats pretty!" Jane said as she blew more bubbles at it.

"NO DONT DO IT!" Addie screamed as the bubbles touched the fires.

The flower blew up.

"These different types of fire are not very stable together and bubble syrup is flammable silly." Addie said.

Jane wasnt listening, she was blowing bubbles at Rosalie again.