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Guarding Bella

Bella told her side of the story in Maybe...Just Maybe, but now it's Beck's turn. Things are a lot more interesting from and angel's point of view! This starts out when Beck is first assigned to Bella to protect her. REVIEW!!!!! Next chapter's up!


1. Assignment

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I was sitting on my cloud looking down at Earth. I decided to hover over California. Once I got bored of watching mortals do stupid things, I skipped over to the gate to see the new arrivals. I hadn’t got assigned to anyone or a little while now since my last charge was still alive. But she died in her sleep earlier that day and I waited for her to reach heaven. Maybe she would become and angel like me. Or maybe not. They’re really picky about angels up in Heaven. After an elder man passed by, I saw her. She looked dazed and disoriented. I skipped over to her.

“Hello, Katherine!” I chirped. She looked at me blankly. I forgot that the humans forget you once you are done helping them. “I am, or was, your guardian angel! Welcome to Heaven!” She just nodded. “You don’t need to sleep or sleep by the way. There are many entertainment centers around here, so just have a look around!” I said filling her in. She just nodded again and walked off. I sighed and started to make my way to the theater. Frank Sinatra was performing. But before I could get there, my cell phone started to ring. I checked the ID and saw that it was the head angel. I sighed and teleported myself to the Angel Head Quarters. I knocked on the Head Angel’s office door.

“Come in!” she said. I walked in and closed the door softly.

“Do you have a new charge for me?” I asked. She swiveled around in her chair to face me.

“Yes, I do. Her name is Bella Swan. She’s very depressed. Left by her true love, you know the deal. But as it turns out, her true love was a vampire. He still loves her but left her for her own good, bla bla bla, you have to help her find her true love again so she can be happy,” she said, summarizing Bella’s story. She handed me my papers which has every detail of Bella Swan’s life. It said that Bella had to get to Chicago. Okay…that seemed easy enough. But first I had to motivate her into going. I quickly left the office and checked the clock on my cell phone. I looked under Tools then went to check the time for Earth. It was 3:00. Kind of early to go to her in a dream, so I waited a few hours. But I got impatient so I put a little sleeping spell on her. I made her dream that she was still driving and that she got out of the car. She would run through the forest until she finds me. Here I go, I thought. I closed my eyes and then I was in the dream. Bella Swan came running in.

“Bella,” I said softly. She didn’t respond.

“Bella, you seem to be at a crossroad in your life.”

“Uh huh,” she squawked out.

“Let me warn you, one path may lead to your death,” I told her. I hated to do the foreshadowing crap but it was part of my job.

“Yah, so?” she blurted out. Rude little thing isn’t she?

“You can’t wait forever,” I said in response.

“Wait, what?” she asked confused.

“He’s not going to come back to you. You have to got to him.” I started to fade away. I told her everything she would need to know for the time being.

“Wait! No! What do mean? Are you talking about-” She stopped talking and fell to the ground in sobs. That’s when I made my escape and ended the dream.

I saw her waking up and driving back home. She got into a fight with her dad because she got lost and came home late. He was too tired to do anything so she got off clean. When she was sleeping, I went back up to heaven and played golf with JFK. It was pretty fun playing golf with a former president of the United States. But I had to end our game when Bella started to wake up. I watched her drift to school and go to class. She was probably still thinking about the dream that I sent to her. She must need more of a push then what I already gave her. Her teacher was boring. If I was human, I would get my butt out of there as fast as I could. But Bella just sat there, zoning out. Then when one girl read a poem about living in the moment, she suddenly jerked her head up. After class she ran out of the school and drove away. Wow. A dream sent from Heaven didn’t make her act but a poem written by a seventeen year old girl did. What an odd person…

After Bella was far from the little town she obviously started to have second thoughts. I took care of that though. I made her fall asleep and went to her in a dream. I made it so that we were in a huge house by a lake.

“Bella,” I said. “You can’t give up so easily.”

“But I have no idea where to go!” she yelled back. I placed my hand on her shoulder.

“Go back to the place it all began,” I said. It was fun seeing humans try to figure out the meaning behind my words.

“But that’s back in Forks,” she responded. Not quite…but Forks was the first place she saw Edward though.

“No…,” I said a little irritated. This must not be a very smart human.

“You mean Phoenix?”

“Where he began!” I cried out. Sheesh!

“Chicago?” I nodded. “What would I do there?”

“You’ll see when you get there. It will all be clear to you,” I made myself start to disappear.

“Wait! Nothing is clear to me! Just tell me what to do!” she yelled at me. Even though I wanted to go already, I answered her question.

“I’m not going to tell you how to live your life Bella,” I said sternly. That girl had to learn some independence.

I made the room go pitch black. I made two golden eyes stare back at Bella. She would walk towards them, but they would always retreat. She clutched her stomach. I created Edward’s figure and made him jump on the window sill.

“You have to go Bella,” I made Edward say simply.

“What do you mean? Go to Chicago? Why?” she wailed at him. She tried to touch him, but I made him dodge her touch.

“You have to work for the things you love. I’m not going to come back. It’s up to you.” I made him say.

“Do you even love me still? Why would I waste my time?” she said desperately.

“A vampire never forgets.” I doubted that she would get what that meant.

“Never forgets what?” Bingo.

“Don’t be difficult, Bella. Don’t worry, love. Just go,” I made him say. He then he jumped out the window. That’s where I ended the dream.

I saw her drive to a gas station to get a map and some food. I figured that her car drive would be uneventful for a few hours, so I went up to Heaven, took out my cell phone and called one of my friends. Then we had a long conversation on how we wanted to wear something other then white. We headed up to the Head Angel’s office to protest the all white rule.