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Guarding Bella

Bella told her side of the story in Maybe...Just Maybe, but now it's Beck's turn. Things are a lot more interesting from and angel's point of view! This starts out when Beck is first assigned to Bella to protect her. REVIEW!!!!! Next chapter's up!


11. Doubts

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Bella looked towards Edward almost immediately. Worry was sketched all across her face, even though it didn’t need to be. The medicine would come soon enough. It wasn’t like it was back during World War One. She would live easily.

“Edward?” Bella asked innocently.

“Yes, Bella?” he asked quietly, not meeting her gaze. Bella rotated her head so that she was facing Edward. The look on his face must made her gasp.

“Edward, what’s wrong?” Bella asked urgently. Edward turned to stare at the doctor collapsed on the floor. His gaze strayed from Bella to Alice to me.

“It’s…a disease. It’s very deadly and it’s…the one that killed…my family,” he choked out. He looked at Bella worriedly, obviously concerned for her life.

“I’m going to be fine,” Bella said confidently. Edward looked doubtful. He defiantly didn’t need to be. They were in a hospital, not a dirty old shack.

“I know what this disease does Bella. I watched my mother and father die because of it. I almost died. I’m not going to loose you to it!” He yelled that last part and brought her close. “You’re already exposed to it, too. And you’re weak from the loss of blood. Bella, I want you to promise me that you will not make your body stressed okay? Promise me that.” His eyes bored into hers and she didn’t look away. I slowly nodded. “Good.” He looked a little relieved.

“I’m sorry, Edward,” Alice whispered. “I-I should had seen this coming. I-I just don’t know why-”

“It’s not your fault Alice,” Edward said quickly. “We decided to bring Bella to the hospital only a few hours ago.”

“I still should have seen it.” Alice still looked guilty even though it wasn’t her fault at all.

“I don’t blame you. In fact, you can blame me. If I didn’t take a few steps forward, then-”

“Don’t blame yourself, Bella,” Alice and Edward growled at once. Bella snapped her mouth shut at once and decided to move onto another topic.

“Can Jonathan and James still attack?” Of course.


“Will they?” Why wouldn’t they?


“Hmmm…” Bella seemed to be thinking hard. I was confident that we all would protect her. I was an angel, and Edward and Alice were vampires. And if I could convince Edward, Bella would be one soon enough, too. “Edward?” Bella suddenly asked eagerly.

“Yes?” he asked, still a little worried.

“What will we do once we get out of here?” Bella smiled, trying to lift Edward’s mood. It must of worked since he smiled.

“Well, I was planning on changing you since you would be in a lot less danger. Then we would go to Denali for a little while so you could raise your endurance. Then we will travel the world…” Edward trailed off and seemed to stare into space. He was suddenly sad again. There was a loud cough out side the door and the ping of a dropped tray rang against the walls. Bella covered her ears, not wanting to hear anymore suffering. I still wasn’t worried. The medicine would come soon…right?

“Edward…” Bella whispered. Edward wrapped his arms around Bella and started to hum a lullaby. Bella fell asleep soon enough.

“Beck?” Edward asked me. I turned towards him.

“Yes?” I asked, curious to know what he was asking me.

“Are you worried at all about…” he trailed off. I quickly shook my head.

“Of course not, Edward,” I said. “This isn’t 1918. We’re in a hospital which will get medicine before night comes. Sure she lost a lot of blood, but she’s still alive and not sick.” I smiled at him reasurredly. He still looked doubtful.

“I can’t loose her,” he whispered. “Not after all of this.” Alice walked next to her brother and put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“You won’t loose her,” she said confidently. “I won’t miss any vision this time.”

“You shouldn’t rely only on your visions, Alice,” I said seriously. “Even though they are a great power, we should rely mostly on our instincts.” I looked at a sleeping Bella. “The demons could change their decision in a second. We can’t only be prepared for one course of action.” Alice looked down and nodded. I sighed and sat down in a chair. Maybe I had too much confidence in humans. I should take matters into my own hands and get medicine myself, but I didn’t want to risk leaving Bella alone.

We sat silent for the next half hour. Every minute that passed I became more and more worried.

Bella’s eyes fluttered open then and she immediately looked for Edward, who was frowning at the window. As soon as he saw she was awake, the frown was instantly replaced by a smile.

“Hello, love,” he whispered in her ear. She smiled, but then winced when more pain shot trough her. Edward stood up and gave her some more meds. He then sat back down and started to stroke her cheek. She took a deep breath and tried to calm down. Then the couching in the room over started to worsen. Bella clamped her hands over her ears to drone out the noise. Edward, realizing her distress, started to hum again. His voice muffled out the coughing. I stared out the window again, trying to think. Victoria wouldn’t be able to get into the hospital (or wouldn’t risk it), but James and Jonathan would. I started to wonder how long this would go on. Would they continue to fight us even after Bella was a vampire? I narrowed my eyes. My only hope was that Jonathan would turn on James and get tired of chasing after Bella. Demons usually gave up soon after the person’s dreams were fulfilled. Most demons aren’t that evil, to destroy someone when they are so happy. I looked towards Bella again and noticed that she was asleep. By the look of it she was having a bad dream. I decided not to intrude on it, I wasn’t in the mood. And I didn’t want to interrupt anything either. I sighed again and turned towards Alice.

“Did you see anything?” I asked her, referring to a vision she might have had.

“I thought we shouldn’t rely on my visions,” she said. I instantly felt guilty for saying that to her.

“But we should take all that we can get,” I said quickly. “And your visions are very helpful.” Alice grinned a little but shook her head.

“I didn’t see anything,” she said quietly. “But she shouldn’t be too carefree. Bella could get infected anytime,” she said, looking directly at Edward. “What Beck said before is right. I’m starting to get a little worried, Edward,” she announced. “I know that I said you wouldn’t loose her, but…” she trailed off, glancing over at Bella. “I think we should tell her exactly the danger she is in right now.”

“We already did tell her,” Edward said frustrated.

“But this is going to get much more dangerous when more time passes,” Alice growled. “I thought she was going to be fine. But we can’t just assume that she will live because she deserves to.” Edward turned his gaze away from Alice. Everything she said was true, but he just couldn’t admit it.

“I’ve been so close to loosing Bella,” he whispered. “After all those months of being

away from her, I don’t think I can survive loosing her for good.” Alice bowed her head.

“You still shouldn’t be fooling yourself into thinking that everything is okay,” Alice muttered.

“I’m not!” Edward yelled. He was going to say something else, but then we all heard a rustle outside of the window. All of our heads turned towards the window immediately. We couldn’t see who was out there, but Edward started to growl.