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On Obsession - A Vignette

This is just a short vignette I wrote about an obsessed Twilight fangirl. It felt like I was writing a magnified version of the overwhelming impact Twilight has had on my own life, forever altering my perceptions of love and acceptance of 'reality'. Twilight has truly made me fall in love with love and added new dimension to my imagination. Hope you like it! =)


1. Connections

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It was past one in the morning, yet there I was, standing alone in the autumn night in a white T-shirt and pajama shorts as light drizzle fell around and upon me.

I wandered the darkened yard. The friendly sway of trees in the day had been transformed into sopping silhouettes of ominous black boughs. Dim squares of yellow light shone from the houses that sandwiched my own between them. The night roared past my ears and a breeze played through my hair. I looked up into the ghostly clouds and reached up, trying foolishly to touch them. Palms up, I let the droplets find rest in the lines of my hands. I imagined the journey they had taken only to fall so haphazardly upon my skin, my clothes, the ground, forming pools in the pavement at my feet.

I scanned the vastness of the fenced-in yard that seemed to go on for eternity into the pitch horizon.

Because of him, because he existed in my consciousness now, rain and darkness were the most beautiful things to me. After he himself, of course. Rain and darkness— the two things that had brought the Cullens to Forks—the two things I once dreaded, were now the company I craved because they made his image so clear in my mind. They seemed a package deal now, gloomy weather and Edward Cullen, yet I only had half of the bargain here before me. Instead of brushing against granite skin and weaving through copper hair, my outstretched fingers were pelted by raindrops and tangled in swirls of wind.

I felt completely connected to him and to the small town of Forks, an exact eight hundred and forty-one miles away from where I stood there in my soggy backyard. I imagined these same rain clouds cast over Washington, keeping surveillance over him, then finding their way to me.

I closed my eyes but kept my face trained to the sky. Edward, I whispered. A raindrop kissed my bottom lip in response, making me blush. I was unable to contain the smile that now cut across my face.

"Sam? Samantha! What are you doing in the rain in your pajamas?" my mom whisper-shouted from the screen door.

I twirled once, beaming beneath the blanket of mist, then skipped toward her. She slid the screen open as I approached. "Are you crazy? You’ll catch a cold," she scolded as she wrapped the green woven throw from the sofa around my shoulders. She mopped the dew from my forehead and ran her fingers through my rain-knotted hair, clicking her tongue in disapproval.

"Mom, can we move to Forks, Washington?" I sang, ignoring her furrowed brow.

"Don’t be foolish," she pulled the throw tighter around my shoulders. "Now go to sleep. You’ll never wake up on time for school now." She ushered me down the hallway and into my room, watching until I tucked myself under my heavy comforter. "And don’t even think about reading under your blanket."

I frowned slightly, my plans having been soiled. She knew me too well. "Night, Mom."

"Goodnight," she smiled softly. "I love you."

"Love you, too, Mom."

When my door clicked shut, I reached my hand under my pillow and felt for the boxy form of my beloved book—my black and white connection to him. I pulled the book to my chest. Embracing it, I closed my eyes and imagined the coolness of the cover was his stony, polished skin.

I fell asleep smiling.